Cummins Engine Diesel Generator with Light Tower ATS Trailer) 50kva

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Product Description:

Low-noise 50kva Cummins diesel generator 50hz or 60hz

Briefe performance of silent diesel generator set

1)High quality, steady and reliable performance
2)Blow 71dB at 7 meter 

3) Perfect Maneuverability

4) Wide Application 


Cummins Engine Diesel Generator with Light Tower ATS  Trailer) 50kva

Cummins Engine Diesel Generator with Light Tower ATS  Trailer) 50kva





Cylinder and cycle type

4 cylinders in line, 4 strokes

Aspiration and cooling

Turbocharged and after cooled


3.9 L


102×120 mm

Compression ratio


Rated speed

1500 rpm



Oil capacity

10.9 L

Prime power


Standby power


Fuel consumption

12.4L/H (100% Load)

9.3L/H (75% Load)

Coolant capacity

7.2 L

Start system

DC 24V


Cummins Engine Diesel Generator with Light Tower ATS  Trailer) 50kva






Single bearing4-poleAC   brushless and self-exciting


50 Hz

Power Factor





400/230 V



Insulation class


Protection class




Control system:

Optional: DSE or Smartgen

Cummins Engine Diesel Generator with Light Tower ATS  Trailer) 50kva

Manufacturer: SNARTGEN


HGM6120KC Control System is mainly used in generating supervising and control of land type diesel generator set and the switching between diesel generator set and city electricity supply. It is combined with digitalization, intelligence and network and capable of generator start and stop, generator data supervising and testing, protection alarm, city electricity supply quality supervising and starting generator automatically when  power failure happens or city electricity supply is beside the set point.

Control system: Light tower/ Trailer generator set:

Cummins Engine Diesel Generator with Light Tower ATS  Trailer) 50kva

Cummins Engine Diesel Generator with Light Tower ATS  Trailer) 50kva

Cummins Engine Diesel Generator with Light Tower ATS  Trailer) 50kva

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