counter basin for wash hand with the ceramic basin - 510

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Ceramic Wash Hand Counter Basin
1-High Quality Bathroom Ceramic Wash Basin
2-Standard production
3-Unique GlazeSpray

1Model No.:510


4Mounted Type:Bowl Sinks / Vessel Basins Top mounted
5Surface Finish:

1- Nanometer glaze Polish without Pin Hole and Spot

2- Exhause Pipe:Fully Glazed inner part

3- Glaze Surface:Sanitary glaze/Nanometer glaze feel Smooth

4- Charateristic:Eco-Friendly


2-Shape:Round /Retangular

3-Spilway Hole:Back

4-Drain Hole Size:450 mm

5-Faucet:400 mm --1 hole Top Mounted



8Packing:1 PCS Pack in an individual 5-ply white color box

1-1x20GP:466 Pcs

2-1x40HQ:1133 Pcs






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Q:Bathroom wash basin what material is good
You can use some good quality plastic pots, stainless steel can also but often to clean
Q:bathroom wash basin faucet handle, how much height from the ground more appropriate
80-90 smart .......
Q:how to caulk around bathroom sink?
Yeah, I am with you, poster. Caulking and mudding walls just seems beyond me. I have had some success by wetting my finger and running it along the seam after caulking, taking plenty of breaks to wipe of the excess and re-wet the finger. Good luck.
Q:How hard is it to fix a leak under a bathroom sink?
That is really easy to fix. All you need is a wrench or locking wrench to loosen the bolts on either side there enough to twist the rest of the way off. Pull off the pea trap and take to your local hardware or lowes/home depot for sizing. Don't forget to get some plumbers tape or you'll be wondering why it still leaks after you replace it.
Q:Bathroom wash basin fitted with the cabinet or not equipped with a good cabinet?
If it is a cabinet company made it or with the cabinet of the good results are also good and the problem is the warranty if it is their own decoration, then that is not necessary
Q:Need help with leak in P trap under bathroom sink?
Just got through going at the same business with mine. The upper gasket at the bottom of the sink was my problem. Had to use a piece of toilet paper to find it. wrapped it around the pipe and found the water was coming down the back side of he upper pipe and looked like it was dripping from the connection as the first union. Give this a try, I would be really reluctant to use silicone should you need to take it apart again, it will be very difficult. If you have already replaced the parts, it has to be something else. The teflon tape is not doing you any good, but it is not harming either unless it is getting under the gasket. Also another thing that threw me off on mine with the rust which was occurring on the pipe, I thought the rust was getting on the gasket. If you have done your kitchen sink then you are not a novice at this and I suspect making your repairs correctly. I would look beyond the gasket. P.S, good pictures, really explains your situation well, and your description is well written.
Q:Washing machine and basin up and down how to achieve
Basin to be a wall-mounted, leaving the height of the washing machine, out of the water when the decoration with a wall, that is, buried in the brick wall
Q:My family's bathroom washbasin on the stainless steel shelf, rusty, how to do it?
Go to the market to buy lamb ointment, and then the pot boil red, the pork ointment into the fry, while frying side with a spatula pork paste painted pot wall. And then rinse with water on it. Wash as much as possible not to use detergent and the like, wash shabu clean and then dry the water can be friends.
Q:Hello, I installed the 16L gas water heater in the kitchen on the 4th floor, there are basin, shower, bathtub on the 5th floor. 4 floor hot water can be provided to the 5th floor?
Should be it, but do not recommend doing so, why not installed in 5F it?
Q:Bathroom desk too short how to do
If the basin is one of the pieces, to find the Hong Kong stone can be a high; if not one, the search can raise your washbasin countertop can not

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