DDS607series single-phase electronic ammeter

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DDS607 series use digit energy measurement technics and SMT technics. key parts use famous company's components to ensure the reliability and use life. The product has antifraud function to measure AC energy with reference frequency 50Hz or 60Hz.

Type and meaning
Normal operation and installation conditions

1、Specified working temperature range: -25℃~55℃;
2、Limit operation temperature range:-40℃~70℃;
3、Relative humidity less than 85%(under 23℃);
4、No corrosive medium in the air。

product specifications
Main technical parameters

1、Class index:1、2 ;
2、Operation voltage range:0.9Un-1.1Un;
3、Reference frequency:50Hz、60Hz;
4、Power consumption:<1W / 5VA;
5、Conform to GB/T 17215 -2002 (IEC 61036:2000) standard;
6、Good temperature characterstics, keep good accuracy from -25℃ to 55℃;
7、Good accuracy under lower load;
8、High online measure accuracy;
9、 Easy mounting(nothing to do with mounting place);
10、High overload capabality(more than 6 times);
11、No variation after transportation;

Outline and installation dimensions

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Q:What kind of electrical component is this?? From a circuit board.?
Do you see the black bridge marked DF 10S near the fuse, and the VDR marked MOV1 as well? I would suspect either of those to be a POSSIBLE cause of the fuse blowing, because the black bridge can't stand much overvoltage, and the MOV can also go short- circuit because it has done its job, protecting from excess voltages. I say possible, because there could also be a string of other damage. But checking those first would be a start. I think there could also be a PCB track that's been vapourised, leading from the mains to the fuse. The flash seems to be under the board, not under the fuse, and I can't SEE a track there.
Q:?????????What are the consequences of electric short???????????Can the short damage the parts??
It is possible, but not likely. When the short occurs and the amperage flowing through the fuse reaches it's rating, then the fuse opens and protects the circuit from damage. Everything in that circuit is rated above the fuses blowing point, so no damage should occur to the components
Q:How do I know if my ECU is bad? It blows ECU fuse the second I turn on ignition.?
odds are it's not your cpu. Check your engine wiring harness for shorts. Power can go through you ecu, and back out another wire where it shorts out and blows the fuse. Most likely locations to find a short are anywhere the wiring harness is too close to the engineespecially the exhaust manifold. Ultimately I would mark every wire and remove the whole harness from the engine leaving it connected to the ecu, and have a couple of fuses ready. Try the key with the only thing connected being the ECU if the fuse blows it's either your ECU or wiring harness. If not, begin reconnecting the harness one device at a time till you find the one that blows the fuse, and you've found your short, replace that component. If you determine it to be the ECU or wiring harness, you can un tape the harness and look for a burned wire. Failing that replace the ECU.
Q:My car won't start!!!?
Time to put it in a shop to check the starter, wiring the fuel pump.
Q:Is the fuse for the A/C located in the hood fuse box or the interior fuse box?
both fuse boxes will have a/c components, and not just fuses. there are also relays
Q:why dose this fuse keep blowing in my car?
What fuse is it for? Check the line the fuse is for.
Q:Slow draw on battery in my RV - source found!?
STOP,they only list the main componants on that fuse,there may be others,it's best to pull the fuse and see what else dosn't work,to correct the draw.In order for wiring to cause a draw it would have to shorted somewhere,you would have burnt wires,cig lighters usually short out inside that will give you a parasitic draw,but try what i suggested first if nothing else found replace the sig lighter
Q:Where is a 2003 Mazda6 Fuel Pump Fuse and Relay Located?
It is in the fuse box by the drivers left foot. you have to pull the fuse panel off and then the panel that it attaches to. In my car it was the black relay in the front of the fuse box. It isn't marked on the inside of the fuse panel.
Q:2003 dodge grand caravan the park lights wont come on?
when you open the door look on the end of the dash on that van, there's a panel that you remove,there you,ll find the main fuse box for the the inside components and the one for the park lights,good luck.
Q:mercedes 83 300sd fuse for the clock?
If your clock has stopped working in your W126, it is most likely not a fuse problem but instead the clock is broken. Below is a link on a step by step DIY guide on how to fix the clock. Edit: Sorry I couldn't be of help but I could tell if I was back home and took a look under my hood and the fuse box. I am currently on business in Korea and won't be back home until Oct. 3rd. I believe the fuse box label tells you which fuse it is, and fuse is used for other electrical components too. Below I found some more links dealing with the fuses in a W126. Take a look at the link towards the bottom of the page (fuse #13).

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