Customized High Power LED Explosion-proof Light

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High Power Explosion-proof Lamp LED Ball Light Outdoor Flood Light 
1.6 years experience in explosion-proof lamp 
2.100000h life 

Why choose us   


1.We have  6 years experience in explosion-proof lamp


2.Our company is a  Manufacturer and Trading Company

Application of High Power Explosion-proof Lamp LED Ball Light Outdoor Lighting


High Power Explosion-proof Lamp LED Ball Light Outdoor Lighting can be safe and reliable work in inflammable and explosive dangerous places.



Fucture of High Power Explosion-proof Lamp LED Ball Light Outdoor Lighting


    1. The shell of lamps for the flameproof enclosure,is made of aluminum alloy a stamping forming,can work safety in coal mine inflammable and explosive places


    2. Structure design and the latest surface treatment technology,waterproof,dustproof,ensure lamps reliable work in various harsh environmet; Light weight,small volume.


    3. Simple and convenient installation,can adopt seat type,wall mounting type,ceiling type



specification of High Power Explosion-proof Lamp LED Ball Light Outdoor Lighting

Ex-mark :  Exd II T6/T4           
IP grade:                        IP65
Insulation Class:                                                                                      I
Protection grade:                         WF2
Intel thread:                         G3/4
Drop cable:                       Φ8~14mm       
Dimensions:                      Φ300*240       
Total weight:                          6KG
Order NO.  Light sourceRated Power(W)Luminous flux(Lm) Service life(h)
CBFC8185 LED(integrated) 1209600100000

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1.Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied in 24hours.
2.OEM&ODM, any your customized lightings we can help you to design and put into product.
3.Protection of your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information.

4.7 years guarantee of repair for our products and one year guarantee of repair for light source.


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Q:Shenzhen explosion-proof lamps are those companies?
Shenzhen explosion-proof lamp company a lot, you can check the Baidu, Baidu this stuff out immediately brush brush out;
Q:Classification of flameproof lamps for mines
More than five electrical appliance lamps are used in downhole mining lamps, lighting, home has second coal card. The utility model is suitable for the places where coal mine has gas (methane) and coal dust explosion danger, and the bottom pit mining area can also be used in the mine tunnels and chambers with large water supply.
Q:What about the price of moisture-proof and explosion-proof lamps?
Tens of dollars to several hundred dollars rangingFrom Hong an authentication network
Q:How is the glass cover of flameproof explosion-proof lamp fixed?
According to the national GB3836.2 standard for explosion protection, the glass cover and metal joint should be glued or covered with soft metal pads
Q:How can I get the glass cover of the explosion proof lamp?
Open the glass door to the outside, waterproof, generally between glass and support are stuck by sealant, it is very difficult to take down, you can only use violence slowly from one side up, the process must be careful, glass breakage is small, hurting people is important, if there is real is explosion-proof lamp so, this glass is not generally a glass.
Q:What kind of explosion proof lamp should be installed in the garbage room?
1 energy saving and environmental protection: brightness is 5 - 7 times the same wattage of traditional light, incandescent energy consumption is reduced by 80% when;No heat radiation, no harmful metal mercury, green environmental protection;2., high safety: work current is Ma level, avoid short circuit or work cause sparks, cause fire3., long life, maintenance free: the theoretical service life of more than 50 thousand hours. The utility model has the characteristics of strong resistance to frequent switching, solves the problem of frequent replacement of the traditional light source, and reduces the maintenance cost of labor and materials4. constant voltage constant current: constant voltage constant current design, wide voltage range, avoid the current fluctuation caused by greater brightness or light source damage5., reduce mosquitoes: no UV, not attract mosquitoes, so that the environment has become clean and comfortable;6. light source working temperature is low: the working temperature is only about 50 degrees, so as to prevent the high temperature caused by the mirror scaling and water fragmentation;7. no noise: no ballast, starter, no noise8 no strobe: LED constant current, reducing LED decay, start fast response, microsecondlevel reduce eye fatigue;9., color rendering: uniform color, free selection, color temperature level, color rendering is goodProduct appearance1 、 aluminum alloy shell, plastic sprayed surface.2, the shell is provided with radiating fins, and the heat dissipation effect is good;3 、 steel pipe or cable wiring.Applicable environmental conditionsHazardous gas sites in zone 1.1 and 2;2., II, A, II, class T1-T4, group B, explosive gas or vapor environment;3. indoor and outdoor (IP54)
Q:Which factories have to install the explosion proof lamp?
Like the inflammable and explosive places, there are special places, such as oil, oil, natural gas which according to the provisions of explosion-proof lamp, explosion-proof lamp photoelectric Gamen did a good job.
Q:Want to learn some knowledge about explosion proof lamp industry, where can I study?
Q:Is explosion proof lamp harmful to eye?
The types of explosion protection include flameproof type, increased safety type, intrinsically safe type and positive pressure type,Oil immersed, sand filled, cast sealed, N type, special type, dust explosion proof type, etc.
Q:Why can't energy saving lamps be used in explosion proof lamps?
Energy saving lamps can be installed in explosion-proof enclosures, provided that the performance requirements of energy-saving lamps must be improved, such as energy-saving lamp inductance of enameled wire, wire requirements of high temperature.

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