Customized High Power LED Explosion-proof Light

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High Power Explosion-proof Lamp LED Ball Light Outdoor Flood Light 
1.6 years experience in explosion-proof lamp 
2.100000h life 

Why choose us   


1.We have  6 years experience in explosion-proof lamp


2.Our company is a  Manufacturer and Trading Company

Application of High Power Explosion-proof Lamp LED Ball Light Outdoor Lighting


High Power Explosion-proof Lamp LED Ball Light Outdoor Lighting can be safe and reliable work in inflammable and explosive dangerous places.



Fucture of High Power Explosion-proof Lamp LED Ball Light Outdoor Lighting


    1. The shell of lamps for the flameproof enclosure,is made of aluminum alloy a stamping forming,can work safety in coal mine inflammable and explosive places


    2. Structure design and the latest surface treatment technology,waterproof,dustproof,ensure lamps reliable work in various harsh environmet; Light weight,small volume.


    3. Simple and convenient installation,can adopt seat type,wall mounting type,ceiling type



specification of High Power Explosion-proof Lamp LED Ball Light Outdoor Lighting

Ex-mark :  Exd II T6/T4           
IP grade:                        IP65
Insulation Class:                                                                                      I
Protection grade:                         WF2
Intel thread:                         G3/4
Drop cable:                       Φ8~14mm       
Dimensions:                      Φ300*240       
Total weight:                          6KG
Order NO.  Light sourceRated Power(W)Luminous flux(Lm) Service life(h)
CBFC8185 LED(integrated) 1209600100000

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1.Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied in 24hours.
2.OEM&ODM, any your customized lightings we can help you to design and put into product.
3.Protection of your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information.

4.7 years guarantee of repair for our products and one year guarantee of repair for light source.


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Q:What are the requirements of numerical control lathe for explosion proof lamp?
The place that uses numerical control lathe, do not have hydrogen, acetylene, carbon disulfide commonly, use explosion proof mark so: ExdIIBT4 Gbk explosion-proof lamp can.From Nanyang Zhongtian explosion protection
Q:Do explosion-proof lamps require compulsory certification?
The national authority explosion-proof lamps to certification, some fitting for underground coal mine still needs verification, there is not enough
Q:Do you need explosion-proof lamp for canteen and kitchen operating room lamp?
Of course, the need for high temperature, soot environment, it is best to have protective cover, or else easy soot conduction.
Q:The explosion-proof grade of mobile explosion-proof lamps,
Not intrinsically safe explosion-proof lamp, explosion-proof electrical is: ExiaIICT4 than ExiaIIBT2 high level. T is an explosion-proof electrical temperature group, T6, the maximum surface temperature is not more than 85 degrees, T4 is not more than 135 degrees centigrade, and T2 is not more than 300 degrees centigrade. Exia this type of relatively high levels can be used in Zone 0, zone 1, zone 2; flameproof D, can be used in zone 1, zone 2.
Q:Shenzhen explosion-proof lamps are those companies?
Shenzhen explosion-proof lamp company a lot, you can check the Baidu, Baidu this stuff out immediately brush brush out;
Q:Explosion proof lamp grade 10
The newly revised national standard, GB3836.1, divides explosive atmospheres into electrical equipment, class I, class II, and class III:1 class IClass I electrical equipment used in coal mine gas and gas environment.Note: the type I explosion-proof model takes into account the ignition of methane and pulverized coal as well as the physical protection added to underground equipment.Electrical equipment for coal mines, which may contain other explosive gases in addition to methane, shall be manufactured and tested in accordance with the requirements of class I and class II combustible gases. Such electrical equipment should have corresponding signs (e.g., "Ex, D, T3, I/IIB" or "ExdI/II" (NH3)".2 II classClass II electrical equipment for use in other explosive gas atmospheres other than coal mine methane gas.Class II electrical equipment may be further reclassified according to the type of explosive environment to be used.Reclassification of class II electrical equipment:Class II: the representative gas is propane;Class IIB: the representative gas is ethylene;Class IIC: the representative gas is hydrogen.3 III classClass III electrical equipment for use in explosive dust atmospheres other than coal mines.Class III electrical equipment can be further reclassified according to the characteristics of the explosive dust environment to be used.Reclassification of class III electrical equipment:- IIIA: combustible flyings;Class IIIB: non conductive dust;Class IIIC: conductive dust.
Q:Where do you need an explosion proof lamp?
Explosion proof lamps and switches are required for flammable, easy and damp places such as filling stations, filling stations, chemical raw materials warehouses, wood warehouses, etc..
Q:What explosion-proof lamps should be installed in the transformer room?
Explosion proof fluorescent lamp EYD2 series or CBY series.
Q:Explosion proof lamp is really not bad,
Explosion-proof lamp is to prevent the ups and downs of the bulb after frying the sparks of combustible gases in air or dust explosion, in order to prevent the dust, solid particles and water into the lamp cavity, touch or product set fire jump, short-circuit or destroy the electrical insulation of dangerous live parts, there are many ways to protect the protective shell of electrical insulation effectThere is a layer of glass explosion-proof lamp cover, outside the wire, power line steel tube is put aboveIn the installation of explosion-proof lamps, the line is not allowed to have joints, the line is not allowed to expose
Q:Where can I buy voice controlled explosion proof lamp and emergency explosion proof lamp in Shaoguan city?
Sound control this to be customized, emergency lights to see the power and emergency response time

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