Customed Pattern Egypt Mat 60CM X 90CM

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Technical Specification

1.Surface:100% Polyester


3.Pile Height: 3mm

4.Pile Weight:270g/m2

5.Total Weight:1000g/m2

6.Popular Size:40x60,50x80,60x90,100x150,160*230cm


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Q:What is the difference between a jute rug and a sisal rug?
Sisal rugs tend to be more durable. They are both natural fibers. I believe sisal wool rugs are what you're looking for. Sisal - the strength and durability of natural fibers, Wool - the soft underfoot feel. Sisal wool rugs have the best of both worlds - durable and soft. Jute is also soft, one of the softest natural fiber rugs. I guess the best way to compare the textured feel is to go into a rug shop and feel the difference of the materials.
Q:What would cause a small rug in my basement to become saturated with water while the rest of the floor is dry?
that is spoke of as hydrostatic rigidity. you're able to hire a basement waterproofing corporation, they in many situations all have a life-time garauntee. they have some exceptionally hi rigidity sales strategies yet on average the fee could be around 75.00 in line with linear foot for an unfinished basement and as much as a hundred and twenty.00/ linear foot for an entire basmt. you're able to do the job your self while you're above reachable. no longer a role for the weekend warrior. GL
Q:Why does rug burn hurt so much?
friction burns
Q:What rugs to get for my horse?
For winter you need a heavyweight turnout rug for the cold, especially if your horse is fine or been clipped. In autumn and spring you should have a lightweight rug for variable weather and its not too extreme - can be used on thick or hairy horses in winter. The obvious stable rug will be different weights for different horses from lightweight fleeces to duvets. A stables horse is cooler than one turned out! Summer sheets are not waterproof but to keep the horse cleaner). New Zealand rugs are often waterproof and can be waxed as they're a thick canvas material. They are very strong, practically indistrucable and many owners use them as a all round year rug. Cooler rugs are for exercised horses and take the moisture away and can be put under a turnout rug or as a stable rug on colder days. FLEECES! Are very versatile and can be many colours and designs. Used as; a cooler, travel rug, under turnout or stable rug. EVERY HORSE SHOULD HAVE ONE. Can get different sizes in all rugs and high necked ones if it slips. Horse ware is my all time favourite! I would recommend it but there's also Derby house, Masta and Fal pro which are also decent. Hope this helps! :)
Q:Good looking carpet for kids?
My sister did berber throughout her house, accenting w/some area rugs also, .it held ok, not too high on luxury (not really fluffy) but it was harder for the kids to ruin it. I know that Scotch Guard is her best friend and she actually used to re-spray the carpet 1x/yr for extra support in higher traffic areas - I'm guessing its cheaper to go with the same carpet throughout but maybe they will let you change the hue of the color to break it up - or see if the one you like can take scotch guarding Hope this helps :)
Q:Pop Stain on Carpet?
Hi I would recommend using a wet vac and slowly pour hot water (almost to the boiling point) on the spot and vacuum it up at the same time (this will open up the dye ports on the carpet fibre releasing the stain. and remove the residue from the carpet). If the stain is still visible than use a little carpet spotter on it or Dawn dishwashing liquid (2 or 3 drops into one cup of water) and repeat step 1. The stain may come back in a few days so you may have to do this a few times. Please DO NOT put anything on the carpet that was not made for carpet. At this point if the stain is still there please call a carpet cleaner. Carpet cleaner of 14 years
Q:What is the Largest Rug Store near Laguna Niguel CA?
The largest rug store near laguna niguel ca carries persian rugs. oriental rugs, antique rugs, silk rugs and traditional rugs for sale. The services they provided are rug cleaning, rug appraisal and rug repair. Their contact information is: Phone Number: (949) 306-9429 Address: Call for Directions
Q:Cute rug or throw ideas for a plain white floor?
I I hope I hear from you soon!
Q:Stained carpet?
The best product is goo gone it works on carpet and gets ALL stains out, it is very good! Look it up online. You could also try oxi clean which works vry well, but id stick with goo gone is they are very deep stains.
Q:using oxiclean in a carpet cleaning machine?
You most likely could do that if you add about a 1/4 cup of anti-foaming agent to each batch of soap solutuion. It is available at the carpet cleaning rental station at most grocery stores. It keeps the foam from overwhelming and damaging the machine.

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