Customized Silo Hopper Bottom Type,100ton 200 ton 500ton 800ton 1000ton 1500ton

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Product Description:

Customized Silo Hopper Bottom Type,100ton 200 ton 500ton 800ton 1000ton 1500ton

Main Structure of Customized Hopper Bottom Silo

Bottom shape

Hopper Type

Flat Bottom Type




Design view


Heavy structural “wide-flanged” columns

Columns designed “X” bracing

Pressure bearing is higher than the national standard, and safe enough.


Can be built by concrete or steel based on your requirement and actual demand.

Silo Discharge 

Hopper is with Rigorous Full Load Safety Calculation. SRON has 0 Silo Hopper Accidents and 0 Silo Accidents

Can be made by concrete or steel

There will be one or more discharge holes on the bottom based on different materials and capacity.


Normally no need sweeper for hopper bottom silo except for high viscidity materials

Clean up residual easier

China Famous Brand or France Brand 

Specification for Customized Hopper Bottom Silo



Quality Standard




Body Plate

By Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Plate,

275-600g/m2 Galvanization

China National Standard with Quality Report


Our Corrugated Steel Plate Production Line is IMPORTED


Bolts and Screws


Hot Dip Galvanized, Taiwan Imported, Strengthened, Max Sealing

Quality Strength Report

Imported from Taiwan





Enforcement Rib Stiffeners


Sidewall stiffeners are manufactured from min. 350 N/mm² tensile high strength steel with zinc coating of 275 g/m². This type of stiffeners easily transit the vertical loads during loading or unloading, environment loads of the silo.

China National Standard with Quality Report

Can be inside or outside rib

Rigorous calculation to meet full silo strength safety





Wind Ring


Hot Dip Galvanized

For additional support for higher wind areas, the wind ring is attached directly to the stiffeners. The rings strengthen the silo providing reinforcement against damaging wind.

China National Standard with Quality Report

Rigorous calculation to meet the anti-wind needs for sea port area or windy area






A standard manhole door is located in the second ring of the silo. Double size door with strong frame and block system

China National Standard with Quality Report

Easy for the ascendant to inspect and maintenance, ensure the safety of the silo.







offers both ladders and stairs as outside climbing options. Stairs offer a shallow 8” step that decreases the incline angle for an easier, safer, and more comfortable climb.

China National Standard with Quality Report

Can be installed inside and outside of the silo, Easy for the ascendant to inspect and maintenance, ensure the safety of the silo.


Inside Ladder


Ladder inside silo, simple vertical or cage type ladder are available for your choice

China National Standard with Quality Report


A: 1. More than 10 years experience in this industry
2. 100,000 tons exporting per month
3. Professional foreign trade tea
4. OEM&ODM capacity
5. High quality assured & competitive price
6. Try our best to meet your needs & save your budget
7. Very popular in Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid-East and South America etc.
8. VIP membership system, first time customers and long-term cooperation customers can get extra discount on some products.


Q: How’s your service?


A:1. Offer customers 24/7 service, whenever you need us, we are always here for you.
2. Immediate response. Your any inquiry will be replied within 24 hours.
3. Support small order quantity, for the first time cooperation customers, we can send you less quantity for trial order. 
4. Support third party inspection company to inspect and check the quality and quantity before delivery.


Customized Silo Hopper Bottom Type,100ton 200 ton 500ton 800ton 1000ton 1500ton

Customized Silo Hopper Bottom Type,100ton 200 ton 500ton 800ton 1000ton 1500ton

Customized Silo Hopper Bottom Type,100ton 200 ton 500ton 800ton 1000ton 1500ton

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