DBW/SBW series High Power Compensation Single Three Phase Voltage Stabilizer

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Principle & Characteristics

This product is designed and developed with the international advanced compensation technology.It can keep the output voltage in steady state automatically when the network voltage fluctuated or the load current varied, which can ensure the consumer run smoothly. It has the advantage of large capacity、high efficiency、no waveform distortion、simple operation and maintenance、reliable running、full- capacity output under tower input voltage if compared with other voltage stabilizer. It is provided with over-voltage、over-current、phase sequence and so on protection function.

Scope of Application

It is suitable for electric supply in small-sized plant、workshop and department in middle、large-sized mining enterprise, it can be widely used in the precision machine tool、precision instrument,test device、elevator、imported electromechanical device、production flow-line in the mining enterprise、oil field、railway、building site、school、hospital、hotel、scientific research department and so on, it is also suitable for the user in the LV electric network end with low power voltage and big wave range

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Q:Car radio dead after replacing battery?
If you pull the radio out of the dash a little way,there is usually an inline fuse on the hot wire going into radio.I doubt you ruined your radio.You more than likely blew the fuse in the line.
Q:What would cause RPM and fuel level gauge on 1999 Mitsubishi Galant not to work?
Double check the fuse box. You may have checked the fuse that list the gauges, but there could be a second fuse running those 2 gauges. It might be listed under the fuse but behind some other components that that fuse also runs. If not, I would pull and check all fuses in case they didn't list it right. Also there maybe a second fuse/relay box under the hood. Check that too.
Q:Rear AC not working, 2000 Chevy Tahoe?
Should be in the blower itself, not the actuators. What you can do is get a short finder so you dont have to keep replacing 30A fuses, but unplug the relay in the back for the blower motor see if the short is before the rear HVac or inside the rear HVAC. If it doesnt blow then insert the relay unplug the blower itself see if it is the problem. Maybe it or a short in the wiring somewhere
Q:How to install interior neons to a fuse?
Well, what I would do in your situation is take out a fuse that turns off with the car (ie: radio, window regulator). You can use a add-a-fuse attachment that splices into the wire to connect the positive end, or simply take the positive end (heavily stripped and primed of course), wrap it around one of the metal pieces of the fuse and shove it back in. Then simply ground it to nut or bolt nearby. You might have to repeat this on a couple of different fuses, because this probably won't fit with two wires coming out of one fuse. Then all you have to do is worry about concealing the power wire, but this will be no problem.
Q:Fuse Rating Inscription: is F2A 250v same With F2AL 250v?
F2al250v Fuse
Q:what does an fuse between a battery and a motor do?What should it do to my Airsoft gun?
A fuse is just like a wire with a little resistance. When it gets hot it melts. What that does for a motor, is when it's drawing to much amperage it will blow the fuse before it blows a motor. Chances are if they didn't put one in there already you don't need one. Little motors will burn out if they get jammed, but it usually takes a while. :o)
Q:break lights dont work. ?
It's not very likely that both bulbs would go out at the same time so check the fuse first, then the brake pedal switch, also check to see if any other components are malfunctioning as sometimes the brake fuse covers other items, although ti's not likely to be the bulbs it's worth checking them. But I would bet it's the brake pedal switch.
Q:What would have made my 92 Honda Accord lose it's pwr ant, lighter, rear defrost & dome light all at once? TY
my first thought was fuses, but since you changed them, my second thought is the computer box. some auto store offer free computer checks. also some store sell computer checking systems. you just gotta get the right one for your car
Q:why did i lose my dash lights on my ford escape?
check the fuses one may have blown. if so change it and see if it blows again. if this happens, take the instrument cluster back out and check for a pinched or naked wire
Q:mercedes 83 300sd fuse for the clock?
Simply look at the fuse box and it will tell you what fuse and the power of the fuse to use.

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