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China Main Port
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TT or LC
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1000 Pieces pc
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100,000 Pieces per Month pc/month

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custom metal parts manufacturers


2.material:aluminum,cast iron,steel,etc

custom metal parts manufacturers  



High precision steel and  iron casting parts

Be skilled in steel and  iron casting and mould making

10 years steel and iron casting experience

We are experienced especially in ductile iron casting and mainly export to Europe and America.


Products Properties:

Iron Casting products normally from 0.5kg to 200kg.



gray iron, ductile iron, malleable iron and etc.






Sand Casting, Precision Casting and etc.

Surface Finish


Zinc Phosphate, Electroless Nickel, Impregnation



Mold manufacturing process:



Samples or Drawings by customers



Tooling Proposal & Discussion



3D Tooling Design



Tooling Production



NC Programming



CNC&M/C machining and EDM Machining



Fitting& finish



Tooling Measurement & Check






Trial Production






Final Trial



Samples Inspection



Samples Approval by customer



Tooling approval



Inspection reports is available as per our customers' requirements.




Raw materials inspections before production


Random inspections under each production stage


Final inspection before delivery




Go/No Go Guage For Threads


3-Coordinate Measuring Machine


Digitizing Measurement Profile Projector


Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument


Spectrographs & Computerized X-ray Machines


Series Digital Gauges, Micrometers , Calipers and so on

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Q:What are the main uses of electronic hand wheels? What is the principle?
Principle and mouse wheel electronic hand wheel is the same, there is a lot of lattice window into fixed axis encoder, two photoelectric switch is fixed on the outside, when the disc rotates, the photoelectric switch is hollow or encoder block, encoding signal generation, is actually the on-off signal, recorded as 1 or 0 after treatment, the back end circuit produces a standard Fang Bo, installation of two photoelectric switch become complementary, 90 degree phase fault output, and the machine tool by comparing two groups of pulse sequence, you can control the motor forward or backward.
Q:What is the handwheel of the valve?
Gate valve, ball valve, control valve with a disk handwheelDo you know what is not said the number of valve handwheel?
Q:Processing center handwheel, X shaft wiring bad contact, how to do?
It's for other reasons, not for lines
Q:Fanuc CNC lathe with hand wheel X axis Z axis movement, that is, the use of hand wheel, the rate of 100% are very slow, ask the master know what reason?
When using the handwheel, there is also "manual fast" input
Q:The four axis handwheel of the machining center can rotate inch and fast forward. What is the problem?
First. Make sure the fourth axis is unlocked. Second. Look at your manual method. Did you hit the feed 0%?.
Q:What is the relation between the injection speed of the horizontal cold chamber die casting machine and the two speed handwheel? For example, hand wheel two times, what is the speed of the injection?
There is no need to be too attached to the theory. The two are not directly related to what you actually tune up, and should be adjusted according to the situation of the casting. You should say that the speed of the shot should be fast, easy to roll.
Q:Electronic handwheel control servo driver
Reward is only too small, too little, too little!Hyde's hand vein has +5V, 0V, A, A-, B, B-, six terminals, the price is probably 300, +5V, 0V and 5V switching power supply (positive and negative connection, the hand pulse is not saved!) A, A-, B, B-, respectively, PUL+, PUL-, SIGN+, SIGN-, and then the drive settings on the drive to adjust, or in the enable interface with a self latching switch. Then the gear ratio needs to be adjusted, otherwise the motor will turn too fast or too slow.Hand your hand vein is only A, B is not connected to the collector circuit, because the output is double pulse differential signal (forward and A waveform inversion in the B waveform), and an open collector SIGN+, SIGN- is the direction of the signal (0 or 1), PLU+, PLU- (continuous pulse signal)
Q:Metering pump operation, adjust the handwheel, this abnormal perm, while the machine running, adjust the hand wheel will swing
You should be a larger plunger pump, the pressure is still relatively high. It may be that the middle structure of the follower is somewhat eccentric and causes the adjusting handle to rotate or sway on its own. In general, the big adjustment handle should have a locking screw
Q:The hand wheel of an old sewing machine can not drive the needle bar and presser foot. How can it be handled?
First a new test, if the pressure foot deviation can open the front cover loosen head presser bar fastening screws can be corrected, if you need a needle bar slanting the needle rods to the top with a hammer knock calibration.
Q:Can the electronic handwheel be connected to the industrial computer?
Yes, but the IPC needs to receive hardware, such as the acquisition card
We sincerely would like to build cooperation with customers relying on our strong teams, advanced equipments, good quality products and competitive prices. For any inquiry, please submit to us immediately. We usually can respond within 24 hours upon receiving your inquiries. No matter you send us only a drawing, a sample or even an idea, our team can design and make samples for your approval.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Zhejiang,China
Year Established 2011
Annual Output Value
Main Markets 40.00% Western Europe
20.00% North America
10.00% Mid East
10.00% Southeast Asia
10.00% Eastern Europe
5.00% Eastern Asia
5.00% South America
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;ISO 14001:2004

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Export Percentage 91% - 100%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 11-20 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size:
No. of Production Lines
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range