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The Mixer Series DYX5250Main Technical Parameters
Announcement ModelDYX5250GJB38WPD3BDYX5250GJB41WPD3B
Chassis TypeCGC3250PA38WPD3B 
CabEuropean luxury cab assembly(low-roof, single bunk),air conditioner, skylight , steering wheel adjustment (four directions)
Engine TypeWeichai WP10.336 / WP10.300 high pressure common rail diesel engine(336/300ps)
Clutch430 diaphragm spring clutch
GearboxFast RT11509C(9 gears)
Front AxleSTR 7.5T front axle
Rear AxleHande 13T /16T double reduction steel rear axle(ratio:4.8/5.73)
Emission StandardsEuro III
Overall Dimensions(mm)9020x2490x3900  9480x2490x3900
Wheelbase(mm)3800+1350  4100+1350
Gross Vehicle Weight(kg)25000
Rated Load(kg)13050
Max. Speed(km/h)80
Front Overhang/Rear Overhang(mm)1430/18001430/2600

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Q:How can cement be removed from the cement truck?
When the concrete concrete mixer truck fails, if it is not timely, the mixing tank can be cleaned out
Q:Haukka H7 bulk cement tank vehicle ten cubic air compressor
1, screw type air compressor mainframe from the world's best compressor manufacturer, through the host manufacturer and close technical combination, to achieve system matching optimization design;2 、 key accessories to select the best suppliers around the world;
Q:How to clean the cement dust on the surface of automobile
Cement cement solidified on the surface of the paint has a corrosive effect and will destroy the surface paint. The best way to clean it is to rinse it for the first time.
Q:How do you deal with the cement board hitting the corner?
1, demoulding, lifting may cause damage. 2, the pouring of the floating pulp did not touch the surface to deal with, concentrated in the corner
Q:Start with the cement mixer
Now if you run the car business settlement is relatively good, according to the monthly average earn 20 thousand here in Shanghai so far, 2 to 3 years can then principal, is the net, although large one-time investment, but considering the car is under warranty, this kind of vehicle used in harsh environment, a lot of little small disease, late to buy second-hand the car will be greater investment.
Q:How do I get rid of the cement spots on the paint?
Take the watering can to spray the cement, white vinegar, 3-5 minutes out of the bank card gently shovel, the cement blocks off, followed by neutral washing liquid in spray paint on the white vinegar wash on the line, the recovery effect is 100%, without any residual cement.
Q:Has the cement mixer been mixed in the jar?
Yes, the mixer only prevents concrete that has been stirred from freezing and segregation
Q:What is the scientific name of a cement grouting truck?
The pump body is mounted on the automobile chassis, and then equipped with telescopic or bent cloth rods to form a pump truck. Concrete pump truck is modified on truck chassis. It is equipped with motion and power transmission device, pumping and mixing device, cloth device and other auxiliary devices on the chassis. The power of the concrete pump truck engine power is transmitted to the hydraulic pump or rear axle through the power transfer case, push the piston to drive the hydraulic pump concrete pump. Then use the pump cloth on the rod and delivery pipe, the concrete delivery to a certain height and distance.
Q:Ash handling procedure for ash tank of bulk cement truck
When the vehicle is repaired and needs to be tested, the driver shall be driven by the qualified personnel, and the vehicle shall not be manned or carried. When the test is needed on the road, the test license issued by the traffic administration shall be attached.13, when parked on the ramp, parking should be hung on the reverse downhill, uphill parking should be hung on a triangular wedge, and should be used as tire plugged.
Q:What's the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of the bulk cement truck around 30 tons? How much is the insurance?
Only these things together to determine your fuel consumption, the general theory of fuel consumption of 310 is 12 liters!

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