CS/CST Wet/dry Running Vertical Pump

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Product Description:

Application: 1. Chemical or water recirculation
2. Fume scrubbers/waste treatment
3. Plating solutions
4. Wet processing
5. Cleaning solutions
6. Acids

Feature: 1. CPVC, PVDF or polypropylene construction.
2. Max. fluid temperature:
FRPP/CPVC 167o F(75oC) PVDF 194o F(90oC).
3. High efficiency-low operating cost, leak free operation and easy maintenance.
4. Excellent chemical resistance.
5. Continuous chemical duty TEFC motors with oversized bearings in motor casing.
6. Vertical pumps can run dry without damage to vapor seal.
7. Thick reinforced ribbing in all molded parts.
8. Simplinity of design makes these pumps easy to service and operate.
9. Keyed impeller prevent damage if pumps run in reverse on all three phase motors.
10. CS--Non-metallic solution contact.

1. In-tank use only.
2. NO seals or bearings in pump head to wear out.
3. CS--Motor vapor seal.
CS--120Vcord with ground.
CS--Vented pump base on 1/4 to 1/3 HP.
CST--Vented pump base.
4. The single vapor seal is opened by centrifugal force when pump is operating, this eliminates friction and seal wear. The seal closes back up when the pump shuts down to prevent vapor or liquid from reaching the motor face or bearings.
5. All 3 phase pumps from Super have a keyed impeller shaft that eliminates the possibility of damage to the impeller, housing or vapor seal if the power is reversed. The impeller will not fall off.
6. Vented vapor seal cover with the seal above safely disperse acid and alkaline vapor away from the shaft and motor bearings.
7. For in-tank applications, the vent hole must be open for back-flow to run through when pump shut down.
8. This elbow-union can be connected to the outlet for easy plumbing. CPVC, FRPP, PVDF materials are available.
9. Two O-rings secure the front cover tightly and never fall off.
10. C-clip easy to mount and unmount, secure the front cover.

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Q:can someone eplain to me how the water pump works on an outboard motor?
did you put the dot of adhesive on the Keyway to hold it from slipping out of place ? Are the pump plates worn around the impeller ? If you just replaced the Impeller and NOT the whole housing, and plates, that is NO GOOD, you must replace the whole unit.
Q:water pump....?
Found okorder.com
Q:Slight Water Pump Leak 2001 BMW...help!?
Rarely do BMW water pumps leak a lot. Most would not even leak when pressure-tested by a mechanic (for a few minutes). But a leaky pump would leak when the engine runs and specially when it is pressurized and allowed to sit overnight. Usually the seal itself does not cause the leak. It is the wornout bearing which allows the pump's shaft to wobble and thus allow coolant to leak. Overheating due to air getting inside the cooling system is big trouble. But bigger trouble still is a catastrophic failure due to failed/seized water pump bearings. Have it replaced. And the previous statement that your car is about due for hoses and thermostat replacement is correct. There is even a chance that the thermostat is allowing the cooling system to get over-pressurized and thus results in coolant leaks. Replacing the pump is good, replacing the thermostat in addition is better, replacing also the hoses is best. If you can afford it.
Q:how do you change a water pump on a 1993 nissan quest?
then buy a new one and get your self some tools and a repair manual at autoparts store not much to it once you see what it looks like you start removing parts that are in way til you can take it off clean the old gasket off well and but some blue selicone put on new gasket and put on new pump tighten it put back on all the parts you remove fill radiator start check for leaks should be able to do it on the weekend about three to four hours or lless... any of these will help all about the same as the other but it will give you a better ideal of how to do it and your sure to learn more about your car so doing it would be best not only you learn but you save money too... not hard to replace most parts hard part is knowing what is wrong to replace it so you got the hard part done knowing what is wrong
Q:What water pump do I have to buy to increase the water pressure of the shower?
its called a demand pump when you turn the shower on it kicks on
Q:Is my water pump failing?
17 Years...... Blown Head Gasket, Fans need to be Repaired {A/C Fan on at all times with A/C on, Radiator Fan Cycling as Engine Heats Cools}, Thermostat Removed, Cooling System Boiled/Flushed Out, New Thermostat Installed After Cooling System Cleaning, At 17 Years New Radiator Hoses Clamps, New Radiator Cap, New Temp. Sensor, New Coolant (50%-50% Anti-Freeze Clean Water Used All Year Round). Hopefully that should fix it. Almost forgot; With a Blown Head Gasket there will be Water in the Oil, you should Flush the Engine and change the Oil Filter.
Q:2001 mercury cougar water pump belt broke?
The bearings within the pump, or the belt tensioner pulley bearings, or even the alternator could have gone bad. Any one of the components that draw from the serpentine belt may be the origin.Once the engine cools it may be determined which component caused the failure. If the water pump turns freely then it's not the source and can be ruled out. Same with the tensioner pulley.
Q:Could my problem be with the water pump?
Sounds precisely like your water pump. I had the identical predicament with a cavalier. The pump shoud be around $30 to $50 or so. Price to alter? Quite often around $one hundred to $150. Might be extra so don't quote me on that. Every keep has their own hourly cost.
Q:i need to change the water pump in my car?
The V-6, has timing chains, not a belt. The labor guide shows 3.6 hours to replace the water pump. The retail price on an aftermarket water pump (not genuine Infiniti) is about $60. So the shop's quote of $500 is about right. The only way to save money on this repair is to find a shop with a lower hourly rate. If you've been taking care of the car and changing the oil, you should not need to replace the timing chains. However, it the shop finds that the chains need to be replaced along with the pump, the total bill should be $1,000, not $1,000 plus $500. If they replace the chains, the labor for the pump replacement is already done. Don't pay twice for it.
Q:1994 Chevy Camaro v6 water pump replacing help!!!?
Leaving the belt on with tension to hold the pulley while you break loose the 4 bolts is the easiest way... you will have to come up with a way to hold it still while loosening the bolts... one way is to take a good sized flat tip screwdriver and while you are holding it wedged between the shaft and one of the bolts while breaking the other bolts loose..

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