Deep Carbonized Ash Wood

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Product Description:


Specifications of the ACQ Treated Ash wood





Be customized as per request

Preservative Type


Moisture content



 most outdoor using


A Grade


Standard exporting package



Instrction of the ACQ reated Ash Wood


ACQ(Alkaline Copper Quaternary) maingly consists of alkaline and cooper oxide which is widly

used in the outdoor building projects.  At present, it's the most enviromental antiseptic lotion in

 the world.  The wood products treated with ACQ is durable and prolonging the life of usage.



High quality and great service of the ACQ Treated Ash Wood


Our company is professtional in this products, we have professional team to ensure the quality of

 the products and the exact shipping date of the order.



Features and Advantages of the ACQ Treated Ash wood


1. ACQ Treated Ash Wood is very high suitable for outdoor using

2. Waterproof, Sun-proof, Rot-proof, Fungi-proof

3. It has about 50 years of serving life

4. The size and the color can be customized according to your request

5. Treated by high quality ACQ

6. Eco-friendly, no harm to the air, the plants, the humans

7. Are able to make the timber from the damage of the insects

8. It is anticorrosive from the outside enviroment

9. Advanced flame retardent techinics



Packing and Delivery of the ACQ Treated Ash Wood


Packing : standard exporting packing

Delivery: standard shipping time based on the country



The following pictures are for your reference:






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Q:Antiseptic wood vintage covered with glass to pay attention to what
CCA anti-corrosive agents in contact with the wood fiber after curing, in the form of copper complex, and its chemical stability, harmless to humans and animals, its anti-erosion strong, CCA has decades of use history, the current world There is no evidence of any reports or findings that have caused any harm to the use of CCA. Guangdong Academy of Forestry, etc. to do up to 15 years of field tracking experiment, did not find the people and the environment caused by harm. ※ In China, the anti-corrosion wood specification, also clearly listed with CCA anti-corrosion impregnation treatment is in full compliance with China's various environmental protection and safety regulations.
Q:Red rice eucalyptus antiseptic wood red eucalyptus wood eucalyptus wood how many square meters
It depends on what your specifications. There are different geographical prices are not the same. Fine Luo industrial anti-corrosion wood manufacturers warm tips you.
Q:Consult carbonated wood preservative production methods, the need for more detail, thank you!
Carbonated wood preservative production methods and processes are as follows: 1, the first wood into the anti-corrosion equipment, and then sealed, drained inside the air. And then vacuum pressurized CCA preservative into the wood inside, the purpose of vacuum pressure is to make the wood from inside to outside can absorb anti-corrosion potions, so as to achieve the effect of all-infiltration, so that the life of preservative wood will be more durable. 2, the temperature increases and the high temperature burns the kiln, which is raised at a rapid rate using heat and steam to a level of 100 ° C, which is continuously increased thereafter to 130 ° C for high temperature drying, where the water content is in the wood Almost nonexistent.
Q:Open the balcony with a wood preservative fence, how to do
Do not use wood to do, preserving wood is to the roof of the wind and rain, although you look for the use of wood, but from the decorative point of view and the structure of the house, security, and with, do not mind the use of wood The You can try some of the stainless steel and so on some of the material, and some of the aluminum alloy color and wood the same, as can play a beautiful role!
Q:What should be noted when installing antiseptic wood flooring?
Selection and construction of the installation Note: 1, the best moisture content of structural wood (indoor 12-16%) (20% outdoor), which requires you to look carefully at the time of selection, do not buy those irregular processing of wood, they are all not reasonable Of the cellar processing. 2,50mm above the thickness of the width of 120mm or more in the center of the back of the plate can open a groove to reduce the deformation of the cracking rate. 3, the production of antiseptic wood installation, the need for corrosion between the wood to stay 0.2-1CM gap, to avoid rain and water and the expansion of wood preservative. This is the cement road to be crossed is a reason ~
Q:I would like to ask China's imports of anti-corrosion wood customs code
Import preservative wood need to provide information: bill of lading, invoices, packing list, contract, certificate of origin, the official quality inspection and quarantine certificate, etc.
Q:Antiseptic wood can generally be used for many years
And the quality of the relevant fake and anti-corrosion wood life can hardly play a preservative effect, its service life of two or three years, let alone environmental protection; regular anti-corrosion normal life of more than 30 years
Q:What is the size of the wood
Russian Sophora japonica standing size: 10 × 10,12 × 12,15 × 15,2.5 × 9.5,2.8 × 9.5,4 × 6,4 × 12,5 × 12,2 × 9.5,3 × 4,3 × 5, 1.5 x 9.5. The length of standing is three meters, four meters, six meters. Indonesian pineapple grid standing size: 2 m -2.3 m 7 × 12,13,14 planing material. There are other southern pine, red pine, baro wood, etc., are imported directly from abroad specifications, the size of the British units.
Q:Carbonized wood and wood preservative, bamboo What is the difference? What is the difference in technical parameters?
Carbonized wood is a nutritious and tasteless wood. How do you do not rot The rice baked into a half coke on it. And the original wood is very different. 1 has a corrosion resistance 2 resistance to cracking deformation 3 balanced moisture content decreased 4 strength decreased
Q:Yard shop antiseptic wood in the end is not resistant to rot Carbonized wood?
As building materials, anti-corrosion wood introduced more than ten years, the origin of Canada, the United States. The original formula ACQ due to pollution of water, has been internationally denied, second-generation formula ECQ products are now flowing through countries. Product specifications in English as a unit, surrounded by smooth no saw marks, very few pressure planing marks, four corners, with a special aroma. Color is light green, a small amount of core material yellow. At the beginning of this century only a unit in Shanghai, to obtain agency qualifications, the use of high temperature cooking liquid. Open air preserving more than 15 years. Acting consignment should be qualified certificate, accompanied by technical information and model reference map color map. The national construction department has no relevant technical data certification. So the supply of small and medium cities to be verified.

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