Crawler Bulldozer 160horsepower Wet Type Hydraulic

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Product Description:

Crawler Bulldozer 160horsepower Wet Type Hydraulic 

Product Detail

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  • Model NO.: YD160S-5

Product DescriptionMain features:
1. Choose the WD10G178E25 supercharged diesel engine with optimum power reservation coefficient.
2. The hydraulic torque converter and gear box with hydraulic power shift are adopted in the hydraulic system to meet many kinds of work condition.
3. The steering system and braking system are controlled by hydraulic power. The shovel blade and scarifier controlled by joystick, flexible, safe and reliable.
4. Humanized operation layout of cab is applied, which features high efficiency and comfortable.
5. The bulldozer has advanced structure and nice shape.
6. YD160S bulldozer is a wet-land type product, developed on the basis of YD160 bulldozer. It can be applied in reclaiming land from the sea, shore reclamation and mariculture etc.
7. This machine is ultra wet-land bulldozer. Its average ground pressure is only 28kPa, which helps the machine to work in the wet-land, marsh and viscous working condition. It can also be used in refuse dump if equipped with environmental shovel.
8. Adopt hydraulic transmission and control, concentrated pressure testing, large capacity dozer blade, hexahedral cab with good vision and controlling system, which is designed according to ergonomics. Anti-turnover protection device and air conditioner are optional. It features reasonable structure, advanced performance and simple operation etc. It has high cost performance.
9. Its main components are produced with advanced and mature technology of this field, which is of perfect social system and easy in maintaining.
160Horsepower Wet Type Hydraulic Crawler Bulldozer Technical specifications:

Total weightkg18460
Max towing forceKN154
Engine model/WD10G178E25
Engine rated powerKW131
Engine rated speedr/min1850
Fuel consumption of the engineg/kw.h≤210
Forward 3 gearkm/h3.29-9.63
Reverse 3 gearkm/h4.28-12.53
Carpiller track board withmm950
Land pressureKpa28
Overall lengthmm5274
Overall widthmm4150
Overall heightmm3302
Bulldozer widthmm4150
Bulldozer heightmm960
Blade max lifting heightmm1005
Blade max digging depthmm485
Towing equipment scarifier (optional)/
Stationary type


Crawler Bulldozer 160horsepower Wet Type Hydraulic

Crawler Bulldozer 160horsepower Wet Type Hydraulic

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Q:Bulldozer not turning, how to deal with it?
The following are the common failures of bulldozers and the inspection and elimination of them. When the bulldozer is in use, the two sides can not turn the fault suddenly, and the relief valve at the inlet of the steering control valve assembly can be disassembled. The reason is too dirty, the inner surface of oil in the oil impurities or drag the overflow valve and the valve body rubs, the spool stuck in the open position on the oil return, lost the adjustment function of the hydraulic system, the pressure is not up to the standard value.
Q:Which of the following is an example of capital?
a collge education :) because capital is money.. that you start with
Q:Bulldozer hydraulic problems, any thoughs?
I would have though someone would check to see that it had hydraulic fluid in the tank and the shut off valve was in the on position. After that you need to go to the pump it will be in the front driven off the crank shaft. There are U-joints that might be broken and the pump is not turning. There is also a valve on the output side of the pump (smaller line) that allows the fluid to be pumped back to tank if there is no demand for pressure IE: trying to move the blade. There should be a test port on the pressure side on the hydraulic system you will need to look for that I'm not sure if it will be on the hydraulic valve at the pump or at the 4 way valve which the hand control go to. Pressure under no load should be about 50 lbs but you will need a gauge that can handle over two thousand pounds which is what it should pump before the relief valve comes in. It is not likely that the pump is so far gone that it will not try to move the blade so do the easy things first like make sure the oil is on and that the handle is connected to the 4 way valve then check the drive shaft to the pump and the dirverter valve on the pump. You may need to remove that valve to inspect it. There is one more thing that will stop the blade from moving and that would be the packing in the hydraulic cylinder. If it is bad enough in one of the cylinders the fluid could be just pumped back to tank. You may be able to find that out with a stereoscope by putting it on the cylinder and listen for fluid movement on each cylinder. In fact if there is enough fluid movement you could feel it with your hands. You do know someone will have to hold the handle in the up movement.
Q:Where is the VIN number on a 2005 Komatsu bulldozer?
Q:Shantui bulldozer bulldozer and Carter what is the difference?
There are many differences, the engine technology, transmission, drive axle, four wheel area, push, shovel, connecting rod, etc., there is a big gap in quality
Q:where can i find custom built kids beds?
Q:Who remembers the American girl who was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer while protesting ?
It does sound like a regrettable situation. what did you want them to say. She should not have been there in the first place, and shouldn't have walked in front of the bulldozer.
Q:Which of these PCs would run Skyrim better?
I would get the first one because of the larger hard drive and faster processor, it's only a little bit more money.
Q:Opinions on AMD's new PileDriver chip set?
Piledriver will only be a re tweak of the current bulldozer and is expected to only gain a projected 10-15% performance increase on current FX cpu's Given that projected increase in performance would mean it still wouldnt compete against Intels current sandybridge cpu's let alone future Intel cpu releases
Q:Can the GPU of AMD bulldozer fight with independent video cards?
AMD bulldozer does not contain GPU, AMD APU can be exchanged with independent video cards

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