CX-919 Quad Core RK3188 Bluetooth Android 4.1 Mini Google PC TV Box 1G/8G BT/HDMI Black

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CX-919 Quad Core RK3188 Bluetooth Android 4.1 Mini Google PC TV Box 1G/8G BT/HDMI Black Specification
- OS: Android 4.2.2 OS Jelly Bean
- RAM: 2GB DDR3; ROM: 8GB Nand Flash (Please notice that Android system, other files and preinstalled apps will take some space.)
- CPU: Rockchip RK3188 Qual Core CPU; GPU: Quad Core Mali 400; Strong Power Manage Unit(PMU); I2S Master & Slave Interface for Audio
- Power consumption: Main unit + 2.4G sender(Mouse) less than 700mA@5V
- Wifi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n; Built-in AP6210 WiFi(2.4G); bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 Module
- Music: MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, AAC, FLAC, 3GP
- Video Player: MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV, RM, RMVB
- Gallery: JPG, BMP, PNG
- Browser: Internet browse
- Play Store: Google Play Store
- HTML5: supported
- Flash Player: V11.1 or later
- I/0 Port: USB2.0 host X 1; OTG micro USB X 1; Power micro USB X 1; HDMI 1.4 OUTPUT X 1; Micro SD card slot

Package Includes
- 1 X CX919
- 1 X User Manual
- 1 X HDMI Cable, Power Adapter, USB Cable

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Q:Haier UFO smart home theater is pretty. What system ah! Can I check it directly on the Internet?
Android system, should be 4.4 good, I suggest that you can buy.
Q:How to make the best sound effects in the home theater?
3, the establishment and adjustment of the loudspeaker system when the system works in the home theater surround mode, surround sound effect and in addition to the quality and performance of the speaker system itself is related to whether correctly setting and adjustment is also an important factor can not be ignored. (1) setting the speaker working mode according to the system configuration, the size of the speaker (speaker) are set correctly, the center speaker (CENTER SP), rear speakers (REAR SP), the main speaker (MAIN SP) and subwoofer output (BASS OUT), which is in the appropriate state. In speaker mode (CENTER MODE) are generally three types: ordinary (NORMAL) mode for the performance of moderate size, the smaller the speakers; wide (WIDE) mode for the speakers and lead the box band, bearing power and other indicators of a phantom; (PHANTOM) model -- system do not configure the speakers used this mode. In the use of some AV amplifiers, the three modes are often referred to as SML (small speaker), LRG (large speaker), NONE (no speaker), but the choice principle is the same as above. Similarly, the main speakers and post speakers also choose the right mode of work in terms of their size and performance. The subwoofer has two different modes of choice based on whether or not the subwoofer is connected. In addition, there are two modes: 3CH (three channel mode) - omitted rear surround speakers, retaining only the front, rear speakers: OFF output -- mid and surround channels closed, suitable for broadcast standard stereo audio source, such as the CD disc.
Q:Home theater, wireless speaker and wired sound box, which is good after all?
Wired sound box is better than wireless sound box.Although the wireless communication technology is also very advanced, but want good sound effect, still need to use wire for transmission. The fidelity of the voice occupies a large bandwidth, the use of the current wireless can not meet the use of requirements, there will be delays and other issues.If you don't have much requirement for sound quality, consider wireless.
Q:Ask a question. Will the home theater system listen to music?
Two systems from a professional point of view is still somewhat different, home theater can also be used to listen to music, to meet the needs of most people, if you have requirements and the pursuit of music, you need to choose a separate system
Q:How does the soundtrack of the home theater system choose?.
Specific choice 5.1 or 7.1, but also depends on the size of your living room, sound insulation effect, as well as neighbors to lower the threshold of noise decibels.
Q:Home theater quality rankings
China's ten largest home audio brand platoon:1 Avlight audio Avlight (China well-known trademarks, national inspection free products, leading brands)2 Hivi audio Hivi (world's top speakers and speakers manufacturing multinational)3 Pioneer audio Pioneer (Japanese sound brand, global brand)4 dragon sound Denon (Japanese sound brand, global famous brand)5 Hushan audio (national audio brands)6 QiSheng audio QiSheng (China well-known trademark, national inspection free products)7 BBK audio (China well-known trademark, national inspection free products)8 SONY audio (Japanese brand, global brand)9 Dr. audio Bose (US brand, world brand)10 CAV audio CAV (sound enterprise, high reputation brand)
Q:Is the home theater suitable for listening to music?
You can listen to music, power amplifier has various modes, you can choose 2.0.
Q:I'd like to buy a stereo with 5.1 channels similar to a home theater
5.1 surround sound is the difference between the sound of the front and the left - the same as in the movie. 2 stereo sound is about the difference.2 audio, music, movies, sound better than 5.1 surround sound, but there is no difference between the front and rear sound, only about the sound difference. Brother if you love music, pay attention to quality, buy 2 stereo.5.1 surround sound is mainly the pursuit of the sound of the front and rear, the difference is not the pursuit of sound quality, so the price of power amplifier is not expensive, the output power is small, and the sound quality is a little bit worse. If you love surround - but there are also special room, buy 5.1 rings around the sound.
Q:Want to buy a good family cinema, "Japanese pioneer" and "Danish crown" which brand is good? Ask for detailed explanation
Japanese pioneer (Pioneer) founder Mr. Matsumoto Mochi in 1936 to make the speaker entrepreneurship since 74 years, the Japanese pioneer Corporation is one of the most authoritative global brand entertainment products in the field of the world's top 500 enterprises; 74 years for the world to promote high performance products, created a lot of audio-visual miracle. Audio and video products including DVD video recorder, DVD player, BD player, DJ tuning system, integrated home theater, home theater, split type power amplifier, speakers, headset, car audio and video products are AV system, CD player, speaker system, auto audio system, AV integrated DVD vehicle navigation products GPS navigation, and the world the most advanced plasma tv. Become today's electronic video giant, products and the world. Britain's "Rolls-Royce", West Germany's "BMW", the United States "GM" and other world-class car manufacturers designated equipment pioneer car audio and video system. The most important part of the pioneer's glorious history is the active spirit of innovation!The Danish crown (AVANCE) was founded in 1973 by Poul Rossing (Paul Le Sheng) in Kingdom of Denmark's coastal city of Holbeak, and in the short span of a few years, it has developed into a world-famous Hi-Fi brand. Denmark crown is mainly audio box development. Production; horn units are used by the Danish HI-FI speaker factory (Scan-speak, Dynaudio) for AVANCE custom-made. The design style of comfortable, rich flavor is known, it will design and function design integration, form a balanced and coordinated unification, with excellent, excellent production technology, represents the design grade of Denmark; development of concrete speakers not only success, laid the historical position of AVANCE in the field of HI-FI sound, at the same time the AVANCE from a Danish local brand has become the world's famous brand.The above is a brief history of the two brands
Q:15 square meters of living room, suitable for any family cinema?
Home theater system, is nothing more than watching movies, listening to music, singing K three purposes. All kinds of acoustics, because of their emphasis on different, but also suited to different needs.For you recommend speakers: see the movie home theater sound system, then naturally choose American brand box. Because the dynamic range of the American sound big, big momentum, great efforts, the film's scenes of realistic shock, great theater. Sing is the effect to the professional KTV K. Among them, the personal recommendation is BOSE. BOSE, the most scientific research capability, the most consumer recognition vendors. The famous technique is direct reflection. Sound diffusion is more true, listening environment is no longer too dependent on the size of the area. Many KTV uses BOSE. Model, it is recommended BOSE101, quite well-known at home and abroad audio model.Sound is a profound learning, need to slowly understand, focus on the wisdom of everyone will be more efficient, make yourself a master.
we are a high-tech enterprise with main products of TV BOXs. We focus on R&D to build our core value and production system and supply chain, to bring advantages of cost control. We have a professional and responsible team to offer instant service.Our service covers from wholesale to ODM and OEM for Smart TV BOX and provides multi-aspect customization devices for Entertaiment.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Shenzhen,China
Year Established 2008
Annual Output Value
Main Markets
Eastern and Western Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.
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Nearest Port Shenzhen
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 30 People
Language Spoken: Chinese
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Factory Size: Above 5,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines About 4
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Professional