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CQB - F type lining fluoride magnetic pump flow components adopt "

poly 2 fluoroplastic alloy (PVF2) and ultra-high molecular weight 

polyethylene (UHMWPE) manufacturing.At room temperature, 

PVF2 of halogen, halogenated hydrocarbon, strong oxidant, boiling 

acid, alkali and other organic solvent has good corrosion resistance;

UHMWPE for non oxidizing acid (dilute sulfuric acid, nitric acid and large 

concentration hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid, 

formic acid, acetic acid), ammonia, amine and various alkali and salt 

solution has good corrosion resistance, two kinds of materials are not 

resistant to strong oxidizing acid corrosion.Fluorine alloy pump shell for 

metal materials, have enough strength to bear pipeline and mechanical 

shock from the outside.Transmission power below 3 kw adopt full fluorine structure.

A, CQB - F fluorine-butterfly summary of magnetic pump.
CQB - F type fluorine plastic magnetic drive pump leak proof design

cancelled the shaft seal, using magnetic coupling indirect drive, completely 

eliminates the drip, no pollution using field.Due to the pump parts choose 

the fluoroplastic alloy manufacture.Can be continuous conveying any concentration 

of strong acid, alkali, oxidant and other corrosive medium and not damaged.
Second, CQB - F type fluorine-butterfly magnetic pump working principle:
Fluorine-butterfly magnetic pump drives the active magnet coupling directly on the 

motor shaft, pump room is completely closed, indirectly by magnetic coupling drive 

pump impeller rotating shaft with magnet structure is compact, safe and energy-saving.
Fluorine-butterfly robust magnetic pump pump body structure while the contact liquid 

part is fluorine plastic, but the pump shell is the metal material, so the pump body is 

enough to sustain the weight of the pipeline and by mechanical shock.
Three, CQB - F type lining fluorine magnetic pump main use:
CQB - F type fluorine plastic magnetic drive pumps are widely used in: petrochemical, 

acid alkali production, non-ferrous metal smelting, cars made in pickling technology, 

rare earth separation, pesticide, dye, medicine, paper making, electroplating industry, 

radio, etc.Use the temperature: - 20 ℃ to 100 ℃.

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Q:Does the tank oxygen pump need to be open for 24 hours?
Better keep it open. If you are annoyed with electricity or noise, you can also stop and go. But to note that when the pressure is very low (such as cloudy, rain, wind, water and oxygen) is very powerful, never stop!
Q:How long does the oxygen pump in the tank need to last?
1. The three in one pump with filter and oxygen must always be on2 、 the skin bowl type air pump can not be opened without oxygen3, for anti gas lift, water demon skin bowl type pump, the best has been open4, leather bowl type air pump generally on the 3W power, 14 genius once electricity, if not noisy, long open no harm.
Q:Will the fish die when the air pump is turned off?
A submersible pump, 50 cylinder available 5W, available 12W and 1 migang, pump noise, price 20-40 yuan
Q:How can the oxygen pump in the tank be out of oxygen, or pumping water, but without oxygen?
You are using a three in one pump! It has two outlets, through a filter, another boost to the water cycle, with a pipe interface at the outlet, the use of negative pressure high speed water flow will generate air suction and blowing in order to achieve the effect of aerobics, there is no bubble flow for the following reasons: 1 the pump placed too deep, 2 outlet dirt, especially is the root of the intake pipe, 3 tracheal blockage.
Q:Air compressor, air pump room need to pay attention to what safety problems?
Small problems, there are written room management regulations, operating procedures, maintenance and other documents.Equipment management regulations, emergency plans, engineering documents.
Q:The quilt in the bag, sealed with air pump what is called air pumped.
Vacuum compression bags, Taobao, a lot, also very cheap.
Q:Can I change the air pump into an air compressor?
Safety valve is used to relieve pressure, to prevent explosion, you need 5 kilograms of pressure, then set to 5.5 kg open the safety valve. No problem with refitting. You have to install a pressure switch, or you don't know how much pressure stops. And you need to pay attention to the connection of the pipe threads. Suggest to search the drawing of the air compressor system, compare with the cat drawing tiger, although the machine is small, but also want to pay attention to safety.The pipe thread is the joint that connects your air pump, pipe and gas tank. The thread, the safety valve and the pressure switch are all connected with the gas tank by thread. You can weld a pressure vessel yourself. After welding, inflate, soak, see if it leaks, don't be afraid of being ugly, the key is safety.
Q:Why is the pipe hot when the car pumps the pump?
Is the temperature of the trachea high or the temperature of the supply line high?Normally, the gas injected into the tire is temperature free unless the electric charging pump is overheatedCheck the temperature of the power line, as well as whether the air pump is working with abnormal sound and hotIf the pump body overheating, should immediately stop using, in the warranty period can choose to change or return
Q:How do I adjust the air pressure of the air pump when I spray the model?
1. when the weather is wet, the water jet is normal.2. air filter, we also called oil-water separator.It feels like you have two empty filters, and mine is the one with the red circle.A red circle, the oil-water separator above the barometer of the dark here, pull it up, can be rotated to adjust the voltage and then left.The general air pressure is about 2 kilograms.
Q:What's wrong with the water pump and the cylinder pad against the water tank?
Oil-water mixing. Light water tank Yishui.

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