D86K insett-type three-phase ammeter

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D86K is the same to D86 series except for the mounting dimensions and wiring methods. the ammeters are used in distribution panel and box.

Type and meaning
Technical parameters

1、Meters conform to GB/T 15283 -1994 and GB/T 15282-1994 standards.
2、Meters can be made into types: direct wiring and CT/PT wiring;
3、Can be made into special meters according customer’s requirements (different frequency, voltage, current specifications etc.)
4、Power consumption:actiD86K is the same to D86 series except for the installation dimensions and wiring methods. the ammeters are used in distribution panel and box.ve power consumption of voltage circuit less than 2W(under reference conditions)
5、Dielectric properties:1.2/50µs wave,peak value:6kV, no damage permitted under 10 times test. meter can withstand 2kV(circuit to earth, under 45~65Hz,1 minute)。

Outline and installation dimensions
Type and specification

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Q:vw passt 97?
sounds as it those components run of the same fuse check fuses and i bet you will find a bad fuse if so replace the fuse with the same size it it blows again then you have a confirmed there is a short somewheres at which point i recommend taking it to a repair shop to get checked out as for the radio call a VW dealer they probably will be more than willing to tell you how to go about this.
Q:series circuit experiments - shorted component?
there are many kinds of resistors. fixed carbon resistors have a wattage rating. if you exceed the wattage (may be dangerous) the resistor will heat up excessively and burn. it stops burning when it is physically broken and cannot continue to conduct electricity (or blows the fuse). this then creates an open circuit. open circuits are commonly misnamed short circuits. a short circuit happens when the electricity in a circuit takes a shorter (or different) path than the circuit was designed. this may burn out a circuit component, then you will have an open circuit. does this make sense?
Q:wich pc component is dead?
i think your psu is dead as the monitor takes the direct power and does not affects your psu
Q:I've blown a fuse in my computer power supply. Help ?
Two things seem likely. 1. You've created a short circuit somewhere 2. Your mod is trying to draw more current than your power supply can provide
Q:Why does the output voltage drop when a load is applied?
Usually this kind of trouble arises due to weak capacitors. Check / replace capacitors.
Q:Can a 20 amp fuse be used for a 7.5 amp transformer?
If you put a 20 amp fuse to variac which burns a 7.5 ampere fuse which was originally installed, your variac might burn.
Q:Honda Metropolitan Fuse Schematic?
The honda dealer parts dept can look up schematic 4 - you
Q:2004 Hyundai Santa Fe Radio problem.?
The radio has a second fuse for memory, although it is used by other components so you would notice that worth a second look though! Check all the fuses with a lest light or a volt meter, if they're all are ok then its likely your radio, they are rather problematic
Q:What's the most common component effected by electrical surges?
Typically the power supply. Sometimes as simple as a blown fuse, other times it can wreck the transformer, bridge, regulation circuits and of course resistors etc. Check fuses first.
Q:What are FIVE circuit components.?
Connect one side of the Power Source through the Fuse to one of the Switch terminals. Connect the other Switch terminal to one side of the Load. Connect the other side of the Load to the remaining terminal on the Power Supply. I trust this is what you're looking foryou weren't very specific.

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