Cubic Cube Bluetooth Speaker High Quality

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Bluetooth Connection

Audio input

FM Function

TF Card reader


.Available distance:≥10M
.Battery:450mAh  Li-on
.Playing time: 2H (normal volume) (60% volume)
.Speaker:Φ40mm *1
.Speaker Power: 4Ω/3W *1
.Frequency Responce: 120HZ-18KHZ
.Charging: USB Charging(5V/500MA)
.Material: ABS+PC
.Unit Size:60*60*52 MM
.Unit Weight:115g
.Accessories:User Manual;1*2in1USB Cable

High Quality Cubic Cube Bluetooth Speaker (BT07)High Quality Cubic Cube Bluetooth Speaker (BT07)


1. Question: What is your product quality?

   Answer: 100% test before shipping ,one year warranty , very few defective rate .

2. Question: Can you put my brand name (logo) on the phone ?

   Answer: Yes, for samples order we can't print logo,if order over 3000pcs , we can do OEM your logo on back cover

    and box ,turn on picture and unlock slide sign , menual all of this with your logo on .

3. Question: which way to ship the goods to me ?

   Answer: By fedex , Dhl for small order ,big order by air or by sea .

4. Question: What payment method do you accept?

   Answer: T/T ,LC and West Union.

5. Question: if the goods has problem ,how to solve it?

  Answer : if goods has problem , it can send back us , we will repair to you


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