Densified Silica Fumes

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1.Densified Silica Fumes ASTM C 1240
3.Production capacity 3000 ton per month
4.Third party inspection certifi

Microsilica is a densified dry powder microsilica admixture for portland cement concrete and mortars.


Standard Value

Silicon Dioxide(SiO2)

min 90 %

Loss on Ignition(L.O.I) @ 975°C

max 3 %

Moisture Content (H2O)

max 2 %

Percent Retained On 45μm (325 sieve)

max 2 %

Bulk Density


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Q:What are the differences between micro powders, silica gel and silica
Micro silica gel in English, Colloidal, Silicon, Dioxide silica, English Silicon Dioxide. In reading foreign drug instructions, most of the time using Silicon Dioxide, but does not represent the use of precipitation is really prepared by silica, it may also be micro silica gel.
Q:Why is there silica in the additive of milk tea?
Silica is an anti caking agent used mainly for food, anti caking.
Q:Is silica a semiconductor? Is silicon a semiconductor?
Silicon dioxide is an insulator and a semiconductor is a substance between electric conductors and insulators. Crystalline silicon is a semiconductor
Q:Is SiO2 a good semiconductor material?
The moderately doped semiconductor is more likely to reflect the semiconductor properties, i.e., the resistance decreases as the temperature increases, and the conductivity increases (as opposed to the metal conductor, the metal increases with temperature, and the resistance increases). Silicon is therefore good because it has a wide range of operating temperatures.
Q:The food additive has "silica dioxide", can you eat it?
In food, it is food grade silica, an anti caking agent that prevents food from lumping and is edible.
Q:Can the present nanometer silica dioxide replace the foreign silicon dioxide in China?
Can be replaced, only few domestic technology can not keep up with foreign countries, the cost of the sound field is relatively large.The main factors for the size of nano silica are specific surface area, type, main hydrophobic silica, hydrophilic silica two categories.
Q:What are the physical properties of silicon dioxide?
Silica crystal, silicon atoms with 4 valence electrons and 4 oxygen atoms form 4 covalent bonds, silicon atoms in the tetrahedral centers, 4 vertices of 4 oxygen atoms in the tetrahedral, many such tetrahedra and vertex connected by oxygen atoms, each oxygen atom into two tetrahedral co that is, each oxygen atom and two silicon atoms combine. SiO is most simple composition, only said the number of atoms of silicon and oxygen ratio of the silica crystals. Silicon dioxide is an atomic crystal.
Q:Why does toothpaste contain silica? What is it mainly do?
Toothpaste with silica is safe and nontoxic food additives, pharmaceutical excipients commonly used all over the world, it is because of its physical and chemical properties stable, it will not with human gastric juice, salivary function, so it has the best security.
Q:Can crystal and SiO2 be equal? Why?The SiO2 name is called crystal, this sentence?
Different. The former is a mixture, the main component is SiO2, and SiO2 is a compound, is pure
Q:How to synthesize 100 nm sized silica?
Water spray drying method is often used in inorganic coated with nano titanium dioxide, which is deposited on the TiO2 surface with a layer of oxide or hydrous metal oxides, to reduce its chemical activity, improve the weatherability of ridicule. Therefore, adding silica can solve the above shortcomings.

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