CUMMINS generator with soundpfoof from Shanghai Ruiying 100kva

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Low-noise 100kva Cummins Diesel Generator 50/60hz

Briefe performance of silent diesel generator set

1)High quality, steady and reliable performance
2)Blow 71dB at 7 meter 

3) Perfect Maneuverability

4) Wide Application 

Cummins Engine







Control system




Fuel tank    600L

Breaker     TIANZHENG

Start battery 100Ah×2

Engine Specifications






Cylinder and cycle type

6 cylinders in line, 4 strokes

Aspiration and cooling

Turbocharged and after cooled


5.9 L


102×120 mm

Compression ratio


Rated speed

1500 rpm



Oil capacity

16.4 L

Prime power


Standby power


Fuel consumption

22L/H (100% Load)

17L/H (75% Load)

Coolant capacity

9.1 L

Start system

DC 24V


Alternator Specifications







Single bearing4-poleAC   brushless and self-exciting


50 Hz

Power Factor





400/230 V



Insulation class


Protection class




Control System(DSE from UK)

 HGM6120KC Control System is mainly used in generating supervising and control of land type diesel generator set and the switching between diesel generator set and city electricity supply. It is combined with digitalization, intelligence and network and capable of generator start and stop, generator data supervising and testing, protection alarm, city electricity supply quality supervising and starting generator automatically when  power failure happens or city electricity supply is beside the set point.

Silent/Low noise generator

Light Tower with Trailer Generator Set

Trailer and low-noise generator


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Q:What's the difference between asynchronous and synchronous AC motors?
Asynchronous motors and synchronous machines actually have a big difference in principle:The synchronous motor works by "the magnetic field always goes along the shortest direction of the magnetic circuit", taking the transition motor as an example. When there is excitation on the rotor, the N and S poles appear; then the stator magnetic field rotates, and its N and S poles change with each other, and always correspond to the magnetic poles of the rotor. So synchronization is formed. What's more, the number of poles of the stator and rotor must be the same, otherwise the motor will not work.
Q:Can having a different Amp on the AC fan motor trip my circuit?
make sure he installed a new fan capacitor when he installed the new fan motor. The tech sounds like a hack if he replaced the motor with a different amps.
Q:How do you connect an AC motor?
Do NOT blindly use black and white and leave the others open. You could burn out a winding. The motor needs a specific configuration. You really should use the nameplate data to get more information. There is no simple color-coding scheme for all motors.
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Q:What's the difference between an AC motor and a direct current motor?
Alternating current dynamo:1. AC motor with frequency device, there is a wrong display window, will automatically detect the fault and display the corresponding code, what problems will be clear2. compared with the DC motor, the output power of the same number of AC motor will be greater than the DC motor3. AC motors do not have carbon brush, so they will not produce DC motor those disadvantages
Q:AC speed regulation motor + turbo reducer instead of cam cutter + AC motor?
But this method of use is not very reliable, if the switch is broken, then it has only been turned. So this method uses a lot of reciprocating rotation of the situation. A stroke switch is arranged at both ends of the reciprocating stroke, and if the detecting switch is broken, the switch is stopped by the stroke switch after the prescribed stroke is exceeded.In addition, the mechanism of the worm is only suitable for low speed, high speed condition, due to the impact of rotary body, namely back rebound, the backlash of worm caused by tooth side collision and rebound, resulting in inaccurate positioning.In addition, the rotating disk can not be subjected to impact load when it is stationary, and this will cause the rotation of the center of the rotating body because of the poor alignment, so that the positioning is accurate.
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Application: the DC motor and the AC motor are different in structure at first. The DC motor has a commutator (two opposed half copper rings), and the AC motor has no commutator.DC motor is generally used in low-voltage circuit, DC power can be easily carried, such as electric bicycle, that is, DC motor, as well as computer fans, recorders, motors, etc. are all.Difference method: the main point is whether there is a commutator, what power is used. A DC motor with a commutator is a DC motor.
Q:3 Wire AC motor, How To Wire.?
Red blue yellow are the colours for 3-phase AC, so it may be a small 3-phase squirrel-cage induction motor wired in delta. If it has a star connection it would have a 4th neutral wire. The fact that it hummed but wouldn't turn with a single-phase supply supports this idea. The 3-phase supply is probably derived electronically inside the tape changer, and would also be variable frequency to provide precise motor speed conrol. So unfortunately unless you have a 3-phase supply available, or an electronic variable speed drive controller, it may not be so easy to get it going.
Q:electricity coming from electric motor is it ac or dc?
The current generated is ac current.

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