Densified Silica Fumes

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1.Densified Silica Fumes ASTM C 1240
3.Production capacity 3000 ton per month
4.Third party inspection certifi

Microsilica is a densified dry powder microsilica admixture for portland cement concrete and mortars.


Standard Value

Silicon Dioxide(SiO2)

min 90 %

Loss on Ignition(L.O.I) @ 975°C

max 3 %

Moisture Content (H2O)

max 2 %

Percent Retained On 45μm (325 sieve)

max 2 %

Bulk Density


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Q:Silica has crystalline and amorphous two, then what is crystalline, what will be amorphous?
Amorphous silica is the natural existence of diatomite and other low water plants, diatom remains of the white solid or powder, porous, light and soft solid, strong adsorption, chemical properties are very stable. Not soluble in water or reacted with water. It is an acid oxide and does not react with ordinary acids.
Q:Is silica and silica powder the same thing?
Especially silicon powder by crushing, milling (or vibration, jet mill), flotation, acid purification, water treatment and other multi-channel processing of the powder, the physical crystal configuration specific, and therefore has certain properties. This is like graphite and diamond chemical formula is C, but they are caused by different crystal structures nature is also different; gold, gold bullion and pull thin properties are also different.
Q:Why does potato chips contain SiO2?
Silica dioxide as a food additive, in the human body will not be broken down, it will not be absorbed, will be excreted along with feces, will not affect human health.
Q:How does silica accumulate to make it disperse?
The reaction is ferrous salt, such as FeCl2, oxidant, commonly used H2O2, easy to control, the environment is generally alkaline environment, alkaline environment of H2O2 oxidation is not too strong, but also easy to control. Note that N2 protection is used to avoid O2 contact because the Fe (OH) 2 generated during the process is oxidized to Fe (OH) 3 when exposed to O2.In the experiment, the dosage of H2O2 should be strictly controlled, and only part of Fe can be oxidized to + 3.
Q:What is the difference between white carbon black and carbon black?
Two substances entirely. Some aspects can be substituted.
Q:What role does silica play in health care products?
Hello, silica is more of the excipient of the drug, can not afford treatment.
Q:Why is silicon dioxide made up of atoms?
If it is a gas or liquid or a low boiling point solid, it is usually a molecular composition
Q:What is the function of silica in food and medicine?
KDS-101 ultrafine silicon dioxide, synthetic, X- ray amorphousThe appearance is white fluidity powderIt has large specific surface area, pore volume and strict particle size distribution
Q:What role does silicon dioxide play in integrated circuits?
Silica in integrated circuit fabrication process, can prevent impurity diffusion, which provides selective diffusion may, for example to generate a complete layer of silica on silicon wafers, using lithography method, silica selectively etched parts
Q:What gas masks are used to prevent dust? Silica is best used
Silica dust protection, according to dust classification, belong to inorganic dust, long-term in this environment, not effective protection, easily lead to silicosis (pneumoconiosis is one of the most dangerous). Because of pneumoconiosis can not be healed, so now a lot of silica sand factory attaches great importance to the prevention of respiratory protection.

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