Desktop Water Dispenser with High Quality HD-1233TS

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Desktop Water Dispenser  with High Quality  HD-1233TSDesktop Water Dispenser  with High Quality  HD-1233TS

We had always insisted on the management theory of opering the market with the best quality products and seeking development by new products,Relying on the high-qual-
ity products to open the market and good after-sale service to flrm market,the products are popular in the most of cities in China and overseas.Our products have gained favorable comments of the consumers.
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2015 fashionable designed free standing water dispenser

1. Environment Friendly & Energy Efficiency Design

2. High Quality Compressor: Panasonic

3. Major Thermostats : EGO (German Brand)

4. Backup Thermostats : WAKO  (Japanese Brand)

5. Hot Water Tank Insulation foam, UL approved

6. R-134a refrigerant:  INEOS (Japanese Brand)

7. ABS anti-scratch stand with adjustable height

Desktop Water Dispenser  with High Quality  HD-1233TS

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Q:Water machine does not refrigerate, how to do?
This depends on the way the machine is cooled, analyzing the causes (electronic refrigeration and compressor refrigeration).No refrigeration (electronic refrigeration type)The contact of the switch of the refrigerating power supply is bad or damaged, and the method is: reset the connection or replace the power switch.Fuse blow off, treatment: check the fuse fuse reasons, and then change the fuse.Chip wiring bad or damage treatment method: replace the refrigeration chip.Switch off or damaged, power supply board processing method: re welding or replacement of the power supply board.Electronic ice water leakage or shell rupture treatment methods: the replacement of electronic ice bile.
Q:How many degrees does the water heater keep for 2 minutes?
The water is not boiling too long time in the water tank inside the machine, the pressure is too large will be violent, so there is little machine used 90-95 control, only the quality can be very strong.Therefore, the general heat preservation of 2 minutes, the temperature is about 85 degrees Celsius
Q:How much water temperature does the water heater burn?
It depends on what you are drinking machine, can reach 100% boiling only of beauty and Qinyuan boiling water dispenser liner drinking machine at present, generally only about 90 degrees (see the number you use the frequency and heating liner cleaning).
Q:What is the name of the upper part of the dispenser that is inserted into the water barrel?
Where are you from? Shijiazhuang three of the south city of flowers wholesale market to sell, sell water machine are sold, in addition to send you the water there, you can ask him to give you a
Q:How often does the water heater clean up?
Second step: clamp the alcohol and cotton, carefully clean the inner side and the inner side of the lining of the water dispenser and the cover.Expert of antibacterial Association comments: these parts of drinking water machine are easy to accumulate bacteria because of direct contact with air. Scrub with alcohol to remove the dirt and prepare for the next step of disinfection.The third step: to the water pump into the tank 300 ml of multi-function disinfectant, soak for 10~15 minutes. Antibacterial Association experts commented: water dispenser cavity capacity of about 2 liters, a mere 300 ml disinfectant, can only disinfect the very limited water dispenser cavity space, such disinfection is invalid. The correct way: dissolve 300 ml disinfectant into the water of about 2 liters, and then fill the whole cavity for 10~15 minutes.
Q:How many days can the water in the water dispenser run for a few days?,
Installed in the production of water and when the factory is advanced purification, generally through the QS certified bottled water quality can pass, but bottled water Kaifeng more than 15 days, the rapid propagation of bacteria in the water, it is easy to cause diarrhea.Caution: avoid two pollutionThe two pollution of bottled water refers to the exposure of water to bacteria after unsealing. These bacteria are mainly derived from the hands, cups and water dispensers. Hand to touch the sealing of bottled water, it is easy to stay in the bucket mouth bacteria; the cup is not often cleaning will make the residual bacteria; drinking water machine is most likely to breed bacteria, because the neck barrels of bottled water is placed upside down on the drinking machine, various impurities, mineral water will precipitate into the liner of drinking machine in.
Q:How does a water cooler work? Is it the same principle as the refrigerator?
There are two kinds of water cooler, the semiconductor value of cold and compression refrigeration, in which the principle of compression refrigeration, basically the same as the refrigerator, but the structure is simple.
Q:How to judge a water cooler or a semiconductor refrigerator by using a multimeter?
The semiconductor cooling plate is heated on one side and cooled on the other side, which is operated by the principle of heat transfer [Parr effect]. Normally, the rated voltage of the water dispenser is 12 volts DC, and the rated power is 50-80 watts. So we only need to pick up 12 volts or less DC, can detect the refrigeration piece is usually red line connected to the positive voltage, black line connected to a negative voltage, if the heating surface reverse becomes cold induced reversible [] voltage is close to the rated voltage, the refrigeration ability is stronger. You can use a 6 volt DC lead-acid battery 5 or 5 above security detection, pinch the refrigeration piece upper and lower sides of power in less than 10 seconds by hand, obviously can feel a hot side of the cold feeling, because there is no cooling time a little longer becomes hot on both sides...
Q:With electronic refrigeration drinking mechanism, cold water temperature minimum, generally how many degrees?
The same is true of electrons, but electronic ones are difficult to achieve in any way to freeze water into ice. Specific refrigeration temperature specifications are available, and some drinking fountains should be marked.
Q:How to clean the scale of water dispenser?
7, finally tighten the drain valve, use disinfectant to scrub the rear wall of the switch, complete the whole disinfection process.The water dispenser with disinfectant (such as drinking machine special detergents and disinfectants 84) after cleaning, there may be a special taste of the drink, some friends would be more sensitive. In this regard, Xiao Bian suggested that you use the lemon to clean, on the one hand, the acidity of lemon can play a role in disinfection, on the other hand, will leave the fragrance of lemon. You can prepare a lemon, squeeze out the lemon juice, and add 10 times the volume of water and mix thoroughly, pour into the storage tank, soak for half an hour, and the cleaning steps are the same as above.There are two points: one is the need to remind you of bottled water after use, if used, should immediately change new water, or to dry for a long time may cause fire; two is the water dispenser has been stopped for a long time, you should turn off the power supply, the drinking water barrel removed, the water dispenser water drain.

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