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1)    Pile Material: 100% Polyester

2) Pile Weight : 290g/m2

3) Pile Height: 3mm

4) Back Material:Latex/Non-wowen/TPR/Dotted-plastic-non-woven/PVC

5) Back Thickness :1-2mm

6) Size:  40*60 /50*80/ 44*70/ 60*90cm or customed size

7) Color Fastness : 4-4.5 grade

8) Usage Place: living room , bedroom ,entrance ,kids room, bath room


1)    Competitive price, several different options on material & backing

2)    Unlimited color available

3)    MOQ: 1500m2/Per Color Group


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Q:what is a penny rug?
you can find things about it on line im sure, penny rugs were cut from old felted wool scraps, now most people just use felt, they really are used more to decorate tables and such as modern felt isnt really strong, the reason they are called penny rugs is they were cut in various size circles and joined together, similar to a yoyo quilt though the penny rugs werent gathered, most of the shapes were outlined in blanket stitch and sometimes the pennies were stacked two or three deep using successivly smaller circles so you got a ringed color effect. I downloaded a small penny christmas tree design last winter and i think it might have been on the debbie mum site. just put penny rug patterns into a web search and you will surely find some. lots of the penny rug designs also were edged in tongue shaped pieces, these were often called pen wipers, they would make a penny rug for the top of a desk with the tongues all around it and the master of the house had a handy pen wiper in the tongues, when they got too messy they could be replaced. enjoy your hunt.
Q:horse rugs with tail chords?
not really any big difference. Only that rugs or blankets with tail chords have one chord running behind the horse while rugs with leg straps go in between the horse's legs. Rugs with tail chords would be better for a horse who is stall kept who doesn't move around as much. The tail chord isn't the best for keeping a rug in place, especially when the horse is running around. Some owners don't like to use them because their horse developed a habit of using the chord to rub their tail Rugs with leg straps keep the rug in place and keep it straighter when the horse is moving around. Some horses with sensitive skin can get rubbings or chaffing because of the straps being too tight. They are better if your horse is pasture kept or rolls frequently.
Q:Carpet recommendations?
Just my area or expertise. I own a small carpet and flooring store. First thing is style or type. You have three to choose from; berber or continuous loop, saxony or plush, and frieze. They tend to go in that order for price and quality also. If you like continuous loop, it will give you real good balance of price to quality. Be careful not to go too cheap with any of them. You may be able to save a couple of dollars per yard up front, but if you have to replace it in just a few years, it will cost more in the long run to pay for another installation and new pad. In most cases a 6# pad is plenty and it won't help the life of the carpet to waste money on anything more. Make sure you get one (the carpet that is) with some sort of stain repellant. Many will be sold as Stainmaster Tacteese or some other brand name. These are nice since they are coated over the whole fiber. Ones that say that they have Scotchguard are just a topical application put on after production. Shaw makes an unbranded one they call R2X that is full fiber and is lower in price since it is unbranded. I have found that if it is something fairly basic and not a special fancy pattern, I can usually cross real close from one brand to another with substitutes. In so doing, I can usually come in a good bit cheaper in Shaw carpets than any other. Shaw is the main brand but the sub brands are Philadelphia, Sutton, Queen, Kathy Ireland collection and so on. Try to go to an unbranded store. What I mean by that is someplace that is not Carpet One, Abbey, etc. These places put their own names on things and go through a parent company that adds to the markup. Have fun shopping and enjoy your new carpet.
Q:how much would new carpet be..?
The standard price to install carpeting is about $3. 00-$4. 00/square foot. This only includes the installation of the carpet and not a carpet pad, which costs an extra $0. 50/square foot. Carpet installers will also remove old carpeting for about $0. 50/square foot.These would all be minimum prices and could increase depending on the type of carpet you wish to install ask at your local carpet store as they sometimes have a list of contractors that could do the work for you and this would give you a better idea ok,good luck.
Q:Difference between Persian and Oriental rugs?
A Persian rug is from Iran. An Oriental rug can be from anywhere in Asia. The Persian rugs have the best quality and command the best prices. I would compare a Persian rug to a Cuban Cigar. However, as with cigars the other countries products are catching up fast.
Q:Living room sofa is 3.3m long, tea table is 1.2*0.6. then what size of carpet is more appropriate?
There are 1, relatively easy to buy. .6*21.4 meter can be 3 meters. 7*2, is the size of the pad
Q:Can you put an area rug on burber carpet?
Absolutely, one of the most cost effective ways to enhance your space on a small budget. Do's: Your accent rug must be totally different in color, but must have adequate tones that match your burber to a T. Area rug colors should match 2 of the following 3: - walls - furniture - drapes Our Den = light beige burber, and a Home Depot 5 x 7 rug that sits under the coffee table infront of the Sofa. Its a moss green outline, with light beige, rust, and black in it. It looks phenominal. Hint: Take your Credit card, and buy 6-10 rugs from Home depot / walmart, or wherever, and return the ones you don't like. The more rugs you bring home at once, the higher the odds are you'll find one that transforms your entire room.
Q:Carpet Squares are they worth using?
Here are a couple of things to use carpets squares for, there are many more uses. Some people will afix them to their walls, like in the cold basement. Like fixing up teenaged JRs new bedroom. Some make a design on their wall or ceiling with them. Some people will use them to replace the carpet on their cats' house-stand-climber, or use them to make a catscratch for the cat. Someone else will attatch a piece to the side of their couch or chair, so the cat does not destroy those items. These people were happy with that.
Q:how do I finish the carpet up against tile?
All depends on what you needed for a substrate and how high the tile is and carpet type. If the tile was put on a 1/2 backer board. you ll have to double the carpet up by folding it up and back under itself. This is called a turn and tack. Some times a pad thickness ir enough. Occasionally you need 2 tack strips to get the carpet to cover the tile edge, If your over cement it will depend if the carpet is glued down or over a pad. Metals over the edge look tacky and cheap. There is no one answer with out knowing what you ve had to do to tile. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:How to classify the carpet? What are the performance requirements?
Secondly, tufted carpet is widely used in places for frequent stampede, for example theaters usually use it. with a strong family style is unique, but the flame retardant, and silk carpet: Modern style with a geometric pattern, carpets in the market are mainly modern style carpet, cut velvet carpet and nylon carpet. Woven carpets is the kind of carpet that apply handmade carpet process into the mechanized production.

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