Crawler Excavator 8ton with Korea hydraulic parts

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Quick Details

Model Number: WY85

  • Condition: New

  • Moving Type: Crawler Excavator

  • Operating Weight: 7760mm

  • Bucket capacity: 0.3m3

  • Maximum Digging Height: 6895mm

  • Maximum Digging Depth: 4045mm

  • Machine Weight: 7760mm

  • Max Digging Radius: 7330mm

  • Rated Speed: 2/3.85 km/h

  • Certification: ISO9001 IS14001

  • After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

  • Engine Model: Yuchai YC4D80

  • Engine Power: 56kw/2200rpm

  • Overall Dimension: 7260*2088*2690mm

  • Back end swing radius: 1935mm

  • Max unloading height: 4780mm

  • Rotation speed: 11 r/min

  • Hydraulic system pressure: 28Mpa

  • Track shoe width: 450mm

  • Excavator color: Yellow / Blue

  • Manufacturing date: Made in 2014


Products Features for crawler excavator 8ton

1. As domestic first company , we design the machine by care design philosopy, create trasformers type excavator, ans acquire the national patent .

2.  The hydraulic system and Multi-value of Korea and Japan and adopt loop pressure compensation, load sensitive type valve, and no-pressure interference, so make the operation standard II.

3. The engine is the newest type YUCHAI engine, gets the national standard II.

4. Structural parts holes are made by full automatic numercial control fine boring , gap precision, well lubrication; surface with shot blasting, paint surface has strong adhesive force ; cab and covering parts are processing with electrophoresis, corrosion resistance is greatly improved.

5. Full- automatic welding, weld joint adopts ultrasonic flaw detection, get weld zero defect.

6. The cab shows the harmony of machine and human, comfortable zero seat, wide vision, equipped with the A/C, and sound. The inside design adopts the enviromental material, and make the inside cab elegant and fresh.

 7. Pass the agricultural machinery appraisal of Shandong province, enjoy nation subsidies.

 8. Cummins engine for your choice.

 Crawler Excavator 8ton with Korea hydraulic parts



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Q:How much water % is allowed in Hyd Oil , used in Excavators?
Well, any water in your hydraulics will cause you problems, including corrosion. And if your running the unit hard, you might cause the water to turn to steam. My suggestion would be to have your hydraulics flushed and replaced if you have water in it.
Q:When did excavators first come out?.
In the current social construction, excavators are becoming more and more integrated with our daily life. The excavator is the earliest human or animal power for digging deep river dredger, bucket capacity is generally not more than 0.2~O.3 cubic meters. The first excavator manual has been developed for more than 130 years of history, has experienced a gradual development process of automatic hydraulic excavator driven by steam rotary bucket excavator to the internal combustion engine and electric drive rotary excavator, application of mechatronics technology during the. 2012-4-15 22:37:57 upload download attachment (7.39, KB)American Otis 1833~1836, the design and manufacture of the first steam engine, composite structure, semi rotary, rail mounted single bucket excavator, productivity is 35 cubic meters per hour, but because of poor economy without application. The improved steam shovel was formally produced in 1870s and applied to strip stripping. In 1880, the first semi - rotary steam shovel with tractors as the chassis appeared.From the early twentieth Century to the late 40s, excavators entered the stage of diversification of power and walking equipment.In 1910, there was the first motor driven single bucket excavator;In 1912, there was a full rotary single bucket excavator driven by gasoline engines and kerosene engines;In 1916, a single bucket excavator powered by diesel generators was produced;In 1924, diesel direct drives began to be used on single bucket excavators; crawler walking devices were introduced in 1910. With the development of the automobile industry, the tire walking device is widely used in small excavator.In 30s, a walking device appeared.Due to the application of hydraulic technology, a suspension excavator equipped with hydraulic backhoe was installed in the tractor in 1940s.
Q:Is there a Topsoil screen/sifter apparatus I can attached to a mini-excavator, or separate machine available?
visit the local home improvement store -if you don't find what you're looking for, make your own.
Q:About excavator problem 50There are many types of machines,
This depends on what brand you are talking about, such as Carter and Komatsu same tonnage, may be different from the bucket, depending on whether you are standard configuration or heavy configuration, there will be the difference between bucket and bucket. You can ask the number of cubic mining soil, professional concept: the excavator bucket capacity, but the bucket capacity refers to the full mark (according to the bucket is full, but around 45 degrees along the stack), note that the actual earthwork calculation, which can estimate the bucket capacity, but not a little poor.
Q:What does it take to be a grave digger in TX.?
I think you'll find a better job market working with landscaping companies. You can check with cemeteries in the area surrounding where you want to live, just to see what they can tell you. Most of them are privately owned, and probably hire their own contractors to dig the graves.
Q:A recent mechanical invention( last ten years) that provides mechanical advantage to the general public.?
Search for the tunnel excavator by horizontal boring , that was used to construct the tunnel between England and France
Q:Hydraulic Circuit for Backhoe or Excavator?
Q:A question about Troy?
The Troy I settlement, first discovered by Heinrich Schliemann, sits just above the bedrock, the top of the earth's crust. Therefore archaeologists assume that even though there were people living just a few miles from Troy, no one had decided to build a real town at that exact location until around 2700 BCE. Several older villages near Troy were studied by Schliemann, Carl Blegen and the current excavators. Two of the villages contained real evidence of early human settlement: Hanay Tepe and Kumtepe. Both belong to the period before the Bronze Age, called the Neolithic, or New Stone Age. During the Neolithic farming and pottery-making were in full swing. The practice of religion required some organization, but society was simply ordered compared to the Bronze Age, when the evidence suggests greater (priest, trader, ruler, craftsman, farmer, etc.) and perhaps greater difference between rich and poor. During the Neolithic period chipped stone was used more often for tools than metal. During the Bronze Age, metal tools were used more often. After any catastrophic destruction (earthquake, war, fire, plague) the people of Troy who survived usually rebuilt right away. Survivors, or victors, were in such a big hurry to rebuild that they did not bother to cart away the remains of the destroyed city. They would level things off a little, and just build on top! This explains why, after nearly 2000 years of occupation, the city was built up by about 30 feet. L8r
Q:Door penetration loads?
Have you thought of a cutting torch? Sounds easier, but not much fun. There are special door breaching rounds that you can purchase. I would think several slugs would upset the integrity of the door.
Q:Leopard Gecko Breeding?
How To Breed Leopard Geckos

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