CX-919 Quad Core RK3188 Bluetooth Android 4.1 TV Box 2G/8G BT/HDMI Black

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CX-919 Quad Core RK3188 Bluetooth Android 4.1 Mini PC TV Box 2G/8G BT/HDMI Black Specification
- OS: Android 4.2.2 OS Jelly Bean
- RAM: 2GB DDR3; ROM: 8GB Nand Flash (Please notice that Android system, other files and preinstalled apps will take some space.)
- CPU: Rockchip RK3188 Qual Core CPU; GPU: Quad Core Mali 400; Strong Power Manage Unit(PMU); I2S Master & Slave Interface for Audio
- Power consumption: Main unit + 2.4G sender(Mouse) less than 700mA@5V
- Wifi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n; Built-in AP6210 WiFi(2.4G); bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 Module
- Music: MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, AAC, FLAC, 3GP
- Video Player: MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV, RM, RMVB
- Gallery: JPG, BMP, PNG
- Browser: Internet browse
- Play Store: Google Play Store
- HTML5: supported
- Flash Player: V11.1 or later
- I/0 Port: USB2.0 host X 1; OTG micro USB X 1; Power micro USB X 1; HDMI 1.4 OUTPUT X 1; Micro SD card slot

Package Includes
- 1 X CX919
- 1 X User Manual
- 1 X HDMI Cable, Power Adapter, USB Cable

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Q:Home theater, wireless speaker and wired sound box, which is good after all?
Wireless audio technology:Is the principle of wireless technology, the current strength of the conductor change will produce radio waves. The use of this phenomenon through the modulation information can be loaded on the radio, as the waves propagate through space at the receiving end, the sound waves caused by the variation of the electromagnetic field inside, will be generated in the conductor. The information is extracted through demodulation from the current changes in the sound level, tone processing into power amplifier driver stage and sound.Features of wireless audio products:2.4G wireless digital signal transmission, 30 frequency automatic matching, can be used for 30 classrooms simultaneously. The so-called 2.4G wireless technology, its frequency range is between 2.405GHz-2.485GHz. So referred to as 2.4G wireless technology. This frequency band is the international standard free frequency band, and there is no need to pay any fees to the international organizations concerned.Advantages of wireless audio products:2.4G wireless technology is different from the previous 27MHz wireless technology. It works in full duplex mode, and has an absolute advantage over 27MHz in anti-interference performance. This advantage determines its superior anti-interference, and the maximum transmission distance of up to 10 meters. In addition, 2.4G wireless technology also has a theoretical data transmission rate of 2M, doubling the transmission rate of 1M theory over bluetooth.Wireless audio facelift SL 228 is arranged on the top of lion music a handle, which is a collection of many before the customer opinion, although slightly larger than the portable speakers, but this is very convenient but portable design. The use of wooden boxes, frosted high-grade paint, thickening of the epidermis, the front thickness of 2.5 cm, playing strong music will not resonate, which is also a feature of it
Q:5.1 home theater audio selection
The system configuration is as followsMain speaker: COMPACT HP ML-15 bookshelf / counterMid: COMPACT HP MLC-101 / onlySurround: COMPACT, HP MLS-201 / YesSubwoofer: COMPACT HP SUW-100 / onlyPower amplifier: PIONEER pioneer VSX-421 / TaiwanThe above answer from "Zhuhai Hainachuan sound", I hope you can help.
Q:How do you control the home theater system?
The control system is very complex, very professional, very expensive equipment, you want to engage in their own, if not the major, this is impossible, which requires two or three years of accumulation, there must be someone to teach, then one or two years of practice, in order to do. Although it really does not take one or two years, but there is always a process of teaching, it is impossible to be so selfless, and suddenly teach all things to people.In addition, you see here is a control panel at last, on the line of command on the touch screen, but the fact is not so simple, in each design there are in the line, and then through the RS232 protocol to control, can not see where you have a lot of equipment and many wires.?Without professional staff, professional skills are impossible.
Q:Home video room decoration should be how to do, what are the points to note?
Design studio is related to many factors, not simply a list of equipment, mainly according to their budget, home decoration style, audio-visual space size, and the owners preferences to voice, Internet is said intelligent video is very livable good, take the special custom route, to provide one-stop services can be a lot of trouble! You can consider Wanjiali road as they go to the Eurasian Home Furnishing five floor to inspect!
Q:Ask God for help. How does a home theater connect to a desktop computer at home?
Method of setting up family cinema by computerHome computers are becoming more and more popular, and many families will have two or more computers. Therefore, the use of computers to build a home theater is the ideal place to play.
Q:How should the home theater be configured?
If you want to buy a realistic telepresence home theater sound system, please keep looking.Home theater system, is nothing more than watching movies, listening to music, singing K three purposes. Recommend American speakers for you. Because the dynamic range of the American sound big, big momentum, great efforts, the film's scenes of realistic shock, great theater. Sing is the effect to the professional KTV K. Recommended brand 100 rieden, silent type box, bass well, meet the demand of home theater. The price is relatively moderate, including power amplifier package, not 5000 yuan will be able to win, very value.
Q:Excuse me, heroes, Malata DA-600 home theater speaker system and what power amplifier match?
These for reference, there is no good to consider, according to their own needs, select the satisfied with the line.Finally, to illustrate that Malata production sound is just a sideline, the sound quality is not so professional, like the Malata MV_690, very cheap, but a penny goods, but not the fancier, or to meet the needs of the public. I suggest that the average family, 5.1 is ok. 7.1 consume more or even several times as much money.So, if you buy 7.1 and worth considering whether collocation. After all, it can be expensive to buy a power amplifier that has more than 800W 7.1. Of course, if you are a music lover, you can consider upgrading later.I hope you'll be satisfied! Ha-ha
Q:Can home theater and family karaoke share a pure power amplifier?
That's a good idea. I'm using it right now. Many power amplifiers are up to you.2, you should ask a person and the first person to promote the matching with YAMAHA, easy-to-use functions, can freely switch 5.1 or 2 channel output power of selected unilateral 100-150W (main) can, now have a HDMI interface, Cara OK recommend YAMAHA 600, it is good.3, this program is one of the difficulties lies in the choice of speakers, power amplifier can be switched freely, but the speakers will not, in this regard should have their own priorities. Because it is beneficial to sing K speakers, in amplification and common sound, can provide a good level output, but when watching movies and songs, the sound and sound positioning and delicate is not good, on the contrary, the same. So choose such as CAV or BMB this kind of vertical speaker box based K horizontal box, to see which aspects of your focus more. Mid surround impact will not be too great!
Q:Expert directions on home cinema and Cara OK systems
Program is OK, individual price still can strive for.Suggestion: projector to SONY VW-40, the price is a little bit high, a lot of high performanceThe player changes to OPPO BDP-103D
Q:What are the functions of the home theater now?. Yes, the new feature ~ mainstream introduction, Kaisho Sheshela
Basic type: attractive appearance, simple operation, simple wiringSONY's full set of home theater, 5.1 channel DVD theater minimum 1780 yuan, senior wireless 5.1DVD theater about 5900 yuan.Panasonic and PHILPS are not recommended because the sound quality is clearly less than that of SONY.In the high-end fever type: looks simple matchingBOSE AM6 5.1 speaker system + YAMAHA 667 power amplifier + SONY, PHILPS, Panasonic Blu ray machine, total about 13000 yuanHigh end high fever type: not recommendedPopular mainstream functions are the HDMI interface, Blu ray players, etc., these are 3 years ago, and there is nothing new. The above recommendation, decoding is very complete, enough to meet all your needs. Which one to choose depends on your economic strength. Eclectic recommended SONY, SONY 5.1 channel DVD home theater system DAV-DZ810, a set of only about 3600 yuan, everything has, and the appearance is also very current.
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