D8020 DTV-Hardware Professional Level Receiver

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D8020   DTV-Hardware Professional Level Receiver













Designed to fulfill the market demands of head-end programs decoding and satellites receiving, the standalone device EMR-D8020 is introduced. Sumavision dedicates to deliver price performance balanced, professional level receiver/decoder solution to operators all over the world. Two separate CAM cards can be inserted in charge of satellite receiving and decrypting scrambled signals. It is an ideal device for operators to fulfill the functions like head-end side monitoring, or adapting.

The EMR-D8020 supports stream inputs including DVB-S/S2, ASI, IP and so on, and output support ASI and TS over IP. In addition the decoding output option has HD-SDI, CVBS, YPbPr, HDMI, Analog Audio,AES/EBU Audio and the decoding input function supports FRAME_SYNC. EMR-D8020 is a powerful and easily controlled device, representing  high performance and efficiency. It is a wise choice for operators to build the completed head end system.


● Various Interfaces includes all stream formats (ASI, DVB-S/S2, IP)
● DVB-C/S/S2 (DVB-C, DVB-T, DS3/E3, E1 cards for optional choice) signal input
● Support both MPEG2 & H.264 decoding
● Support MUX selected programs from any input port to any output ports
● Decoding programs from ASI, DVB-S/S2 or IP stream
● Two CAM card slots for satellite receiving module , both DVB-CI and BISS mode supported
● Adapting. Any format of ASI, DVB-S/S2, IP input adapt to ASI, IP output
● Support closed caption & teletext, DVB-Subtitle
● Support FRAME_SYNC, synchronized decoding input
● Dual channel audio decoding (can be extended to 4,6,8 channels audio decoding)


10K511 is a broadcasting-level and high density IP QAM (Edge QAM) Modulator which designed for broadcasting MPEG video over IP networks. It can be applied at any node of the system in the head-end, hub head-end and small area optical trunk network to realize data receiving, routing, multiplexing, scrambling, modulating, up-converting in Gigabit Ethernet for MPEG over IP. It can be widely used for  cable digital television broadcasting and digital television VOD system.

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Q:Haier TV le48a700k how to connect high-definition set-top boxes radio and television
Haier TV le48a700k method for connecting radio and TV set top box:1, first, the cable signal line (white) is connected to the signal input port of the backboard of the set-top box;2 and then connect the set-top boxes and TVs with audio lines and video lines [audio, red and white], video lines (yellow), and corresponding colors.Attached: audio and video cable    If set-top boxes and televisions are high definition, you can also use high-definition multimedia interface line (HDMI line) to connect the TV and HD set-top box HDMI interface.Attached: high definition multimedia interface line    
Q:The set-top boxes are unable to receive signals
Most of the items moved, so that the cable terminal box to the set-top box part of the antenna loose,
Q:Digital TV set-top box and LED TV connection problem: set-top box has AV three wire interface
The general set-top box has a normal AV output interface and color interface, and no HDMI high-definition interface, the best color line use the attached connection, then the audio output is connected to the TV and video color the same set of audio input interface with the audio line, to better effect than ordinary AV.
Q:What kinds of set-top boxes are available?
According to the standard, they can be divided into digital satellite set-top boxes (DVB-S), European digital terrestrial set-top boxes (DVB-T), GB digital terrestrial set-top boxes (DTMB) and cable TV digital set top boxes (DVB-C).
Q:The set-top box can not open the machine for British Fick.
What you describe is a system problem, and you can solve it by yourself
Q:How to use the network set-top box can be installed tejet watch live TV
If the system is Android can, you can go to the next line can be installed on the APK tejet. But now many of them are directly built in the Czech Republic and Thailand, super nuclear SONE is such.
Q:Where is the smart card number of the set-top box?
Smart Card: a generic name for a plastic card (usually the size of a credit card) embedded in microchips. Some smart cards contain a microelectronic chip, and the smart card requires data interaction through the reader.
Q:Network TV set-top boxes suddenly difficult to use, what should I do?
First of all, determine your TV settings to see if the output is the same as your set-top box output, AV, HDMI, or VGANext, turn off the power and restart to make sure your set-top box is powered off properly
Q:LCD TV how to use intelligent set-top boxes and wireless router connection?
Method for connecting intelligent set-top box and wireless router:First, the network cable from the router is connected to the network port of the backboard of the set-top box, and the network setting of the set-top box is opened, and the IP address is automatically obtained, and the network is connected successfully.Two, if the set-top box has a wireless network card, you can set up a wireless network, the specific steps are as follows:1) press the "menu" key of the set-top box remote control to find the settings option;2) find [WLAN] in the settings menu and click enter;3) click the [close / open] button on the top right corner of the [WLAN settings] button and click [WLAN];4) Click to open, in [WLAN settings] settings page, there will be a lot of wireless network name, find your own wireless network, click enter;5) enter the wireless router password, general wireless password is 8 bits, if not, in accordance with the wireless router behind the URL logon settings, you can open the wireless network, so that the set-top box is connected to the wireless network.
Q:One machine connected digital set-top boxes?
Haier one machine can be wired directly to the computer, you can watch the program, you put all the drivers installed, there is one can directly search taiwan.

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