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The Mixer Series DYX5250Main Technical Parameters
Announcement ModelDYX5250GJB38WPD3BDYX5250GJB41WPD3B
Chassis TypeCGC3250PA38WPD3B 
CabEuropean luxury cab assembly(low-roof, single bunk),air conditioner, skylight , steering wheel adjustment (four directions)
Engine TypeWeichai WP10.336 / WP10.300 high pressure common rail diesel engine(336/300ps)
Clutch430 diaphragm spring clutch
GearboxFast RT11509C(9 gears)
Front AxleSTR 7.5T front axle
Rear AxleHande 13T /16T double reduction steel rear axle(ratio:4.8/5.73)
Emission StandardsEuro III
Overall Dimensions(mm)9020x2490x3900  9480x2490x3900
Wheelbase(mm)3800+1350  4100+1350
Gross Vehicle Weight(kg)25000
Rated Load(kg)13050
Max. Speed(km/h)80
Front Overhang/Rear Overhang(mm)1430/18001430/2600

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Q:What's the difference between a concrete mixer and a tanker?
Concrete mixer, also known as concrete mixer, also called concrete truck, which is not the same name, in fact, is a kind of thing.
Q:How can I cement the cement jar into the cement truck?
The cement powder of the tank truck is sucked out of the cement powder by suction pump and sent to the storage tank.
Q:How can cement be removed from the cement truck?
So, do you know how to clean the concrete in the emergency and mix the concrete in the truck? Here is an emergency cleaning method for cement concrete in transit trucks
Q:What's the big revolving pot behind the cement car?
Powered by two type chassis taking full power output through the drive shaft transmits power to the hydraulic pump, hydraulic pump hydraulic tubing through to the hydraulic motor, the hydraulic motor of the hydraulic energy into kinetic energy and the reducer torque delivered to the mixing tank, by adjusting (double acting variable) handle angle servo hydraulic pump in order to achieve the rotation direction and speed of stirring tank size, in order to achieve concrete loading, mixing, stirring and discharging operation.
Q:The working principle of cement watering car?
Power is two hydraulic cylinders, to promote the two plunger pump, plunger pump caliber about 200 mm, with a yellow polyurethane seal ring, seal section of about 30 mm square.Use up and down two diameter about 50 millimeters, more than one meter long column, push height about 300 millimeters, length is slightly less than one meter, thickness about 80 mm metal valve, switch two plunger pump feed and discharge.In fact, common concrete pumps come in dozens of sizes.
Q:The cement has been stirring in the cement truck, so why does not it solidify?
Cement mixer is also called concrete tank car.
Q:The cement truck has no reverse gear
The length of the trunk, the configuration level, did not say how to give you accurate prices? After 5.8 meters, the eight wheel, 340 horsepower, three cars, 300 thousand or so, 336 countries, four, 31, 5 or so, can reduce the large box configuration,
Q:Is the pump man in the cement factory vertical kiln shop a dump worker?
There are special jobs in the cement industry:The crane industry, feed industry, drying machine, material poking roller, rotary kiln, clinker cooling machine, clinker transport industry, repair kiln bricklaying, coal grinder, grinder, grinding cement cement powder, cement, cement machine installed contractor industry, shipping industry, shipping human human ingredients industry, the shaft kiln discharging. Kiln industry, raw materials, ball grinder and other twenty types.
Q:Cement cleaning in the car, how to clean the most clean?
Can you curl it up or knock it off?. There's no way to dissolve it!
Q:Cement pump car cover new house quality is good, or with artificial cement irrigation house, good quality
The cement pump will directly pour the cement concrete to the construction site. A person can operate, and manual operation requires many people to match, if it is pouring the roof board, easy to cause trample floor reinforcement net, cause deformation, influence quality.

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