D86 series three-phase meters

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Three phase the meters are used to measure active or reactive energy of three-phase circuit with refrence frequency 50Hz or 60Hz. DT862、DT864、DS862、DS864 are three-phase active meters,DX862、DX864、DX865、DX863 are three-phase reactive meters.

Technical parameters

1、Meters conform to GB/T 15283-1994 and GB/T 15282-1994 standards (IEC521-1998).
2、Meters can be made into types: direct wiring and CT/PT wiring;
3、Can be made into special meters according customer’s requirements (different frequeny, voltage, current specifications etc.)
4、Power consumption:active power consumption of voltage circuit less than 2W(under reference conditions)
5、Dielectric properties:1.2/50µs wave,peak value:6kV, no damage permitted under 10 times test. meter can withstand 2kV(circuit to earth, under 45~65Hz,1 minute)。

Outline and installation dimensions
Type and specification
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Before order you should fill out the type,specification and quantities. if you have special requirement please negotiate with manufacturer.

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Q:What would cause RPM and fuel level gauge on 1999 Mitsubishi Galant not to work?
Double check the fuse box. You may have checked the fuse that list the gauges, but there could be a second fuse running those 2 gauges. It might be listed under the fuse but behind some other components that that fuse also runs. If not, I would pull and check all fuses in case they didn't list it right. Also there maybe a second fuse/relay box under the hood. Check that too.
Q:Amps - Electrical question for my PC Power Supply ?
Buy a surge protector that can handle more current draw than you expect to use. The surge protector limits the voltage from the line, in the event of a lightning strike nearby. If you have a faulty load (computer?) that tries to draw too much current, the fuse in your computer (plug) should pop. If the load says 10A, and the surge protector delivers 10A max, you've got no room to add another peripheral.
Q:How to fix electric central heater?
find out what kw the heat strip is. there should only be about four screws holding it in and a plug for the wiring. not hard to replace if you can buy one.
Q:how to use fuse in circuit?
I'd use two. One in the primary of the transformer, in series with the hot lead. If you don't know which is hot, use two, one in series with each lead. Probably 1/4 amp would do. The one in the secondary, you already have marked on the schematic. Make sure it is a slo-blo type (slow blow) otherwise when the supply is first turned on, the charging current into C1 will pop it. Note that the overvoltage circuit depends on the fuse. edit: should i connect the wires to it? huh? how else do you put it into the circuit. You have little chance of ever getting this working, given this. Just as a clue: all components have terminals, 2,3,4, possibly more. You connect them into the circuit by connecting wires to each one.
Q:What can cause an outlet fuse to blow?
Each component that you plug into the outlet should have an ID plate stating the watts (power) or the VA (volt-amps) [same thing]. The total should not exceed 1500 Watts. I would guess that the outlet (receptacle) is a standard two slot outlet (handles two plugs only). If it has the 2 straight flat blade (vertical) one shorter than the other, it is rated for 1500 watts (15amps of current). If both of these flat blade slots have a horizontal slot (notch) in the middle of each blade, it is for 2000 watts or 20 Amps of currant. It sounds like you are using a power strip of some sort (most are switched with a red pilot light and maybe even a 15 amp breaker as protection). Of course the wiring to that outlet should be 12/2 AWG wire and the fuse or breaker should be 20 Amps. Again the maximum load should be no more than 2000 watts total. (About the same as a space heater). If you total up the ID plates of each electrical appliance you have connected you will find that over a long period of time if you are running pretty close to that limit and the fuse or breaker gets tired. Heat is the culprit. You total up the watts of the hdd, two monitors and maybe the stereo (PA). I don't think your printer or external hard drive draw that much. Also you should have room around your equipment for ventilation. Good Luck - I hope this helps.
Q:Broken T.v?
There are any number of components to cause a tv to go dead. First off, you probably blew a fuse, but what caused it to blow? Anything in the power supply or horizontal output circuit can do this (most likely) .Then again, it may only be the fuse. But I think you'll need to bring it in for repairs, 10 months old should actually be under warranty. I doubt very much that your picture tube caused this!!
Q:During the formation of a star, two reactions take place.?
The mass you use in Emc^2 is the difference in mass between the fused atom and it's components. For example in (A) your mass (that is converted to energy) is 3.01550 - (2.01355+1.00728) 0 If you want to know why then look up mass defect
Q:Electricity in the home Components of the main please help me!!!?
components are: circuit breaker aka MCB circuit breaker box aka distribution panel aka Consumer unit wire of various sizes wire staples outlets switches lights (permanent mounted in ceiling or wall) Parts attached to the appliance, not part of the mains plug wire and the various tools used to put it all together.
Q:why did my blinkers, brake light, and gauges stop working on my kawasaki kz1000?
Because it spent all that time in the ocean after the tsunami
Q:smog test: what are reasons for engine check on?
those reasons will not trigger the light. it can be anything from a loose gas cap to severe catalytic converter damage. pull the codes and see where the issue is.

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