decorative home cushion for luxury furniture

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Product Name

2015 hot sale new design cushion


90% cotton, 10% Polyester


PP Cotton


16x16 inch, 18x18 inch. Other Size is Available



Fabric Colour

Green, Blue, Grey (Other Colour is Available)

Sample Cost

Will be Free of Charge if 1Pc Each for the Interested Items

Sample Freight

Should be Borne by Our Customers

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Approx 7 Working Days After Confirmed

Mass Production Time

Within 30days Upon Receipt of the Deposit, or the Original LC.




AZO Free and can Catch the EU Standard




Q: What is the filling in the cushion?

A: The filling in the cushion is cotton. It is safe, environmentally friendly.


Q: How can I do when the cushion is dirty?

A: You can just wash it. Don’t worry; the color of the cushion will not fade.


Q: Are these cushions poisonous?

A: No, all of our products are safe and environmentally friendly, we have OEKO certificate.


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Q:How to distinguish the quality of automobile cushion?
The cushions, the media had exposed many illegal manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of products, filled with black cotton in the car seat, the so-called black cotton wadding fiber products are commonly known as prohibited use of raw materials, these fibers are easy to induce asthma and respiratory diseases. You can't use cheap things too cheaply, and that's a threat to your family's physical and mental health.
Q:Can I use a linen cushion on the car in winter?
The owners in the South can use linen cushions all year round, while those living in the north can change into a warm wool cushion.
Q:The chair is short. What cushion is good for sleeping?
If you want to sleep with the chair would suggest the U pillow, can sleep on, can sleep lying on the table, a lot of online U pillow, but to give a little proposal, the best zipper, because can wash dirty. I bought a no zipper before sleeping, and later dirty, it can not wash. I saw U Shima AI pillow with a zipper, very good, and now regret, did not buy their home.
Q:Can the linen cushion be used in winter?
Experienced drivers are aware that a correct sitting posture and a good sense of sitting is an important prerequisite for safe driving, but also an effective way to alleviate driving fatigue. Install a set of suitable seating or laying cushion, to enhance the feeling of sitting, increased comfort has obvious effect.
Q:I want to do the car cushion processing, where I can receive the order
Before you order, you have to consider what kind of products you do, general purpose cushion or special seat cushion, there are many different materials and techniques in your selection3, even if the processing, but still need to purchase equipment and raw materials, are you ready to start the money?4, show network processing technology and the automobile seat cushion, but still want to order your own
Q:How to prevent slippery mahogany sofa cushion?
Brush painting the furniture was very bright, but after two years to die, Ping acid is better, but too brittle, afraid to touch, touch off. Or water paint is better, not afraid of hot, but not bright. Traces of dirt on the furniture, wipe with hot water is not clean, you can gently wipe with alcohol.
Q:The wool cushion is yellow. How do you clean it?
Wool cushion cleaning method two, dry cleaning spray can also fade macularHalf a year placed some wool cushion in addition to the dirty outside, the individual parts also appeared in the macular area is not large, and grease, to the cleaners and a little waste, in fact this small part of the spots and grease can clean up yourself.The first method is to prepare a clean brush, dip a small amount of wool in the household with a brush, and then gently wipe the spots and grease until the dirt color fades. Remove the dirt is not Everything will be fine., but also with a clean towel dipped in water or water with a little liquid soap, the former wool dry cleaning agent and dirt mixed body wash. Repeat this step several times, and be careful not to soak the skin of the cushion. After cleaning, put in a cool place to dry.If there is no special wool dry cleaning agent can also use dry cleaning sprays, shake to spot injection, such as foam after dry, with a clean towel or with sticks beat, will suck powder to remove stains. If the effect is not obvious, repeat it several times.
Q:What benefits does an office cushion do to your waist?
Cushion can reduce lumbago, but when using cushion, also should notice a few pointsThe first cushion should be put in the waist, put is invalid in the back, this is because the human spine has three normal physiological curvature, because physiological curve they are not in a straight line, thoracic vertebra and lumbar back convex, strong forward convex, from the side, spine like two S connections. Because of this characteristic, the waist, back not on the same plane, so do the computer chair, if you put a cushion in the waist pillow, can make the waist to get effective support and maintain the physiological balance of lumbar flexion, lumbar, lumbar muscle pressure, relieve fatigue, increase comfort, prevent and improve lumbar discomfort is good for the stability of the spine
Q:Benefits and functions of car seat cushion
Cool in summer and warm in winterSummer cushion, hollow type, good material, there will be some moisture absorption, but also some of the limbs and the surface of the air will be conducive to circulation, a long time sitting, will not suffer. Winter, needless to say, long hair, short hair, have the effect of heat preservation.
Q:What is the difference between a road bike and a mountain bike?
The cushion of road vehicle is more inclined to light weight, and some highway seat cushions use carbon fiber board for the limit of lightweight, and there is no buffer material such as silica gel, sponge and so on.

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