CTO activated carbon rod filter cartridge

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CTO filter (active carbon rod filter)
Material: Activated Carbon
Production process: mixing carbon and hot melt adhesive is heated extrusion.
Usage: Removal of chlorine in the water, Removal of peculiar smell, improve the taste.
Advantages: obvious effect on water purification and adsorption of impurities, the low cost.
Specifications: Length 10 inches 20 inches
Weight: 400 grams to 1600 grams
Outside diameter: 68 mm - 115 mm
Inner diameter: 28 mm

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Q:My home water is well water. What do I need to filter?
Make sure that there are no contaminated water sources around your home well
Q:What is the water in the oxygen filter?
oral oxygen inhalation: if the patient nasal congestion or mouth breathing, you can breathe through the mouth, that is, with a larger catheter into the mouth oxygen inhalation.
Q:What brand of drinking water filter is good?
RO reverse osmosis membrane water dispenser should be RO reverse osmosis membrane water dispenser test indicators
Q:What filters should be used for water with high levels of heavy metals?
At present, there are mainly physical, chemical and biological methods for the removal of heavy metals in water bodies.
Q:Sequence of fish filter materials
Second stage: chemical filter stage placed activated carbon, ammonia stone, zeolite, clear water resin and other chemical adsorption filter (note the adsorption effect of this kind of filter is generally only three months, expired must change)
Q:How to make the filter of garden fish pond?
B, for fish tank care, regular elimination of water, water, into the fish tank harmful substances.
Q:Power plant water efficient filter plugging how to do, plus what ingredients?
High efficiency fiber filtration employs a new type of soft packing fiber bundle (Figure 1) as a filter element with a monofilament diameter of up to tens
Q:30*25*20 small fish tank, water easily mix, how to do, what kind of good filter?
. Purely from the filtration effect, multi layer filtration is better, it is too ugly.
Q:The water fountain was bought today, but the filtered water is black
For the first time, the manufacturer did not install? The new machine should be cleaned, not only not only affect the use, but also affect the life of the filter!!
Q:How big is the filter tank for 1 hours to filter 5 tons of water?
Filtration water = filter area * filtration velocity

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