Crawler Type Mobile Jaw Crusher / Impact Crusher

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Product Description:

Technical Data//ModelYG935E69LYG935FW1214ⅡLYG1138E71LYG1138FW315ⅡLYG1138EW86L
Vibrating FeederGZD-960×3500GZD-960×3500GZD-1100×3800GZD-1100×3800GZD-1100×3800
Main Belt ConveyorB800×8.5MB800×8.5MB1000×9MB1000×9MB1000×9M
Discharging Height of Main Belt Conveyor (mm)32003200350035003500
Side-opening Belt Conveyor (Optional)B450×3MB450×3.2MB500×3.5MB500×3.5MB500×3.5M
Discharging Height of Side-opening Belt Conveyor (mm)28002800310030003100
Power of Genset (kW)180250200300250
Transportation Length (mm)1190011900133001330014200
Transportation Width (mm)31003100310031003300
Transportation Height (mm)36503650450045005000
Transportation Weight (t)43.550595967
Working Length (mm)1210012100135001350015200
Working Width (mm)31003100310031003300
Working Height (mm)41004100510048005500

Any change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.

Standard Crawler Type Cone Crusher Plant Specifications:


Equipment ConfigurationCrusherCs160Hp220

Belt Type Vibrating FeederGLD-12×4/15GLD-15×4/15

Volume of Upper Hopper55

Height of Final Products Receiving31003100

Model of Main Belt ConveyorB1000×9MB1000×9M

Genset (Kw)270330

Transportation Length (mm)1250012500

Transportation Width (mm)32403240

Working Height (mm)39003900

Working Weight (t)36.241.4

Any change of technical data shall not be advised additionally.

Standard Crawler Type Mobile Screening Plant

Classification of ItemsA Type Dual Power Crawler Type Mobile Feeding and Screening PlantB Type Dual Power Crawler Type Mobile Sorting and Screening Plant
Vibrating Feeder3YZS15483YZS18483YZS18603YZS15483YZS18483YZS1860
Feeding HopperBelt Conveyor FeedingSorting Conveyor Feeding
Belt ConveyorFeeding Belt ConveyorB1000×4MB1000×4MB1200×4.5MB1200×3MB1200×3MB1200×3M
Main Belt ConveyorB800×5MB1000×5MB1000×5MB1000×8MB1200×8MB1200×9M
Belt Conveyor Under Vibrating ScreenB800×4.5MB1000×4.5MB1000×5.5MB800×7MB1000×7MB1000×8M
Left Side-opening Belt ConveyorB500×7.3MB500×7.3MB650×7.3MB500×7.3MB500×7.3MB650×7.3M
Right Side-opening Belt Conveyor 1B500×7.3MB500×7.3MB650×7.3MB500×7.3MB500×7.3MB650×7.3M
Right Side-opening Belt Conveyor 2B500×7.3MB500×7.3MB650×7.3MB500×7.3MB500×7.3MB650×7.3M
Genset (kW)120120120120120120
Transportation Length (mm)123001230013500120001200013200
Transportation Width (mm)270029202920290031503150
Working Height (mm)390039003900360036003700
Working Weight (t)283034283235

Note:1.There are 6 models with vibrating screen of 3 decks and 6 models with vibrating screen of 2 decks.
2.When the vibrating screen with 3 decks is replaced by vibrating screen with 2 decks, Right Side-opening Belt Conveyor 2 shall be removed. The rest of the items remain the same.

1. Excellent performance of power system. It is adopts Cummins diesel engine, low oil consumption, low noise. And we can equip a low-temperature preheating device sol that the equipment is able to start at -25oC low temperature environment.
2. Ship-shaped steel chassis. It is of high intensity, low on ground pressure etc. And it is easy to be transported on different terrains like mountain and marsh.
3. High-torque moving motor. It is of strong driving force and perfect performance, thus providing reliable power source to the running system.
4. Servo -system. It is of easy operation and precise control, and can realize Continuously Variable Transmission.
5. Efficient and mature crushing and screening equipment. The crushing and screening plant uses our company's advanced products so that ensure the good quality of complete set of equipment.
6. Both electricity and diesel oil power device with intelligent dual power switch. The machine can be operated by local electric power. Thus the operating cost will be cut down and the emission of CO2 and nitrogen oxides is highly reduced. When there is electricity breakdown and under voltage, the diesel oil power device will be started to work to guarantee the continuous operation of the machine.

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