Cyclone Bagless Handheld Mini Vacuum Cleaner HEPA

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Product Description:

Basic Info.

Model NO.:HVC-8209L

Application:Dry, Wet and Dry

Feature:Without Bag, With Bag, Water Filtration

Classification:Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Certification:CE, GS, ETL, EMC, SAA,Meps

4 In1: Vacuum&Blow&Handle&Stick:Suction Power(W): 60-150

Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:CE, GS, ETL, EMC, SAA, MEPS


Product Description

4IN1 Real Cyclone Bagless Handheld Mini Vacuum Cleaner 


Input power: 400W-1000W
Airflow(m3/min): 1-1.5
Vacuum(Kpa): 11-19
Noise(Dba)≤ 78
Dust cup capacity: 0.6L
Suction power(W): 60-150
Cable Length(Total): 3.5-order
Filter system(stage): 5
4 in1: Vacuum&blow&handle&stick
Washable HEPA filter for easy cleaning
Really cyclone style, bagless can suction 100% full
Metal telescopic stick+detachable handle
With manual cord rewinder
Transparent dust tank

Product Size: 410X165x185mm                                                                                                            


 Carton Size: 425x340x390mm                                                                                                                          

N.G/W.: 9/10 KGS                                                                                                                                                                       LOAD CAPACITY:                                                                                                                              




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Q:do you hate vacuum cleaners?
It's good that you get out of the housekeepers way. We have only three rooms with carpet. The rest is wood. My husband vaccums, mops and dusts the floors. I haven't touched a vacuum in over 5 years. But yes, they are annoying.
Q:When did Amish people stop using elephants as vacuum cleaners?
Due to the difficulty to empty the vaccum bags. The elephants got constipated and died. No matter how often you tell the kids to clean their toys off the floor because the elephants are going to come through, they never really did.
Q:Are the kirby Vacuum cleaners really a good investment?
We bought a used 'ninety 4 Kirby in 1996. We paid $4 hundred. for it. i admire the effective suction, in spite of the undeniable fact that it additionally comes with drawbacks. right here are my evaluations approximately this Kirby: a million. i do no longer in common terms like the cost of changing the filters (they're approximately $8. a bag and in common terms have 3 bags in a kit. 2. this is not consumer-friendly to alter from vacuum to using the hose. 3. this is variety of heavy and cumbersome and does not maneuver definitely. in my opinion, this is not fairly worth it. you ought to purchase a bagless Dyson for around $500. and that they paintings super. Does the $1800. cost comprise all the attachments? do you elect all those attachments? Are all the bells whistles fairly worth $1800.?
Q:Vacuum cleaner increase suction?
No it will not increase. The velocity at the nozzle will increase but lifting power will not, it will pick up small objects better but not larger ones. The danger is that most vacuum cleaners rely on the flow of air through the motor to cool it, when you reduce this by restricting the nozzle you may overheat and burn out the motor !
Q:question about jupiter?
Jupiter's gravitational field is much stronger than any other planet of our Sun. There is no practical surface -- the atmosphere just gets more and more dense as you approach the planet. You could potentially devise some sort of airplane like vehicle which could fly through the atmosphere. Engine technology would be only one problem. Temperatures are cold, escape velocity is very high, and many other problems need to be solved. Getting a sample of Jupiter's atmosphere could be as simple, if you have solved the other problems, of having a vacuum bottle, opening it to draw in and capture a sample, then closing the bottle and leaving. You can read a lot about Jupiter's gravity, temperatures, size, escape velocity, and so on by searching for Jupiter in wikipedia.
Q:what metals are used to make vacuum cleaners and why?
It contains one motor made of iron and copper.
Q:I want to buy a robotic vacuum for my husband's birthday. Any suggestions?
Your husband wants a robotic vacuum for his birthday? That's a strange gift, especially for a man. In our house household appliances are a no-no as gifts.
Q:Vacuum cleaners HELP!!!!! I have been looking all over the place trying to find recommendations for ...?
i was thinking the same thing. i have a eureka vacuum. it is basic maybe spent $60 from walmart. i have had it for a while now. 4+ years maybe. the trick is you have to show any vacuum TLC. clean the brush and change the bag regularly. don't let it fill up even half full before you change it. the problem with all vacuums that have bags is the bag is also the exhaust. the air comes out and once the dirt clogs up the tiny holes. then it doesn't work as well. ALL vacuums work great at first when they are clean and with a new bag. you just have to take the effort to keep them that way.
Q:What's a better choice? Upright or canister vacuum cleaner?
I agree with Scorpio, a canister is more convenient for multiple floor types as well as dusting walls, window sills, stair banisters, books, etc. Actually I have both, I like the upright for just carpets; easy to maneuver and store. But when it's time for serious cleaning, out comes the canister.
Q:interstate compact electra vacuum cleaner?
Try looking on OKorder under vintage vacuum cleaners

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