Cut-to-length Line for Hot Rolled Steel(Medium and Thick Plate)

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Q:Please refer to the following
(1) the nature of the wire cutting discharge machine, the presence of dust in the air, will make the machine screw suffered serious wear and tear, thus affecting the service life; (2) line cutting discharge machine belonging to the computer control, the computer used disk
Q:Line cutting run wire under normal circumstances, then open the pump why will stop
2, check the next wire protection switch and broken wire protection relay is not bad.
Q:Wire cutting processing, pore discharge processing how much money a hole, how many meters or less?
Generally in accordance with the empty weeks there are thickness and there are also material and the relationship between ah
Q:Line cutting ground wire is not easy to break the line
The reason for the fluctuation is that the tension of the electrode wire on the barrel is different from that in the positive and negative movement of the wire rod. After a certain period of time, the electrode wire will be elongated, resulting in a decrease in tension (generally considered that the tension is more suitable for 12 to 15 N
Q:CNC spark machine with Japanese how to say?
In the actual process, the computer according to the input procedure issued instructions to control the spark, to achieve single or multi-axis CNC machining.
Q:What is the specific processing of wire cutting?
2, the direct use of electric power for pulse discharge processing, tool electrodes and the workpiece is not direct contact, no mechanical processing of the macro cutting force, suitable for processing low-rigidity parts and small parts.
Q:What is the spark?
In the moment when the ceramic applied a lot of pressure, the ceramic carrier within the directional movement of the formation of instantaneous current. Note that only instantaneous current! Like the general electronic lighters is to use piezoelectric ceramic ignition.
Q:How to quickly control the Mitsubishi wire cutting machine
The unmanned operation of the shelves corresponds to the popularity of laser processing machines.
Q:What is the discharge gap of the NC WEDM
5, the moving long electrode wire continuously through the cutting area, the unit length of the electrode wire loss is small, high precision machining.
Q:What is the difference between ultrasonic EDM and ultrasonic machining?
Ultrasonic EDM is a special kind of processing, it is supplemented by ultrasonic vibration of the composite discharge processing methods, but also a multi-disciplinary integrated advanced technology.

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