Decorative Home Cushion with Cartoon Pattern

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Our Exclusive outdoor pillows are the best value you can find hand down, use the classic stripe pillow to bring comfort to the great outdoors and living rooms.


woven of soft

lined with 100% olefin   

100% polyester fill

Cushion Item

High Quality cotton Cushion , Sofa Cushion

Cushion Cover Material

100% Polyester

Cushion Size


Cushion Cover Shape


Cushion Cover Techniques


Cushion Cover Sample available


Loading Port


Washing Care

Dry Clean Only / Ironing with  low temperature

Cushion  Color

Various Colors are available

Cushion  Use

Beach, Bedding, Car Seat, Chair, Christmas, Decorative, Home, Hotel, Outdoor, Seat


Q: What is the filling in the cushion?

A: The filling in the cushion is 100% polystyrene. It is safe, environmentally friendly.


Q: How can I do when the cushion is dirty?

A: You can just wash it. Don’t worry; the color of the cushion will not fade.


Q: Are these cushions poisonous?

A: No, all of our products are safe and environmentally friendly, we have OEKO certificate.

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Q:Excuse me, car cushion, summer that kind of material?
Today, there are leather, super fiber skin, artificial leather, nylon, chemical fiber, artificial wool, polyester, wool and other different materials for car cushion, wool cushion is one of the choices of winter car interior.In the hot summer, many owners will choose silk cushion (chemical fiber). Now on the market there are four seasons cushion, and gradually become a major trend.Search under the "0914 automotive supplies boutique navigation", flagship store things to be trusted, should have what you want.
Q:How do I wash my car cushion (used in the car wash shop)?
Leather cushion, you can use a vacuum cleaner to dust, or with damp cloth will wipe off the surface dust, and then use leather professional cleaning, in the shade of natural drying.
Q:How to clean the car wool cushion?
Please shake the cushion several times before use, and pat a few, or with wet towel and vacuum cleaner, remove the surface may produce in the production of micro floating hair.
Q:How big is the whole body massage cushion?
A what is false, multi massage head also depends on the strength and comfort, the most important thing is to massage pad quality inside the motor, many massage pad started very comfortable, then the noise is increased, not on strike, anyway, not much massage pad can work for several years now, unless there is a guarantee the quality of thousands of tens of thousands, hundreds of pieces of it in the first half of life! Typing death, hope to adopt!
Q:This is a single, no back style, and no matter what you use as an internal filler, the outer part must be ready for filling. Different fillers have different side thickness, and the width of the fabric should be estimated before cutting. If the flat side seam a centimeter, then the thickness of the filler on the basis of two cm and a half sewn.
The normal car seat in polyurethane high resilience foam belongs to the classification of soft foam, sole is microporous elastomer, high pillow is generally slow rebound, the car bumper is from the crust, ha ha, I just do polyurethane
Q:Excuse me, is the sponge inside the sofa cushion good? How about a couple of layers?
1, for the first time sit comfortable and feel quite plump, spring bags are generally wrapped with non-woven fabrics, spring from the wear of non-woven fabrics inside out, you have to sofa means deformation2, in choosing the entire sponge sofa, you must choose the density is greater than or equal to 36 kg per cubic meter, above this standard is the best3, touch the sponge sponge texture feeling if feel a bit astringent feeling that is more talc this sponge is easy to be deformed and not very standard if the hand is the sponge with touch oil is a good sponge4, is one of the most simple method, with a finger pressed for 10 seconds and then release your finger and then gently from just over the place flat touch the past look can feel the previous massage after there is no obvious sense to judge the quality of sponge sag
Q:How about washing a car with upholstery? What a bother!
Do not clean the interior, accidentally dirty cushion, roof shed and so on, many owners will immediately wash with water or washing liquid, dry after forming a block of unsightly stains. As the interior material of the car is different in quality and the way of cleaning is different, there are many kinds of cleaning agents on the market at present, but most of them are targeted, such as leather and cotton fabrics, which are quite different. Moreover, even when the cleaning agent is used, stains often appear and the cleaning is not clean.
Q:What fill is the sofa good?
It's sponge. Which can be divided into three types: conventional sponge, is characterized with elasticity, softness, good permeability; high resilient foam is characterized with good elasticity, compression load, fire resistance, good air permeability; arbitrary hole sponge, which is a kind of inner pore sizes with natural seaweed similar to the sponge, is characterized by good elasticity, compression and rebound when the buffer is excellent;
Q:The car's wool cushion hardens after washing, so what can be done to soften it?
Hello! If your wool cushion is washable, you can use softener to restore the supple texture of the wool.Wool containing clothing is generally not suitable for washing. It is recommended that you wash it with the washing label on the inside of the garment to better protect the fabric.Animal hair for animal protein fiber, easy to shrink, so generally should be sent to professional cleaners dry cleaning.
Q:The car seat silk and linen have what distinction, which is a good point?
Silk and VEKA are synthetic fibers, bright colors, beautiful, durable, easy to clean, dirty, cool after the flax car cushion, flax is relatively difficult to maintain, everyone has his own advantages specific material selection Sometimes an inch may prove long., depends on your personal preferences!

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