Cummins Engine 6C8.3 Cummins Engine Assembly

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Type: Diesel Engine Power: 186KW Brand Name: Cummins
Model Numbe: 6C8.3 Place of Origin: USA

Product Description:


Supply  original cummins diesel engine 6C8.3, QSM11, QSX15. for marine, industry, excavator.

CUMMINS ENGINE With Quality assurance 1 years or 2000 hours, whichever occurs first .

typemodelpower/speed  (kw/rpm)Displacement
6C8.3 diesel engine
QSM11 diesel engineZJE2-ZLSHTF1202250/200010.8L
QSM11 diesel engineZJE2-ZLSHTF1203280/200010.8L
QSX15 diesel engine

Cummins Engine 6C8.3 Cummins Engine Assembly

Cummins Engine 6C8.3 Cummins Engine Assembly

Cummins Engine 6C8.3 Cummins Engine Assembly


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You can put 2 sets of of wheel loaders in one 40HQ container. The spare parts are packed with boxes.

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Q:Automobile engine power shortage, and refueling, accompanied by blasting and other phenomena, what is the cause of accelerated weakness?
(2) the reason of the ignition system: ignition timing misalignment caused by premature ignition of combustible gas mixture, early combustion and detonation, causing the engine to produce reversed, carburetor, makes the power drop, late ignition, will cause the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber combustion time delay, growth, muffler shooting, engine overheating the power down.
Q:How about the mechanical efficiency of the turbofan engine?
Of course, this is not absolute, and design-related, but there can be a concept, the current efficiency of the turbine engine is generally higher than the four-stroke gasoline engine.
Q:BMW x3 sudden driving in the engine failure lights with what is the reason?
The engine knockout has meant that it may cause serious damage to the engine or serious power loss.
Q:What are the advantages of Audi's TFSI engine?
It is true that turbocharging does improve the power of the engine, but its shortcomings also have a lot, the most obvious of which is the power output response lag.
Q:Is the engine body aluminum and iron big?
As the proportion of aluminum lighter, so the aluminum unit volume structure strength is less than cast iron, so the volume of aluminum cylinder is usually larger than the cast iron, it is difficult to achieve the compact and small size cast iron cylinder.
Q:How do the conventional submarines inhale and exhaust under water?
At present, the AIP system of conventional submarine can be divided into two major categories: thermal engine system and electrochemical system. The engine AIP system mainly includes the closed cycle diesel engine (CCD/AIP), Stryn (SE/AIP), closed cycle turbine (MESMA/AIP), nuclear power hybrid propulsion system (SSN/AIP); electrochemical AIP system is mainly for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEM /AIP), including alkaline fuel cells, proton exchange membrane fuel cell. But at present the foreign technology is more mature, and has entered the practical stage, can greatly improve the submarine combat capability under the water AIP system is mainly the closed cycle diesel engine, Stryn, closed cycle turbine and fuel cell of the four. Some of these AIP systems have been successfully tested, and some have been equipped with new submarines
Q:Is the engine oil burning normal?
Hello Turbocharged engine driving, if not properly, are likely to burn oil, most of the cars have a mass of burning oil, but some owners said no, and this relationship with the T engine, the advantages and disadvantages of turbo engine benefits: maximum power output in the same displacement conditions with T and the maximum torque will be much larger, because the small displacement can output large power consumption, so small can output high power, this is the 2 aspects of the engine, fuel and power have the advantage
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of Cummins engine and heavy duty engine?
Cummins engine. Advantages: whistle less, fuel consumption is low, durable, not easy to go wrong, simply speaking, Cummings's quality is very good. Disadvantages: the cost of maintaining and repairing parts is high. After the engine has been used for a long time, there will be no sparking.
Q:How many kinds of lubrication are there in an automobile engine?
(1) pressure lubrication: use the oil pump, will have a certain pressure of lubricating oil continuously sent to the friction surface. Forming an oil film with a certain thickness and able to withstand a certain mechanical load without rupture, as far as possible two friction: wipe parts completely separated, to achieve reliable lubrication.
Q:What are the engine parts?
Brief, the main oil pump, cylinder, flywheel, flywheel shell, bolt, cylinder head and piston, cylinder liner, piston ring, connecting rod, connecting rod pin and sleeve, connecting rod, crankshaft, water, oil pump, crankshaft, oil pan, the timing gear chamber, inlet and outlet valve, small don't say with.

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