Cut-pile Hand Tufted Carpet

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Polyester hand tufted carpet

Hand tufed and hand carved

Pile weight from 1500 to 2400g/sqm

Good craftsmanship

Vivid colors

QualityHand tufted carpet
Material100% polyester
Designs Various designs applicable
SizeAny size
ColorAny color
Pile heightAbout 1cm
Pile weight1500g, 1600g, 1700g, 1800g or 1900g /sqm
Rug backCanvas latex back

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Q:How do carpets protect finished products?
We should conscientiously implement the system of post responsibility and strictly implement the system of handing over procedures. Where every process is completed, it should promptly clean up the debris on the carpet and clean the contaminated parts in time. And pay attention to close the doors and windows and close the faucet in the toilet, to prevent rain and water carpet accident.
Q:Bamboo rugs question. 10 pts?
Yo he comprado de muchas veces ordenadores en los sitios web y siempre he encontrado la mejor calidad, el ultimo ordenador es para una amiga, la verdad es que parece especial creado para ella porque tiene un disco duro con una excelente capacidad de almacenaje y va bastante rápido por su gran memoria y su buen procesador, muy buena compra sin duda.
Q:How can I clean the tea juice on the carpet?
Water washing (suitable for chemical fiber carpet)Use equipment: carpet brush, sprayer, water suction machine, carpet cleaning machine.Use material: Carpet shampoo.Operation method:1, vacuum cleaner with a vacuum cleaner2, diluted detergent can also be injected into the water tank3. Spray detergent all over the carpet4, 10-15 minutes after the stain out of fiber5. Wash with a washing machine, operate backward, and make each operation part of overlap, at least two times after washing6, in the cleaning carpet at the same time, with a suction machine to clean the carpet has been washed7, let the carpet completely dry, in order to speed up the carpet dry, you can start carpet drying machine.
Q:How do you remove the black from the carpet?
With a non-woven fabric dipped a small amount of shoe polish, wipe the surface of shoes, shoes and so on after a little drying (do not make direct sunlight shoes, when the direct sunlight is harmful to leather shoes), and then non-woven shoes polished. A pair of clean and pretty shoes will show up in front of you. If you have a bubble bath in your shoes, then you should put the carbon bag in your shoes into your shoes. (stuffed with a soft, clean toilet paper), it's done!
Q:which household carpet is better,polypropylene or acrylic?
Q:Where can I buy white carpet?
Have you asked the carpet stores that you were already to if they could order the white carpet for you? I wouldn't think that should be a big deal at all. A lot of carpet stores may not have all colors of carpeting available on sight. They should have plenty of samples for you to look at and you choose the one you want. If you don't see it in the store, that doesn't mean they can't order it for you. There shouldn't be an extra charge for ordering the carpet you want.
Q:how to lay a carpet on the iron sheet In the winter?
Brush a layer of cement slurry, to prevent slipping. And finally lay the carpet.
Q:What happens if the seat and carpet are dirty in the car?
In the car to eat ketchup sauce food, such as accidentally contaminated the seat or carpet, or will not be such as lipstick stain on the seat, can be soaked with cold water cloth or sponge gently brushing, and then go home after cleaning.
Q:How to clean carpet and remove stains?
Hire a professional carpet cleaner. If you have never cleaned carpet before, you don't want your first experiment on a white carpet. Look locally for an established carpet cleaner. If you want to attempt to spot clean the areas be sure to vacuum well first. You can then put a small amount of dish soap in a bucket of water and use a rag to work the stains out. Better to gently work in a circular motion toward the center of the stain and avoid scrubbing too hard or you will fray the carpet fiber. If you use a harsh chemical it can discolor or stain the carpet. Use a clean towel to blot up the water by pressing it on the spot you clean. Try not to over wet the area as excess water can soak into the pad. Be aware that if there is a lot of soil in the carpet, even though you may successfully remove the stains, the clean areas may stand out as spots against the soiled carpet.
Q:What is the main raw material for the production of acupuncture carpets, geotextile, paper blankets, Xupian, warm air filtration materials? Why?
From the molecular composition of polyester, it is composed of short aliphatic hydrocarbon chains, ester groups, benzene rings and hydroxyl groups. Besides the presence of two alcohol hydroxyl groups, there are no other polar groups in polyester molecules, so the hydrophilicity of polyester fiber is very poor. The polyester molecule contains about 46% ester, ester hydrolysis can occur at high temperature, thermal cracking, alkali, soap solution, the degree of polymerization decreased; polyester molecule also contains aliphatic hydrocarbon chains, it can make the polyester molecule has some flexibility, but also because the polyester molecular cannot rotate within benzene rings. The polyester macromolecular substantially rigid molecular chain, easy to keep line. Therefore, polyester macromolecule is easy to form crystallization under this condition, so the crystallinity and orientation of polyester fiber are higher.

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