DCY450 Rubber-tyred Beam Carrier

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Rubber tyred vehicle used to move heavy objects over varying terrain.

It is a highly maneuverable vehicle, each wheel can rotate ±90 degrees allowing the possibility of sideways travel.

Till the year 2011, 90 numbers of transporters with rates over 450 tons have been delivered.


Invention of independent steering suspension system

Rubber-tyred running mechanism and technology;

Lifting and steering systems are driven by hydraulics

Rated loading capacity

80-1000 ton

Min. steering radius


Specific ground contact pressure

0.65MPa ( with load of 900t)  

(wheel pressure: 0.8MPa)


5km/h, full load

10km/h, no load

0.18km/h, inching                  

Grade ability

5% , long slope

4% , cross fall

Running mode

straight drive

diagonal drive

self-slewing and “8”-shape veering.

transversal drive

carousel drive

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Concrete quality control standard gb50164-2011
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No use on the 6th floor, use longmen well frame transportation material

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