DBW SBW Compensated Voltage Stabilizer

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DBW SBW compensated voltage stablilizer is a contact adjustable automatic voltage compen-sation high-power regulating power device. When voltage from supply network is varied or dueto loading current effect, it automatically regulates the output voltage to ensure the normal func-tion of the varied of electric equipments.


Input voltageSingle phase: 220V; Three phases: 380V
Output voltageSingle phases: 220V±20% or 220V±30%
Three phases four-line: 380V±20% or 380V±30%
PhaseSingle phase; Three phases four-line
Responsewithin 1 sec.(against 10% input voltage deviation)
EfficiencyBetter than 95%
Ambient temperature-10oC~+40oC
WaveformNon-lack fidelity waveform
Insulation restortionBetter than 5MΩ
OverloadDouble rated current, one min
ProtectionOvervoltage, overcurrent, feed phases

3. Outline and packing

DBW-20K2070 x 50 x 1352831
DBW-30K3070 x 50 x 1353101
DBW-40K4070 x 50 x 1353301
DBW-50K5080 x 60 x 1503601
DBW-60K6080 x 60 x 1503801
DBW-70K7080 x 60 x 1501001
DBW-80K8090 x 70 x 1704301
DBW-100K10090 x 70 x 1704801
SBW-50K5080 x 62 x 1353501
SBW-60K6080 x 62 x 1353701
SBW-100K11085 x 52 x 1504201
SBW-150K150100 x 72 x 1705501
SBW-180K180100 x 72 x 1705701
SBW-200K200100 x 72 x 1706301
SBW-225K225110 x 80 x 1806601
SBW-250K250110 x 80 x 2007001
SBW-300K300110 x 80 x 2107401
SBW-320K320110 x 80 x 2107601
SBW-400K400110 x 80 x 210/211002
SBW-500K500110 x 80 x 210/215002
SBW-600K600110 x 80 x 210/222002
SBW-800K80085 x 100 x 220/328003
SBW-1000K100085 x 100 x 220/335003
SBW-1200K120085 x 100 x 220/341003
SBW-1600K1600110 x 110 x 220/455604
SBW-2000K2000110 x 110 x 220/471004

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Q:What are the malfunctions and abnormal operation of the transformer?
Transformer failure: can be divided into the tank failure and tank failure. Fuel tank failure: a short circuit between the windings, short-circuit between the turns, direct grounding system side winding short circuit. Outside the tank failure: There is a short circuit between the casing and the lead wire and the ground short circuit (direct grounding system side). Transformer is not working properly: there are external faults caused by over-current, overload, oil level and due to over-voltage or frequency caused by over-excitation and so on. Line fault: phase short circuit (including three-phase short circuit, two-phase short circuit), two-phase ground short circuit, single-phase ground short circuit, transmission line disconnection.
Q:Why is the transformer coil insulation?
It is easy to understand because the transformer is used in different environments, according to different insulation level selection, can extend the life of the transformer
Q:Transformer Transformer Principle
The transformer is a high-pressure water (electricity); outlet is a low-pressure water (electricity)! Transform pressure is buck! Reverse can also! Pool to increase the pump Change the high pressure water! Transformers to replace the iron! Like low-pressure water sealed water tank at the bottom of the high-pressure water! Understand it! Haha! I as a lecturer?
Q:1000KVA transformer power loss is how much
It depends on its kind of transformer oil-immersed transformer or dry, 1000KVA dry-type transformer no-load loss of about 1.5% to fill the load loss of 3%, oil-immersed transformer no-load loss of about 3% to fill the load loss of 5% The above is just for reference, because each manufacturer has a difference.
Q:TN-S system in the transformer side pe line and n-line neutral point how to take
In the transformer side of the PE line and N line are connected to the transformer shell conductive part. TN-S for the power neutral point directly grounded electrical equipment exposed conductive part of the zero line through the grounding of the zero protection system, N for the work of the zero line, PE for the protection of the ground wire, that is, equipment connected to the PE housing.
Q:Transformer three-phase imbalance which harm
There is no obvious harm to the transformer, but will limit the capacity of the transformer can not get 100% play. For example, A-phase current close to the transformer rated current, B, C-phase current only 10% of the rated current, but then the transformer can no longer take any three-phase power equipment, limiting the capacity of the transformer.
Q:Why the provisions of the maximum temperature of the provisions of the transformer 65 °?
Most big oil temperature increased load, the transformer internal fault, there is lack of oil performance security risks. So we do need to limit oil temperature and protection tripping. Small capacity (630KVA less and outdoor) often do not have the oil temperature protection. I have the original table 800KVA overload (secondary current 1500A), top oil temperature to over 90 degrees ......
Q:How to use transformer 10 in DC circuit
DC circuit using the transformer, first of all to DC into AC (switch conversion), that is, with switching power supply. For switching power supplies, it is recommended to purchase finished DC-DC modules. Select the appropriate DC-DC module according to the required voltage and current.
Q:The main transformer is chosen in principle
Transformer selection, you can refer to the following, but still according to the actual production needs! 1, the number of transformers to determine    (1), the number of main transformer to determine the principle is to ensure the reliability of power supply. When one of the following conditions is met, two or more transformers shall be installed.    ①, there are a lot of first-class load and although the secondary load but need to set from the security (such as fire, etc.).    ②, when the seasonal load changes greatly.    ③, when the load is large.    For large-scale hub substation, according to the specific circumstances of the project can be installed 2 to 4 main transformer.    When installing multiple transformers, it is appropriate to group the transformer according to the characteristics and changes of the load in order to flexibly switch the corresponding transformer group. Transformers should be operated in the sorted manner. Transformer low-voltage outlet of the neutral and neutral ground wire should be laid separately. For the convenience of testing, in the ground circuit, close to the transformer to do a removable connection device.    (2), the general three-level load or capacity is not too much power and lighting should be a load with only one transformer.    (3), when any of the following circumstances, can be dedicated transformer    ①, when the lighting load is large or power and lighting using a common transformer seriously affect the lighting quality and lamp life, can be set for lighting special transformer.    ②, single single-phase load is large, should be set single-phase transformer.    ③, the impact of a larger load, seriously affect the power quality, can be set for shock load special transformer.    ④, when the seasonal load (such as air conditioning equipment, etc.) about the total load of the project 1/3 and above, it is appropriate to configure a dedicated transformer.
Q:Transformer 1KVA can load how much security, how to calculate the formula
You only give a parameter, that is, KVA, you have to give two dollars to count

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