Cushion Pillow for Animal Shape Design

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Product Description:

Product Usage:

Travel pillow is the most comfortable place to lay your head on when you travel by air, train, car or ship. It will stretch and mould into every part of your body in need of support. This is an extremely soft and comfortable cushion which moulds into any position and is surprisingly supportive.



Product Feature:

Travel Pillows are great soft and cozy. Filled with thousands of premium microbeads,they offer the perfect blend of support and relaxation. Great for use when relaxing at home or when your on the go.


Product advantage:

1.The travel pillow has competitive price and quality.

2. Professional in microbeads pillow&cushion more than 7 years

3. Good quality ,three  inspections before packing

4. Best service,customized design is available



Product Name

Travel pillow

Product size

30*750px or customized


85% nylon, 15% spandex


100% polystyrene beads 0.3-0.8mm




1pc in 1OPP bag; 32pcs in 1 carton (56*52*1625px)

Product ability

100000pcs per month

Loading Port

ShangHai or NingBo



Q: What is the usage of the travel pillow?

A: You can use it when you travel by air, train, and car or when you sit on the sofa watching TV, reading book. Your neck will be perfectly protected.


Q: What is the filling in the travel pillow?

A: The filling in the travel pillow is 100% polystyrene beads, the diameter of the beads is 0.3-0.8mm. These beads are all safe, environmentally friendly and food grade.


Q: How can do when the travel pillow is dirty?

A: You can just wash it. Don’t worry, the color of the travel pillow will not fade.


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