Desktop Italian water purifier WF-10D Polypropylene PP mixing calcium carbonate AS

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Product Description:

Desktop Italian water purifier (WF-10D)
Material: Polypropylene PP mixing calcium carbonate AS
Production process:  semi-finished products by injection molding machine,will be finished after assemble and testing.
Usage: It can filter tap water sediment, rust and other large particulate matter.
Advantages: the low cost, can directly filter pollution from water pipe.
Specifications: The inner core wound filter with 10 inches
Weight: 700
Interface: direct access to the leading

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Q:Why do fish tanks have filters, water or dirt?
, cleaning the filter can not wash too thoroughly, but can not use hot water or tap water to wash, but only by changing the water from the cylinder out of the water and gently rinse, so to avoid the massive death and loss of nitrifying bacteria.
Q:How do fish filters work well?
Pump the pump into the water, pump the water out of the pipe with the pressure of the pump, float it over the filter cotton, place the basket on the tank, and return the water by gravity, like a fish tank. A simple filter is ready.
Q:What's the most effective water filtration method in the family?
When the filter is ready, use the shelf to fix the water. The turbid water is dripping down slowly, and the clean colorless water is coming out.
Q:What's the difference between a household scale filter and a softened water equipment?
both have the function of removing the scale, but the use of low cost, without subsequent maintenance, the water amount is larger, less expensive
Q:30*25*20 small fish tank, water easily mix, how to do, what kind of good filter?
. Purely from the filtration effect, multi layer filtration is better, it is too ugly.
Q:What's the difference between a water vapor filter and an oil gas filter?
The general filter can be used to water vapor condensation or adsorption principle design, containing water vapor gas, can be used to filter out the water vapor, condensation method, the gas is cooled to 0 degrees Celsius, the gas in water can be adsorbed on the ice, arms or filter, which will filter out gas in wate
Q:The difference between running water and filtered water
Like general household pure water machine, it is filtered out of the water is drinkable water, but the mechanism of the water is pure water, mineral water is not a child, long-term drinking may be the body is not very good! Is that adults affected is not great ~
Q:Is it harmful to drink filtered water regularly?
Drinking filtered water for a long time is bad for people's health, because the water we drink normally contains minerals, which are good for us, and our bodies need certain minerals, which are good for maintaining the pH balance of the body
Q:How much power filters are used in the 200 liter fish tank?
Choose a smaller grass cylinder (if not considering the filtering barrel must be built in it), and fish (such as the three lakes cichlid can) a little, because too thin, only 20cm, do not take into account the large fish.
Q:Filter location of inlet valve for Vanward gas water heater
Note: the filter should be cleaned regularly, to prevent blockage of filter impurities, resulting in the amount is too small, the water heater can not start.

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