Deep groove Ball Bearings Manufacturer China Steel of High Quality

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Deep groove Ball Bearings

Description: Deep groove ball bearings are the most common type of rolling bearings, the basic model deep groove ball bearing consists of an outer ring, an inner ring, a ball and a group holding structure into. Deep groove ball bearing has two types’ kinds of single and double row, the structure of deep groove ball is also divided into two structures sealed and opened. Open means bearing without seals, sealed deep groove ball is into dust seal and anti-oil seal. Dust sealed cover for high-quality steel stamping, Play a supervisory anti-dust into the bearing raceway, type Anti-oil is contact seal,Can effectively prevent grease spills within the bearing.

        Deep groove ball bearings mainly take radial load, Also radial and axial load,When the only radial load,contact angle is zero,When the deep groove ball bearings with a larger radial load,Have a contact angle of bearing performance,Can withstand greater axial load,Deep groove ball bearing friction coefficient is small,and speed is also high.

Deep groove Ball Bearings Manufacturer China Steel of High Quality

Deep groove Ball Bearings Manufacturer China Steel of High Quality

Deep groove Ball Bearings Manufacturer China Steel of High Quality

Deep groove ball bearings are the most representative of the rolling bearing, and versatile. For high speed or high speed operation, and very durable, regular maintenance. This kind of bearing friction small number, This kind of bearing friction small number, Extreme high speed, simple structure, low cost, easy to achieve high manufacturing precision. Size range and diverse, used in precision instruments, Low noise motors, automobiles, motorcycles and general machinery industries, the machinery industry, the most widely used class of bearings

Deep groove Ball Bearings Manufacturer China Steel of High Quality

Deep groove Ball Bearings Manufacturer China Steel of High Quality


Q:How long es cycle of bearing life?

A:According to international standards, at least a year and a half , up tu 3 years

Q:How to maintenance bearing

A:Add to lubricantes on time

Q:Have diagram for bearing

A:The small one no have, large bearings will provide diagram

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Q:How are the parts assembled together for deep groove ball bearings?
Deep groove ball bearings are composed of inner ring, outer ring, steel ball, upper and lower cage.Assembly sequence: the outer ring shall be fitted with inner ring, the cage, the steel ball, the other cage, and finally the rivet (hole on the cage).
Q:What are the characteristics of double row deep groove ball bearings?
Double row deep groove ball bearings in the design and single row deep groove ball bearings echo. This type of bearing has an uninterrupted deep raceway, and the ball fits well with the raceway of the bearing. In addition to radial loads, they are subject to biaxial axial loads. The utility model is suitable for the bearing configuration of single row bearing which is not enough to bear the load. In double row deep groove ball bearings, the misalignment between the inner ring and the outer ring can only be adjusted by force, so that the load on the ball and the cage will be increased, and the service life of the bearing will be shortened. Therefore, Longma double row deep groove ball bearing the maximum allowable angular displacement is 2 arcminute. Any misalignment of the bearing ring causes an increase in running noise.
Q:What are the differences between deep groove ball bearings 16004 and 6004??? 1 is that a separate row? What about 6004?
16004 thickness ratio of 6004 thin, with the size of the outer diameter of the same, are deep groove ball bearings, and 16004 are thin-walled, often used in light, high speed places.
Q:Motor bearings deep groove ball bearings generally live for how long?
Bearing life and speed related, in general, the life of about 20 thousand hours
Q:A deep groove ball bearing model with an outer diameter of 8.5 cm and an inner diameter of 4.5 cm
A deep groove ball bearing model with an outer diameter of 8.5 cm and an inner diameter of 4.5 cm is 6209
Q:What is the deep groove ball bearing with an outer diameter of 90 thickness and 20 inner diameter of 30?
Should be6306 bearings
Q:The difference between deep groove ball bearings and thrust ball bearings
Deep groove ball bearings bear radial load and thrust ball bearings bear axial load
Q:What are deep groove ball bearings suitable for automotive parts?
1, the most representative rolling bearings, wide range of uses2 can bear radial load and two-way axial load3 、 suitable for high speed rotating and low noise, low vibration occasions4, with steel plate dust cover or rubber sealing ring sealed type bearings, in advance filled with a proper amount of grease{mainly using retainer plate, steel plate holder (wave shape, crown)... Single row; S shape... Double column)Copper alloy or phenolic resin theft holder, synthetic resin forming cage{main use} car: rear wheel, transmission, electrical deviceAppliance: General Motors, household appliancesOther: instrumentation, internal combustion engines, construction machinery, railway vehicles, shipping machinery, agricultural machinery, various industrial machinery
Q:What does "6208" in deep groove ball bearing 6208 GB/T 276-1994 mean? Ask God for detailed explanation and dimensional description.
Oh, on the ordinary deep groove ball bearings, 6208 diameter, 40, outer diameter 80, thickness 18
Q:What is what is the deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, spherical roller bearing is what
Deep groove ball bearings are the most widely used types of bearings. Their design is simple and can not be separated. They are suitable for running at high speed or even extremely high speed. Deep groove shaped roll road roll has excellent adhesion between the road and the ball, the deep groove ball bearing even in high speed conditions in addition to bear radial load, also can withstand the axial load in two directions.The self-aligning ball bearing was invented by SKF, with two rows of ball bearings and an arc raceway in the outer ring. Therefore, the bearing can be automatically adjusted, and can bear the angle error between the shaft and the bearing seat. The utility model is especially suitable for the working conditions of easy deflection and misalignment of shafts. In addition, the friction of self-aligning ball bearings is the lowest in all rolling bearings, so that even at high speed, there is still only a small temperature rise.Spherical roller bearing has two rows of roller, the outer ring has common spherical raceway, two inner ring raceway, into a vertical angle with the axis of the bearing. Spherical roller bearing can automatically adjust the heart, thus can bear larger alignment error. In addition to its high radial load carrying capacity, it can bear heavy axial loads in two directions.

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