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We can supply you any colors of granite, marble, travertine, limestone,and quartz.

Popular marble colors: ChinaCarrara, Pure White, Absolute White, Overlord Flower, Cyan Cream, Yunnan Beige,Pinghua Cream, Bonan Stone, Voladas, Bianca Carrara, Marmara White, CremaMarfil, Royal Botticino, Botticino, Chang'e Beige, Flash Playinum, New Marfil,Peach Honey Onyx, Classic Cream, Wood Vein, Coffee Brown, Hang Grey, RossoLevanto, Classic Brown, Nero Marquina, Red Cream, Perlato Svevo, Sunny Yellow,Oream, Tiger Beige, Galala Beige, Moca Cream, Martini Flower, Butterfly Beuge,Habak Geige, China Marfil, Apollo, Shell Beige, Rosalia, Rosa Norwegian, GoldBeige, Emperador Light, Dark Emperador and etc.

Popular granite colors:G603, G654, G681, G682, G636, G633, G635, G640, G623, G664, G687, G617, G439,G684, Tiger skin white, Tiger skin red, Tiger skin red, Spray white, Leopardskin, Huidong Red, Tianshan red, Guilin red, Maple leaf red, Red porphyry,China butterfly green, Absolute black, Kashmir white, Sesame gold, ImperialGold, Mardura gold, Diamond gold, New veneziano, Giallo veneziano, Gialloornamental, Santa cecilia, Giallo fiorito, Tropical brown, Baltic brown, Carmenred, Imperial red, Multicolor red, Sapphire gold, Tan brown, Café imperial,Blue pearl, Butterfly green, Emerald pearl, Verde ubatuba, Santa Cecilia light,Black galaxy and etc.

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packing detail: carton box or as your demand

delivery detail: about 30 days or as the client requirments.

The series of products using innovative production technology, using such as raw materials jade pure, using computer more pipelines from tile colour cloth, texture, light feeling, all aspects designs create perfect create beautiful and elegent noble generous adornment effect.We have many different color and different design in this series, this tile is good sell in the supermarket, shopping mall


granite tiles

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1. CNBM is a state-owned group company. So we have good reputation and credibility.

2. We own many qurries in china,brazil,iran,india to ensure our supply of different types of granite,marble,limestone,sandstone,etc.

3. We are a professional manufacturer so we can provide you various tiles with high quality and best price.

4. We have more than 5 years exports experience.So we can make your order more smooth.

5. All of our goods will pass THREE QUALITY INSPECTIONS before shippment.

6. Best after sale service, customer can follow their orders situation any time, no matter on production line, warehouse or shippment.

7.Special dimensions available according to your request.

8.We have many certifications of our tiles.

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Choose us is your best choice!  Our purpose is: CUSTOMER IS FIRST!

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Q:Artificial stone stove knife was cut a few India, how to repair into the original can not see it
This is only looking for professional people because our family is also the results of the people I was careful to draw a few mark after the maintenance of stone people took a grinding machine is like grinding machine so grinding a few times like a little Can not see the fact that looking for a professional person to get you that is minutes of the thing that simple people who give you home by the artificial stone you find someone who will give you just do not want your money is particularly simple one Things do not give you money do not give me an extra score
Q:Artificial marble has a scratch how to deal with
The most convenient way in the family is to use a towel dipped in toothpaste, forced repeatedly wipe the hanging flower parts, and finally wipe with a dry towel for a moment, you can bright as new.
Q:Artificial stone terrazzo advantages
(1), high-grade terrazzo, table light after the brightness of more than 70, dust and anti-skid to achieve the quality of marble; (2), terrazzo, the surface hardness of 6-8; (3), terrazzo, can be random splicing color, color can be customized preparation; (4), no cracking, not afraid of heavy truck rolling rolling, not afraid of heavy objects drag, do not shrink deformation; (5), can not afford dust, cleanliness; cleanliness to meet the pharmaceutical, chip manufacturing and other high clean environment requirements; (6), non-flammable, non-ignition, anti-aging, stain resistance, corrosion resistance, no smell without any pollution;
Q:What is the difference between polymer slab and composite acrylic table?
The difference between polymer slabs and composite acrylic countertops is that the composite acrylic countertops is harder.
Q:Artificial stone has a taste of how to do?
There is artificial stone powder in the kitchen Artificial stone countertops at the time of installation Produce a lot of powder these powder if the accumulation in the cabinet underground will have a taste Of course this is less likely Take a way to pick up your sleeves
Q:What are the advantages of artificial stone and quartz stone? What's the difference
The difference between man-made stone and quartz stone is mainly composition, performance and production process. From the composition, the artificial stone, including resin artificial stone, pure acrylic artificial stone and man-made stone, etc., are mostly natural stone powder or aluminum hydroxide powder, the common is to use resin to do the bonding, because there are resin artificial stone is generally not High temperature, hardness is poor, but good quality artificial stone such as pure acrylic artificial stone plasticity can do any shape, and artificial stone (except artificial stone) environmental splicing seamless, which is not available quartz stone.
Q:Artificial stone with no need to do waterproof
Stone is also very susceptible to contamination by external substances, if not the surface of the appropriate protection, the outside of the dirt is very easy to penetrate into the outer surface of the stone and the interior makes the stone becomes ugly, thus greatly reducing the ornamental value of stone and decoration effect.
Q:How to repair man-made stone
If it is used for a long time, scratches more, you can ask the professional man-made stone master to your desk to polished polished renovation.
Q:I ask you artificial marble countertops broken corner, that is, hit a corner, but also to repair it? How much does it cost?
Re-stick with the marble glue, and then a little grinding can throw light. Material almost no money, but the master door fee at least 50 yuan.
Q:Is it nice to use a man-made stone or a stainless steel?
Marble stone is durable, gorgeous and beautiful, but the natural stone is not waterproof, a long time the water splash on the ground will deepen the color of the stone, into the face. In addition, marble is radioactive, to the dealer for product radioactive certificate, according to the stone's radiation level to choose; Natural marble texture hard, colorful changes, different shades, there are a variety of shiny, so the formation of a unique natural beauty. Artificial marble than natural marble light weight, high strength, thin thickness, corrosion resistance, anti-pollution, a better processing, can be made curved, curved surface, easy construction. But in the color and texture is less than natural marble beautiful, natural soft.

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