Deluxe Door Handle HY-A1842

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Product Description:

Product Description

Product Name: Deluxe Door Handle  HY-A1842  

Availabe for door thicknes arrage from 44mm to 110mm

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • Hand material: Plastic or Aluminum

  • Model Number: HY-A1842  

  • Body material: Iron

Our Advantages:

A) Variety types for selection

B) Competitive price (China mainland manufacturer)

C) Good quality (years experienced technical )

D) Excellent Service ( +10 years of export experience)

E) Prompt delivery

F) Different designs are available according to customer requests.

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Q:The life of the door lock (the piece of shackle that links the door lock)
Usually for 15 years, the premise is that you do not deliberately pull hard
Q:2006 pineapple 1.4 automatic car door lock how much money to be broken
Hello, Polo models are generally locked door lock block mechanism caused by the existence of the need to repair the lock factory can be resolved to repair the maintenance plant repair costs about two hundred dollars or so, the region may be different prices It is different, hope to help you, I wish you a happy car [car problems, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:Motorcycle electric door power supply has been unplugged the car can also start what is the reason
Turn off the switch bad. Change should be more than 100 dollars
Q:Electric car controller on the root of the door lock line, is a single line, how to pick, useful, affect the output of the transfer line?
You can first take the line and the positive pole together, and then measured to turn the voltage to see if there is no. The power cord is generally connected to this, the main power cord directly connected to the controller, the electric door lock line to the output of the electric door lock, the input of the electric door lock is of course directly connected to the power supply. This connection makes the current flowing through the door lock is very small, can extend the life of the lock. Many electric motors are using this connection, because their vehicle current is too large, and directly to the door lock, then the lock will soon hang up. If it is a small car or the car itself is the kind of direct use of electric locks to control the vehicle power supply models, directly to the power cord and the controller positive power supply and together on it.
Q:What is the basic function of the car's central door lock?
Just did not have a central lock in the car before pressing the same alarm with the key on the remote control to switch the door lock
Q:Peugeot 207 sedan door lock is not on, what reaction is gone
BCM it You have a good description, meaning the key to open the door after, and then insert the ignition switch dashboard does not respond, and then switch the door there is a reaction. The end of the wall was made to speak all the door to lock the door, remote control can not open the door, and then the key into the door to open the door, it is normal. This normal refers to the normal lock or what is normal? Probably BCM, or you have a problem with the combination switch. hope this helps.
Q:Curved beam motorcycle lock is not connected and so master solution
Replace the key door on the line, your car flameout must be short-circuit way out.
Q:Car anti-theft device is always locked one of the doors how to do?
I also have this problem you put the door from the new off on the lock can also be transferred to the next lock
Q:Electric car off the door lock, anti-charging indicator light has been bright, what is the reason? Please have the experience of electric car maintenance master guide it
The battery line between the fault, or the cause of the charger. On these two reasons, and gradually investigation of it
Q:Old Fox's left front door lock how much money
Hello there. 200 is almost the same. Hourly at their own expense. The I hope my answer will help you. Please continue to ask if there are any details. Your satisfaction is my greatest pursuit. [Car problems, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To

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