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ceramic coffee mugs with customer's logo printing, embossed artwork, different colors glazed, microwave/dishwasher/food safe

Description of this ceramic mug:

Item name: Espresso Coffee Cup&Saucer

Item No.: FV2017

MOQ:     5000 pieces( For larger quantity, we provide a discount )

Material:( you can choose the following material)




Strengthen porcelain


Size: Cup-6.4cm(D)*5.4cm(H), 70ml

Printing:       customized Logo

Feature:  espresso cup  with logo printing inside/outside, thick wall

Usage:advertising gifts/promotional gifts/home supplies

Advantage:OEM service/excellent quality/beautiful appearance/safe packing

Certificate:dishwasher and microwave safe/eco-friendly/food safe

Packing:          standard safety/gift box packing

1.detailed description 

Item name

ceramic mug cups,sublimation mugs cups promotional,

porcelain mugs wholesale






--top :8cm , 




sample time

7~10 days


Customer’s logo allowed


2.Packing :



--12pcs per egg tray inner box

   3or 4 inner box  per brown carton

--1pcs per white or color box 

   36pcs or 48pcs  per brown carton



  1*40ft /1700ctns



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Q:Why do vacuum flask has a good heat preservation performance
The function of the vacuum flask is to keep the original bottle temperature, cut off the bottle and bottle of heat exchange, hot not to make the bottle, bottle outside hot or not. Someone called thermos bottle, actually this kind of name is unscientific, because the vacuum flask can protect "warm", can also be "cold".
Q:Vacuum flask how to maintenance and warranty
Found thermos insulation can go to the sellers not pick in, this should be to change, use daily to avoid don't meet at the bottom of the outstanding small head, and that place is the most important, broke into the air, broken vacuum of the vacuum flask, don't heat preservation.
Q:How to get rid of the smell in the thermos
7 with toothpaste wash. Very useful. After washing clean and no smell. 8 the last method can go to the supermarket to buy specially for the odor removal in addition to taste, with in addition to flavor agent remove the peculiar smell of the thermos is effective, but in addition to flavor must carefully rinse after thermos.
Q:Put the annual leave to go home, how to deal with thermos
Air relative to the thermos is a poor conductor of heat, so there is a small piece of air insulation effect is bette
Q:Why can hear buzzing within the thermos is good thermos
How to choose the thermos Thermos is also called the thermos or vacuum flask, is an essential part of every household utensils for daily use, however, often listen to people, oneself buy thermos no heat preservation, insulation or time is too short. So, pay attention to when buying the right selection method is very important. 1, look at the bottom of the inside side of tail gas is complete. If the tail gas breakdown or was knocked off, belong to the damaged goods, because inside is two layers of glass, no air, tail gas damage that has been in the air, no heat preservation effect. 2, a finger gently knock inside place of glass, if the sound is ringing, good inside is no crack. 3, check whether the silver plating is uniform, because silver plated to avoid the thermal radiation, prevent heat loss. 4, to see if the thermos bottle mouth round, inserting the cork is tight or leak. People usually choose listening thermos, this is unscientific. An outer glass broken inside, the inner glass bravery also issued a "buzzing" sound, it is of the bile in the convection of air inside the sound.
Q:What is the material of vacuum flask
To say the material of vacuum flask, first to understand how the heat lost way, this way has three: Conduction; Convection; Radiation. As long as prevented it from three ways, can greatly reduce heat loss, maintain a certain temperature for a long time. In order to reduce the heat conduction and used poor conductor glass vacuum flask, and adopted double vacuum process, reduce the heat conduction losses as much as possible; In order to reduce the convection loss, vacuum flask used the cork, let the internal space and external isolation; In order to reduce radiation loss, vacuum flask for the coating. Early use silver mirror reaction is silver plated, so prices high. With the development of science and technology, to be able to use more cheap coating on aluminum metal, greatly reduces the cost, let thermos walked into the thousands.
Q:The choose and buy of vacuum thermos method?
(5) identification of plastic parts: Vacuum plastic should be used in the vacuum flask is food grade, the small plastic smell, surface brightness, no burr, long service life is not easy to aging. And ordinary plastic or recycled plastic smell great, colour and lustre is the feature of gray, burr, plastic aging more easy to fracture, stink after a long time. This will not only make the vacuum thermos shorten the life, also will be a threat to the health of our body. (6) the capacity of detection: For vacuum thermos is double, so the pot of the actual capacity and we can see there will be some discrepancy. First to see if the height of the depth of the inner and outer were similar (average 18 to 22 mm), many small factory in order to reduce costs, often in the material aspects that might affect the capacity. (7) identification of a stainless steel material: There are many different kinds of stainless steel material, 18/8 said the stainless steel materials containing 18% chromium, nickel, 8% reach the standard of material, accord with national food grade standards are green environmental protection product, the product rust and corrosion resistance. Ordinary stainless steel material to present pale or dark color, if in a concentration of 1% saline soak for 24 hours after can produce rusty spot, its part of the element to exceed bid, directly endanger human body health. Consumers in a vacuum, vacuum flask when the choose and buy not only see appearance, or name, and wang to see the instruction manual is marked as for double insulation or vacuum insulation, although now many don't vacuum thermos product appearance generous, novel styles, is actually a double insulation without vacuum, warming Yang Yang home to remind consumers don't make such a small mistake, must see clear outer instructions and manuals.
Q:What thermos measures to prevent the three ways of heat transfer??
Vacuum flask of insulation, cold insulation function is the worst place around the bottleneck, more calories in it with the help of the conduction mode of circulation. Therefore, manufacturing is always possible to shorten the bottleneck, the greater the capacity and the smaller the thermos bottle, the heat preservation effect better, under normal circumstances, can make the bottle within 12 hours of cold drink stay in 4. C. Water in the 60 s. C. Vacuum flask and closely related to people's work and life. With its stored chemicals in the lab, picnics, football game people use it to store food and drinks. In recent years, the outlet of the vacuum flask added many new things, make the pressure vacuum flask, contact vacuum flask, etc. But the heat preservation principle remains the same.
Q:Heard that just bought thermos to preheat how advance??
Alas, few pour boiling water first sway under two even if preheating, afraid you pour too much to the shock.
Q:What brand of warm bottle
Thermos of good brand or a lot of ah, generally about this brand of things, I think the original poster can buy buy Chinese brands on the web to see above, the above brand general or useful information, it should be of help, I have this kind of problem is in general to query above, have time to have a try.

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