Cut-to-length Line for Hot Rolled Steel(Medium and Thick Plate)

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Q:An Analysis of the Causes of the Thread Cutting in
When the cutting is complete, you can use the magnet at the same time to suck the waste and the workpiece, or with a fixture (such as pressure plate), waiting for processing and then remove the waste.
Q:The principle of EDM cutting
It is mainly used for processing all kinds of complex shapes and precision of small parts, such as punching die punch, die, convex and concave mold, fixed plate, discharge plate, forming tool, model, EDM metal electrode
Q:What is the difference between ultrasonic EDM and ultrasonic machining?
Ultrasonic EDM is a special kind of processing, it is supplemented by ultrasonic vibration of the composite discharge processing methods, but also a multi-disciplinary integrated advanced technology.
Q:Is the wire thread cutting affected the surface coating of the workpiece (titanium carbonitride)?
Thickness of the workpiece: the thickness of the workpiece cut.
Q:EDM processing principle?
by the discharge of local, instantaneous The high temperature of the metal is removed
Q:EDM carbon slag and slagging
EDM machine in the production of carbon residue and the exclusion of carbon residue balance conditions can be carried out smoothly.
Q:Master good, I know that copper and graphite discharge parameters are not the same, do not know how to set the parameters of graphite good effect, it is depressed, because the live are received, it is not the end, look advise!
Abstract: There are many factors influencing the EDM performance of graphite electrode, and the reasonable coordination of each factor has important influence on the EDM characteristics.There are important effects on the spindle performance, pulse power and intelligent control, working fluid, electrical parameters and machining polarity selection
Q:Line cutting high-frequency intermittent discharge processing, discharge work properly, do not discharge the table to stop running, how to do
Conductive block bad, then the workbench or will go (high-frequency line and the sampling line is connected with the bad conductor will be no spark, but will go)
Q:Crop line cutting machine
The basic physical principle is that free positive ions and electrons accumulate in the field, and soon form an ionized conductive path.
Q:The characteristics of EDM wire cutting
(3) contour processing required processing of less margin, can effectively save valuable materials.

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