Decorative Home Cushion with Cartoon Pattern

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Our Exclusive outdoor pillows are the best value you can find hand down, use the classic stripe pillow to bring comfort to the great outdoors and living rooms.


woven of soft

lined with 100% olefin   

100% polyester fill

Cushion Item

High Quality cotton Cushion , Sofa Cushion

Cushion Cover Material

100% Polyester

Cushion Size


Cushion Cover Shape


Cushion Cover Techniques


Cushion Cover Sample available


Loading Port


Washing Care

Dry Clean Only / Ironing with  low temperature

Cushion  Color

Various Colors are available

Cushion  Use

Beach, Bedding, Car Seat, Chair, Christmas, Decorative, Home, Hotel, Outdoor, Seat


Q: What is the filling in the cushion?

A: The filling in the cushion is 100% polystyrene. It is safe, environmentally friendly.


Q: How can I do when the cushion is dirty?

A: You can just wash it. Don’t worry; the color of the cushion will not fade.


Q: Are these cushions poisonous?

A: No, all of our products are safe and environmentally friendly, we have OEKO certificate.

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Q:Independent bag spring sofa or sponge sofa?
The seat feel is more comfortable for the spring bag, and the independent spring bags used in the market are of average quality, so durable or high elastic cotton is durable!
Q:How do you make sponge for car seat cushion?
Just like foaming, the same material, different manufacturing processes, makes different things;PU sponge mainly includes polyester and polyether. It can be sliced or rolled. It can also be processed according to customers' requirements, such as compound processing, hot pressing and blasting, opening hole treatment, etc.. PU sponge because of its thermal insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption, flame retardant, antistatic, breathable performance and other characteristics, it relates to a variety of industries, including the automotive industry, battery industry, cosmetics industry, bra and underwear manufacturing and high-end furniture manufacturing etc..
Q:Is the seat cushion all wrapped or half wrapped?
The benefits of semi - cushioned cushions lie in the variety of materials, shapes and styles. It is very easy to choose a car seat that is more in proportion to its own style! And in different seasons, you can easily change into the season of the material cushion!
Q:What kind of cushion does the leather sofa use?
In summer, the leather sofa cushion must choose the sofa cushion made of linen. Linen sofa cushion, made of pure natural materials, has waterproof function, and resistance to friction, high temperature, heat dissipation and so on. Its decorative and comfortable are strong, with good ventilation. At room temperature, the body's sensible temperature can drop by 3~4 degrees celsius. As a leather sofa, the cushion is very good.Another summer mat sofa cushion is very good, but the ice is not cool, sweat absorbent breathable, fine workmanship, good flexibility, not easily broken, affordable, non slip bottom gauze, good antiskid effect, and made easy, affordable.Winter, in order to cover the cold on the leather sofa, generally choose plush, wool sofa cushion, noble and generous.
Q:Do you need cushions for the car's leather seats?
Does the seat of the car need cushion? This problem has been puzzling the majority of car owners. Some car leather seats and a cushion will reduce the impact of the car class, beautiful, some people think that the cushion to protect the leather good, don't make it so easy to damage, aging, can choose according to their own preferences personalized cushion, and can solve the problem of it in hot summer and winter cold.
Q:Car leather seats, summer with what cushion is better, not hot ass
With any type of cushion, the sun will burn in the summer.
Q:Wooden sofa cushion how slippery ah?
Of course, can also be used to make a fabric sofa set, can also be customized to finish, burlap, not only is the atmosphere, is very practical, not to stick at trifles, not easily.
Q:Is the ice pack cushion good for your health?
The ice mat is not afraid of pressure, but please be careful not to stab the product surface with sharp objects. If you accidentally stabbed a hole in the surface of the product, do not have to worry, can use the home repair after the adhesive can be used normally.Ice packs are soft and plain ice packs. The soft freezing point is -18 degrees centigrade and remains soft after storage. The disadvantage is the short duration of the cooling,
Q:Is the padding for the sofa cushion a sponge or a sponge?
Tip: the sponge used for sofa filling is divided into three major categories: conventional sponge is a regular polyether and TDI as the main body of the sponge. The utility model has the advantages of good resilience, softness and breathability; the high resilience sponge is a sponge generated by active phosphorus accumulating and TDI as the main body, and has the advantages of excellent mechanical property and good elasticity. The utility model has the advantages of large compression load, good combustion resistance and good air permeability; the irregular hole sponge is an inner hole with different sizes of natural algae similar to a sponge, and is characterized by good elasticity, excellent cushioning property when compressed and rebound.
Q:That car cushion has no smell
Linen cushion: linen is relatively rare, the so-called linen cushion on the market is mostly linen blended, of course, some people will be defined as linen linen linen cushion, which is generalized linen cushion?. Since it is blended, grades are high and low, because of the cost decision, linen cushion is the best material for the four seasons.

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