Desktop Italian water purifier WF-10D Polypropylene PP mixing calcium carbonate AS

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Product Description:

Desktop Italian water purifier (WF-10D)
Material: Polypropylene PP mixing calcium carbonate AS
Production process:  semi-finished products by injection molding machine,will be finished after assemble and testing.
Usage: It can filter tap water sediment, rust and other large particulate matter.
Advantages: the low cost, can directly filter pollution from water pipe.
Specifications: The inner core wound filter with 10 inches
Weight: 700
Interface: direct access to the leading

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Q:Can the tap water be filtered directly after the drinking water purifier is filtered, and the tap water can be changed directly to the fish tank after being filtered by the drinking water purifier
l, but things have a limit, you do not change the water more than 1/2 of the fish is not only harmless, but also a little better, chlorine can also sterilization. I have been selling ornamental fish for many years, and I have some experience.
Q:The aquarium aquarium is the upper filter drip box is good with
When fish live in ammonia - polluted waters for a long time, their bodies gradually become weak and are vulnerable to viruses in the water.
Q:Two water aquarium filter will not be more clear
doubling the filtration rate and material will certainly make the effect better.
Q:Can water purifier filter heavy metals?
As an activated carbon filter, only the use of adsorption of peculiar smell (chlorine) role, but also unable to deal with the metal ions in water;
Q:The water fountain was bought today, but the filtered water is black
Very normal, this is activated carbon filter out of the water
Q:What are the materials needed to make the water purifier?
4: rare earth porcelain sand filter material
Q:Do you need a water filter for an air heater?
If the tap water quality is better, there is no need to install filters.
Q:How can we keep the water in the tank clean for a long time?
Water in fish tanks is contaminated by fish droppings, food scraps, and rotting leaves of water plants. In people's imagination, the visible suspension of water is filtered out to keep the water clear and transparent, but it is only the primary function of filtration, which we usually call mechanical filtration
Q:The vacuum pumps the water in the machine to the vacuum pump. How can the water be filtered out in the middle?
the air after filtering the pot, the water absorption in the tank will absorb the moisture in the air.
Q:Is the prefilter useful?
Suggest you go to the mall or large stores, many places have sold, sales staff introduced particularly clear, and some demonstration models, selected, and then to the Internet than the next price. But I figure save trouble, let me directly to the mall installed

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