Cu or Al conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Sheathed Power Cable

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0.6/1KV,11-33KV, Cu or Al conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Sheathed Power Cable



YJV,      YJLVCu or Al conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Sheathed Power Cable
YJV22,  YJLV22Cu or Al conductor, XLPE Insulated, steel tape armoured PVC Sheathed Power Cable
YJV32,  YJLV32Cu or Al conductor, XLPE Insulated, steel wire armoured PVC Sheathed Power Cable




ModelCoresRated Voltage KV





Nominal cross section area of conductor (mm2)
YJV, YJLV, YJY, YJLY325~63025~63025~50035~50050~400







Voltage rating for XLPE cable is 0.6/1KV~11/33KV


Max.conductor temperature:


PVC, PE insulated cable: 70°c


XLPE insulated cable: 90°c


Max. short-circuit temperature of the conductor should not exceed:


PVC insulated cable: 160°c


PE insulated cable: 130°c  


XLPE insulated aerial cable: 250°c


The duration time should not exceed 5 Sec.


The ambient temperature under installation: -15°c--45°c


The bending radius of a single-core cable should not less than 20 times of the cable diameter


The bending radius of a multi-core cable should not less than 15 times of the cable diameter

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Q:Apple mobile phone does not support this charge when charging this thing how to charge
People say is right, double heat is not good, line loss big
Q:Can I use 300 v power cable on a cx500?
The volt is not a unit of power. As the voltage supply in any country is 100V-240V then your cable is o.k. The important thing is the gauge ie the current (Amps) it can carry. As the mains power circuits in most countries is fused at 13Amps - 16Amps your cable has to be safely above that Amps are the thing that will cause a cable to overheat and catch fire Therefore check the gauge of you cable
Q:Power cable question.?
Possibly on the BoxiT-200 that takes 12 to 19 volts at 3 amps, positive center. Read the printing on user manual, it gives the requirements. Most other Elmo projectors are plugged into an ac outlet.
Q:Where could I buy a power supply cable for Antec NeoHE 550?
I'd recommend contacting Antec. they have great customer support and im sure they would send you one. Cheers
Q:I need an additional power cable for a new HDD?
All you need to do is pop down to your local computer store and get a power splitter, just make sure you get the right type, IDE and SATA drives have a different kind of power connector, so just make 100% sure before you buy!
Q:Where can I find a replacement power cable for a Technics SL-D20 Turntable?
That type of connector was common before the IEC style cable became the standard. Perhaps you can scrounge some more tag sales or estate sales, friends garages and attics. You might check to see if there is an electronics surplus store in your town. Those guys never throw anything away.
Q:IDE HDD to SATA PSU no power cable?
this is what you want. The IDE power cable your referring to is actually called a molex connector. IDE is the type of data interface the hard drive uses (the wide cable).
Q:What is the difference between the control cable and the compensation cable?
. you want to achieve remote switch, right? In fact, from the host side of the original fixed switch button that cut the two lines, and then then you need to extend the extension cable you can, the super simple; . Internet cafes router, through the exchange (or hub) , Can achieve port expansion capabilities, you can access a lot of computers, but the Internet speed is limited by the router exit speed, that is the maximum speed will not exceed the router exit speed, and broadband providers will be on the server side of the uplink and downlink speed (That is, to provide customers with the speed) restrictions.
Q:where can i get power cable for 52 inch flat screen t.v.?
It's a universal AC power cord. The same one you would use for most other flat panels, desktop pcs, and the PS3. Go to your local Best Buy. They have them in 2 places: Playstation 3 accessories or the PC cable isle in Computers. $10 give or take a couple bucks.
Q:What kind of power cable do i need for a VIA VT6421A IDE & SATA RAID PCI Controller Card?
I agree completely with the reply above However SOME eSATA cards that have external power jacks to power the external drive will have either a four pin Molex plug (same as an IDE/PATA drive) or a Floppy power plug. And back in the day when Firewire was more common any good firewire card had a power socket on it, again, either a Molex plug or a floppy power plug. AD

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