Cu or Al conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Sheathed Power Cable

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0.6/1KV,11-33KV, Cu or Al conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Sheathed Power Cable



YJV,      YJLVCu or Al conductor, XLPE Insulated, PVC Sheathed Power Cable
YJV22,  YJLV22Cu or Al conductor, XLPE Insulated, steel tape armoured PVC Sheathed Power Cable
YJV32,  YJLV32Cu or Al conductor, XLPE Insulated, steel wire armoured PVC Sheathed Power Cable




ModelCoresRated Voltage KV





Nominal cross section area of conductor (mm2)
YJV, YJLV, YJY, YJLY325~63025~63025~50035~50050~400







Voltage rating for XLPE cable is 0.6/1KV~11/33KV


Max.conductor temperature:


PVC, PE insulated cable: 70°c


XLPE insulated cable: 90°c


Max. short-circuit temperature of the conductor should not exceed:


PVC insulated cable: 160°c


PE insulated cable: 130°c  


XLPE insulated aerial cable: 250°c


The duration time should not exceed 5 Sec.


The ambient temperature under installation: -15°c--45°c


The bending radius of a single-core cable should not less than 20 times of the cable diameter


The bending radius of a multi-core cable should not less than 15 times of the cable diameter

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Q:Subwoofer/Amplifier Power Cable Help!?!?
The fuse isnt mandatory but its a good thing to have if your drawing alot of power then you will need it ive blown like 4 then i upgraded no more blown fuses but ya you should get one
Q:What amp rating fuse do I use on the power cable for my Belkin TuneCast II?
If you know that's the correct fuse. You might have another problem such as the wires are shorting or grounding each other out and not completing the circuit. It might just be best to buy a new transmitter instead of wasting your money on fuses.
Q:why I only get 10MB in cat5 cabling?
Ok, please note the following: MB/s = MegaBYTES per second Mb/s = MegaBITS per second 10MB/s = 100Mb/s (roughly) Your router and NIC card is 100Mb/s (unless they are both Gigabit - Gb/s which will give you roughly 100MB/s in speed assuming both the NIC and router can support that speed.) I hope this answers your question.
Q:can you use computer power cables on a different make of computer?
Copper wire will conduct electricity, the rest is plastic. If they fit, use them.
Q:Power cable for Seagate Expansions 500GB External Desktop USB 2.0 Hard Drive ?
Radio Shack or any computer store can sell you a generic replacement power cable for the drive. You can also get a replacement USB cable for it while you're at it in case that cable is wearing out. - Stuart
Q:Xbox One Power Cable Box Is REALLY Loud?
It's obviously faulty. You really should only hear the power brick fan if you put your ear up to it.
Q:I need a 6 pin power cable. Where can I find one?
You'd need to buy it from your PSU's manufacturer as those tend to be proprietary. It's strange it didn't come with all the cables though.
Q:Just bought dvd roms, they connect via sata cables, but they didn't come with power cables, can I buy them?
yah! you can buy a SATA power cable converter. but i don't think if there is a IDE cable to SATA cable converter? is your mother board have a SATA socket?
Q:Do I have to use a fuse for the power cable on an amplifier, if the amp is only a 350 watt amp?
The reason you need a fuse on the power cable is that if the power wire gets shorted to chassis metal, and you don't have a fuse near the battery, the wire will overheat. When it overheats, it will scorch or ignite anything next to it. Any wire connected to the battery, no matter how large, needs to have a properly rated fuse installed as close to the battery connection as possible.
Q:Can cable TV signal lines and network cables be placed in the same line when upgrading? What happens if you are in the same line? Thank you.
Sub-strong electric power cable control cable transmission cable and so on

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