Crawler Track Bulldozers Yd230 Crawler Bulldozer

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Product Description:

Crawler Track Bulldozers Yd230 Crawler Bulldozer

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:YD230


Type:Medium-sized Loader

Usage:Universal Type


Scraper Type:Pull Scraper

Transmission:Hydraulic - Mechanical Transmission


Walking Mode:Crawler

Load and Unload Method:Front Discharge


Engine Power:74~147kw

Certification:CE, ISO9001: 2000





Operating Weight(Not Including Ripper):24220kg

Bulldozer Blade (W*;H):3725*1395mm


Engine Flywheel Power:179kw

Overall Dimensions(Lxwxh):5590*3725*3522mm


Engine Model:Ntaa855-C280s20

Max. Digging Depth (Mm):370mm


Towing Equipment/Ripper (Optional):Fixed/3-Teeth

Max. Lifting Height of Dozer Blade:915mm


Max. Digging Depth of Dozer Blade:400mm

Caterpillar Track Width:560m


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.




Standard:CE, SGS, Ghost, ISO 9001


Origin:Luoyang, China

HS Code:84291190


Production Capacity:2500 Unit/Month

Product Description

1. The crawler bulldozer utilizes an engine with NationalIIemission standard, and is energy efficient and environmental friendly. 
2. Using the American Donaldson air filter and postfilter device, the crawler bulldozer comes with prolonged engine life and increased maintenance interval. 
3. The engine muffler, with ejector device removed, is designed with improved exhausting system, which allows the crawler bulldozer to have reduced exhaust pressure and reduced fuel consumption. 
4. A sealing mechanism is adopted to isolate the cool and hot air for the cooler, thus improving the heat dissipation performance of the cooling system. 
5. The hydraulic filter of the crawler bulldozer comes with an alarming device, so as to timely remind users cleaning filter element or replacing hydraulic oi
6. Air conditioner is available under the engine hood, which allows the bulldozer to increase cooling effect by making use of the cool air flow from the engine. 
7. Designed based on user-friendly design philosophy, the crawler bulldozer is easy for maintenance and repair. 
8. Preposed oil cylinder can reduce the stress on oil cylinder and engine head. This also makes engine repair and maintenance simple and easy.

.Technical Parameters

Total Weight24220kg
Max. Towing Force266kN
Engine ModelNTAA855-C280S20
Engine Rated Power179kW
Engine Rated Speed2000r/min
Forward III Gear3.8~11.3km/h
Reverse III Gear4.9~13.6km/h
Track board width560mm
Ground Pressure76kPa
Overall Dimension (L×W×H)5590×3725×3522mm
Bulldozer blade (W×H)3725×1395mm
Max. Lifting Height of Bulldozer Blade1210mm

Crawler Track Bulldozers Yd230 Crawler Bulldozer

Crawler Track Bulldozers Yd230 Crawler Bulldozer

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Q:How do you solve for this word problem?
The boulder is exerting a 5000 pound force downward, which can be broken into a component parallel to the hill (1000 pounds), and a force normal to the hill. If the angle of inclination of the hill was zero, the force would be all normal. If the angle of inclination was 90 degrees, the force would be all parallel. The majority of the force is normal to the hill, a clue that the angle is less than 45 degrees. If you diagram the forces on the boulder, you can see that the parallel force is the total force times the sine of the angle of incline. 1000 = 5000sinA (solution left for student)
Q:Does anyone know a game where you control a bulldozer-like machine in a drain?
yeah, that buzzy bulldog, the caterpillar game
Q:AMD Bulldozer FX-4100 VS. AMD Phenom II 955 VS. Intel i3 2120?
Well, I use Pacemark currently as a benchmarker for cpu' realize of course, that every benchmarker is relative...but it does give you some idea of performance. On Saturday, I compared all of the recent retail type cpu's (not the server types from Intel or AMD, just the retail types). This included a study of the Octacore, Hexcore and Quad's. I did not take into account duo or dual cores or any monocores. The shocking thing I found out was the LOW LOW score for the new FX-4100, with a benchmark around something like 5000. I was like, well, shocked at the low score and wondered why AMD would sell a putz cpu like this...I guess it might work in a sluggish laptop....The Phenom II 955 came out pretty good for AMD cpu's (on up to the 980) and I would class the 980 at about an Intel i5 2500K roughly. So probably, the Phenom II 955 is probably on par with or just a little bit less performing thanthe i3 is. I don't have my benchmark study with me, but I am going on memory here. So best to worst then... i3 is better than 955 is a WHOLE LOT better than 4100.
Q:How can I obtain a license in New York City to drive heavy equipment vehicles?
DMV does not issue licenses for heavy construction equipment. The heavy equipment operators in New York City, for the most part, are members of Locals 14 and 15 of the International Union of Operating Engineers. You have to complete the Union's training program to operate the heavy machinery. To operate cranes, you have to have a crane operator license, issued by the NYC Building Department.
Q:Why do bulldozers or road graders have white pods on poles attached to their blades?
this is simply so the driver/operator can see where the blade is... otherwise he might trash someone's car, etc., see?
Q:Dream interpretation of bulldozer?
Could it be that someone is attempting to bulldoze their way over you forcing an earth shattering situation in your life. A bulldozer is used to clear pathways by removing rubble or as a combat vehicle (surrounded by jealousy, envy strife). This is a warning to be aware of your environment, the company you keep, and listen intently to their words during conversations. It doesn't appear that you will be in a car accident or lose your life because the dream ended before your friends could find out. . Again, be aware of the company you keep.
Q:Intel i5 2500k or AMD fx 8120 bulldozer?
Q:What's the use of a gold coin bulldozer?
Here are some other gifts for you to say.Dog: a new coin that turns you into a certain probability becomes a silver coin. The higher the grade, the higher the probabilityFish: when you get the big gold coin, the props will appear. The higher the rank, the nearer the props appearGlasses: make special coins and props add more XP. to youUmbrella: increase the number of coins in Coin shower (that is, drop coins, coins, showers), the higher the gradeBear: reduce the number of seconds and minutes you get coins after you play and withdraw, and the higher the grade, the more you loseDice: the wall stays longer, the higher the level, the longer it stays
Q:Is the AM3+ special interface for the AMD bulldozer? Does the AM3+ motherboard provide full support for bulldozers?
AM3+'s motherboard can use AM3's CPU, but AM3's motherboard can't be used, and AM3+'s CPU..AM3+ is built for the launch FX series
Q:Is this a good built for bf3 and skyrim medium to high settings?
If I were you, I'd put some more money into the video card and go for the 6870. Also AMD isn't the powerhouse it once was in terms of CPUs. I'd advise going for an intel i5 series processor and overclocking.

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