DAYUN CGC4252(N8E lightweight)

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Adopting 6×4 driving type, equipped with Weichai WP10 series diesel engine, various models of FAST gearbox and  Hande axles, Dayun N8E series tractor truck CGC4252 achieves domestic first-class level and also enjoys comfort of Euro-type cab.

1、European driving cab
The European large cab is ergonomically designed and comfortable. It enables the cab to bear over 50% impact by means of
adopting all-metal frame, bird's nest structure design, domestic pioneering energy-absorbing bumper and four-point suspension structure. The designs all enable the cab’s safety and comfort.

2、Spacious and comfortable sleeper design
Spacious sleeper in the cab and thickened sleeper pad enable the cab to be more comfortable for rest. Good sleeper fabric
texture makes it more dirt resistant and durable. The fixing structure of upper bunk becomes more reasonable, the sleeper support and safety protection device are increased and the fixed mode of the sleeper sunshade is also improved.

3、Multi-bit precise-controlled instrument panel
An adjustable LED five-level circulation background lamp is used. The indicator indicates precise reading and self-testing
can guarantee smooth operation.

4、Automatic Cruise Control System
The user can freely set driving speed and keep driving at fixed speed. The intelligent setting can reduce oil consumption
and enhance driving stability.

1、Weichai Power
Weichai engine is designed with the new bypass valve pressurizer, to improve the working efficiency under low speed. The
new engine can increase the low-speed torque by about 12% and reduce the oil consumption by 10%- 15% with the oil calibration of the oil spraying pump in the low-speed area. Weichai engine has reliable quality and long lifetime, which make driving more comfortable in effective and economical way.

2、Hande axle
Shaanxi Hande axles are fully optimized. The axle housing is completely thickened and its work section height is increased.
A new quenching technology is applied to the whole half housing, so the whole bending-resistance capability of the driving axle is improved by about 30%. The new quenching technology can enhance gear strength and eliminate possible gear collision.

3、Fast gearbox
Equipped with the heavy automobile transmission which applied American Eaton technology from Shaanxi Fast. Its novel and
advanced design eases gear switching and also improves the bearing capability which is more stable than its predecessor.

4、Drive shaft with Benz technology
The optimized Benz commercial car drive shaft improves the gear shape of the spline and strengthens the gear root. The
sliding fork is upgraded and improved. The spline shaft is optimized to match the spline cover. The new end gear drive improves bearing on the connection flange. The new nylon painting technology improves the bearing status of the working drive shaft, reduces drive impact and completely reduces internal wearing loss.

Dayun automobile is equipped with the equal-work section and high-break work section twist- resisting and bending-resisting frame. The bending-resisting capability of the truck’s longitudinal beam and round girder is also strengthened by using the Stery technology.

CGC4252Main Technical Parameters
Curb Weight(kg)7900
Gross Vehicle Weight(kg)25000
Max. Gradeability(%)21
Engine TypeWP10.340NE32(Extensible:WP10 series)
Engine ManufacturerWeichai
Driving Type6X4
Driving Axle Type13T single reduction tandem rear axle(automatic adjusting arm, with ABS)
Overall Dimensions(mm)6855×2496×3515
Main EquipmentsWeichai power、Fast gearbox(12JSD160TA)、5.5T front axle、13T rear axle、Hydraulic steering、Pneumatic clutch、Cab assembly(high-roof, N8E series)、Pneumatic front and rear drum brake、Plastic battery box cover、Lightened bumper

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Q:What lights should the tractor and the tractor turn on when the car goes out of order and needs traction?
Emergency lights, 1 to 2 meters there is your brakes and steering system must be normal ~ ~ otherwise, recommended.
Q:Is there any change in the payload quality of the tractor on the new traffic law?
Three axle car limit 30 tons, four axle car limit 40 tons, five axis and five axle to get on the train limit 55 tons.The problem of front and rear axles is not specified, and only the number of axles is limited.
Q:What do you pay attention to used natural gas traction vehicles?
The hood and fender, windshield density or engine gap left is consistent, whether there is the original car paint; open the hood is baked inside to see traces of paint. Then from the engine before the file (i.e. I-beam above the water tank should be a circular spot) is the traces of these places to view two medial collateral beam two beam below the engine body or commonly known as "Gui"; waterproof tape is smooth; check the water tank, cold state, powder, is not the rusted unknown oil, should also look at the line inside the cabin is neat. There should be only two buses coming out of the battery. Generally speaking, the sound is clear and the rhythm is strong is a good machine.
Q:Who knows the price of all kinds of homemade 6 * 6 tractors?
China truck Steyr truck chassis 6x6, protection type, look at the picture, the largest to the Yellow River 10x10 all wheel drive trucks have, you can find your local heavy truck dealers asked with the price, I saw a truck drove full price table, 6x6 truck remember no more than 500 thousand specific, you still consult your local dealer.
Q:What is the difference between and the flatbed trailer
CNG to almost, especially in summer, air-conditioning is even worse, LNG no problem, equivalent to diesel
Q:How do I drive the tractor?
The tractor is going forward, just like the regular car. Just turn it into the Bay and turn it up.
Q:How much horsepower is the horsepower of a 30 ton refrigerated truck or semi-trailer?
The J6 is the commercial vehicle of FAW independent research and development, has the characteristics of economy, reliability, engine power, safety and comfort is high power, low noise, fuel consumption than the same type of vehicle 2-3 liters per hundred kilometers. Specific depends on what kind of model you buy, different models of torque output is different (engine torque is the engine from the crankshaft...
Q:Which is the main drive of the dual drive tractor?
The J6 is the commercial vehicle of FAW independent research and development, has the characteristics of economy, reliability, engine power, safety and comfort is high power, low noise, fuel consumption than the same type of vehicle 2-3 liters per hundred kilometers.
Q:What's the difference between a large truck and a tractor?
Tractors are tow goods. They can be goods shelves, cargo racks, cylinder racks, etc.. A mechanical device that provides power only and does not have the goods in place.
Q:When all the trains are turned back, it is necessary to avoid a larger angle between the tractor and the trailer. Why is it wrong?
The car and the trailer are 180 degrees in a straight line, and if you bend the car a little bit, the angle will be greater than 180 degrees, of course, the maximum is not even 360 degrees. Unless they are separated and together, it is 360 degrees, avoiding larger angles!

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