Dc21-27V Smd3014 Led Rigid Strip

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$4.64 - 5.26 / pc
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100 Pcs pc
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1000 Pieces Per Day pc/month

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Product Description:

General Introduction

Led rigid strip also known as aluminum led light bar, led light bar aluminum tank, led showcase lamp strip, led jewelry counter light bar.Our company has SMD5050 strip, SMD5630 LED strip, SMD3528 LED strip, SMD2835 LED strip, SMD3014 The light bar, high power led light bar.



Product Power11W
Working VoltageDC21-27V
LED typeSMD3014
LED quantity110PCS
Color Temperature2700-7000K
Lifespan45000 hours
warranty3 years
price for normal qualityusd4.5
price for good qualityUSd5.1


Product Features

1.Butt joint led light bar standard size of 0.5 or 1.0 m.
2.0.5M the LED light bar can be 7 to link up 1.0 m 3 can be connected together in the same
3.Color: warm white, white, red, green, yellow, blue
4.Installation: Fixed
5.Has a small power consumption, generate less heat, no glare, impact resistance and other characteristics. Low-voltage DC 12V power supply, safe and reliable.
6.Angle of 120 degrees.
7.By CE & RoHS certified.
8.Efficient, environmentally friendly, energy saving, no radiation, no glare, no UV and infrared rays on jewelry itself will not cause injury.


Product Application Area

1.Widely used building body contour;
2.Steps, stand, bridges, hotels
3.KTV decorative lighting, architectural decorative lighting, edge lighting decoration, KTV bars decoration, city lighting and other decorative areas
4.Corridor lighting, stair lighting, concealed location lighting, underwater lighting project
5.Bar, shoe racks, ceiling concealed, wardrobes, display cabinets, jewelry counter
6.Billboard production, various large screens, paintings and other places advertising design
7.Car chassis, car inside and outside, high brake decoration, lighting, signs, advertising signs.



Shipping Service

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2-8 business days


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2-10 business days


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6-14 business days


7-12 business days

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14-30 business days

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3-10 business days

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30-40 business days


1.         3-5 business days for Sample Orders; 7-30 business days for Bulk Orders.

2.         "Business days" means Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

3.         DHL and UPS cannot ship to military or P.O. boxes address.

4.         The Shipping Service above is for reference only, for any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


Why choose us?

1.The double gold wire package, good heat dissipation, reducing the light fades, color rendering index greater than 75;

 2 Fully automatic machine welding, solder joints;

3 High thermal conductivity aluminum plate, aluminum plate performance than ordinary provides more than 40%, extending the lifespan

4 To provide high quality OEM and aftermarket

5 Our all products quality products within the warranty period of any quality problems (except human destruction factor) can be replaced or warranty.



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Q:Why does the length of the LED band fade with length?
This doesn't matter where the power is put. Now that the lights are in parallel, the male Street meets up. Too many connections cause excessive power load.
Q:Why is the LED patch band always flashing?
Power supply is not enough, can not often indirect, otherwise the power will burn.
Q:LED what does the band add to change colors?
If it is an ordinary monochromatic light belt, you can not change colorYou can meet the following conditionsYour light belt must be double chip, one is three wire, downstairs brother said, and another is 2 wire
Q:LED lamp with frequency converter burn, what's the matter?
I don't understand. What you mean is that after the LED light is on, the converter is burned. Or after the inverter is turned on, the LED lamp is burned. Whether it is the kind of situation is very normal, because the inverter and the LED lamp are harmonic source, electromagnetic harmonic generation in its work process, is the main cause of the incident, can choose the inverter input special filter, or the input end of special reactors etc. harmonic suppression devices attempt.
Q:LED soft light with color temperature 2400k what do you mean?
LED color temperature parameter is 2400K: color temperature generally press 3000K, warm white 4000K, white 6000K, cold white points.2400k is warm white, too.
Q:What's the light belt? What's the use of the LED light?
LED lamp belt refers to the LED assembly in FPC band (FPC) or PCB hard, because of the shape of the product as a band name. Because of long service life (normal life expectancy of 8~10 hours), green and gradually emerging in all kinds of decoration industry.
Q:LED light is still a weak light after the switch is closed. What is the matter?
LED has normal light after power failure. The solution is...1, with a grounding wire, you can understand?2, test pencil, measure will be changed to FireWire, FireWire disconnection switch circuit3, in the case of unprofessional, use method 1
Q:Which is better, low voltage LED belt and high voltage LED lamp?
If the application can be any contact in the clothes cupboard, jewelry counters, kitchen cabinets and so on places where children, for security reasons, the best choice for low pressure led lights, in addition, low voltage lamp with life in general than the high pressure lamp with high 10000 to 20000 hours, please according to the actual demand, choose a suitable for your lights, recommended to choose low voltage lamp with photon LED lighting, the quality is very good, even if the leakage is not in any danger.
Q:How long should the length of the KBL608 rectifier band be connected to the LED lamp band?
L single LED work voltage is generally between 3.0v-3.6V, a select 3.3V, such as KBL output voltage is 36V, then 36 divided by 3.3, about 11, then the single LED series number should be selected 11
Q:What kind of material does the light belt have?
The band refers to the LED lamp with a special process welding on copper or ribbon flexible circuit board, and then connected to the power supply light, because of its luminous shape such as a light band named.

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