Cotton Shaggy Rag Rugs for Home Decoration or Commercial Usage

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China main port
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200 m²
Supply Capability:
3000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Cotton Shaggy Rag Rugs for Home Decoration or Commercial Usage


FOB Price:

US $ 23 - 28 / Square Meter | Get Latest Price


200 Square Meter/Square Meters

Supply Ability:

3000 Meter/Meters per Month


China Main Ports

Payment Terms:







Quick Details of Cotton Shaggy Rag Rugs for Home Decoration or Commercial Usage


Material: Latex

Pattern: Shaggy

Techniques: hand made

Use: Bathroom, Bedroom, Commercial, Home, Hotel, Toilet, Floor

Size: any size

Model Number: SUN0813 rag rugs

Type: Cotton Shaggy Rag Rugs for Home Decoration or Commercial Usage

Color: any color

Age group: children

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

roll up and put into a poly bag

Delivery Detail:

35-40 days


Description of Cotton Shaggy Rag Rugs for Home Decoration or Commercial Usage


Cotton Shaggy Rag Rugs for Home Decoration or Commercial Usage Polyester shag pile offers softness and texture feelings

Canvas latex back extends durability

Vivid color, Customized color acceptable

Goods can be produced in shape like heart, balls, toys etc.

No allergy, good for Children




Q: What is the material of your Carpets?

A: The material is 150D polyester silk or 1200D polyester silk. We can also choose material as customers’ requirement.


Q: How can I get some samples of Carpets
A: We are honored to offer you samples. 


Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control of Carpets
A: Quality is priority. Jiaxunda people always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end.  many times of inspection

will take place during the production.

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Q:Wet carpet due to leakage - remove carpet to prevent mould?
Since you are a tenant, the carpet is the owner's property. You didn't mention if the wet spot smelled like mold so I am going to assume your answer would be yes. Since it has not been wet for very long from you, it may have gotten wet and moldy from a prior tenant and when it got wet from you, it reactivated the mold smell. The important thing is to get the water off the carpet from the top and under. If you have a wet/dry vac, vacuum as much as you can. You can also put towels down on the wet carpet and step on it. Keep doing that until you get up as much moisture as you can. What professionals do once that is done is they lift the carpet up and have a fan facing the wet carpet. The moving air will help dry it. You should not lift the carpet up yourself so you don't risk doing any damage to the carpet and have to pay for it yourself. As a tenant I would suggest you let the landlord take care of it. Make sure you put it in writing, depending on how responsive your landlord is. Date the letter and keep a copy for yourself. If the landlord does not take care of it within a reasonable period of time, you can call a professional and deduct it from your rent. If you do not have all of it in writing, you are not protected by tenant laws. I'm not sure what is considered a reasonable period of time for wet carpet.
Q:I got a rug from an abandoned house that had fleas. The house has no heat. Are fleas still in the rug?
Yes, the eggs can be dormant for years and a vibration will hatch them.. Yes, It does still have fleas..
Q:Do carpet shampooers mold your carpet?
Carpet shampooers do thoroughly soak your carpet, but they are also designed to pull the liquid quickly back out so it does not remain in the carpet. The cleaning works the same way that the river smooths stones - friction and water. Mold requires a long breeding time, contaminants, and a warm, damp environment. One way to get mold in the carpet is to leave a wet spot for a long time. This could simply mean that the puppy managed to get away with one accident that you didn't see, and when you finally trod across that area, it was already soaked down to the padding and so, never got cleaned up. Another possibility is that your carpet shampooer MIGHT be malfunctioning, and not pulling the water back out fast enough. This would be very easy to determine, as the carpet would be very wet when you finish. If it's damp, but not soaked, then the carpet shampooer is probably not to blame for the problem. There is a possibility that you have another problem, such as a busted pipe or something that could be affecting it. If you can't determine the source, you can pull the carpet off of the tacks, and check to see if you have mold.
Q:How to deep clean carpets without renting a steam cleaner?
Clean Carpet Without Steam Cleaner
Q:Can you kinda compare a new tattoo to a rug burn?
Huh, yeah, a rug burn is not a bad analogy. That's really more after a few days, though, as that's when the skin starts to shed and slough off. Until then the sunburn analogy is a little more apt. How long it hurts depends on a lot of factors. The arm tends to be less sensitive, at least the outer arm. Inner arm, on the other hand, can be very sensitive. They do indeed use needles, but those needles don't go in far - like 1/16th of an inch or so. It's more like getting scratched a bit too hard with an Xacto knife or similar. On the outer arm this is annoying until the endorphins kick in, when it becomes trivial. When my spine was done, ouch, even after I'd adjusted.
Q:Just got a used woven area rug, and its really dirty, any suggestions on how to clean it myself?
You can put it over your clothes line and beat as much of the dirt and dust out of it as you can with an old fashioned rug beater. I would not try any wet methods of cleaning. You don't know what the dyes are made of and if you wet them they could fade or bleed into the other colors and ruin the value of the rug. Sometimes, it really is best to use a professional. This is one of those times.
Q:How to decorate with wool area rugs?
The layered look is in, so go ahead.
Q:Has anyone bought a Persian area rug from OKorder?
If you find an 8 x 10 Persian rug for $250.00 on OKorder, you may be sure that it is not a handmade rug. It may be machine made, often Belgian, Persian-inspired, hand tufted or some other type of description but it will not be a genuine Persian hand knotted rug. It is easy to be fooled unless you read the description of the rug very carefully. I would suggest going to a knowledgeable dealer in your area and looking at his rugs and discussing them. They are often happy to help you.
Q:Is This A Suitable Selection Of Rugs For A Horse?
That sounds like a good list. I think it's important to figure out the type of horse you will be getting, whether its clipped (and how much) and how long it will be out for. Also if the stables are well-insulated (and some posh stables have heating!) you might not need the heavyweight stable rug. Also if you find the horse is stabled in American design stabling/barn, the horse might not need a heavyweight rug due to the shared bodyheat. But it all depends on the horse and it's environment. The middleweight stable rug is a good choice. Personally I dont bother with lightweights unless they have a show the next day! The fleece can be used as a cooler or an underlayer to other rugs when it's exceptionally cold. You may not require fly sheet unless the horse suffers from sweetitch or other allergy-caused skin complaints. Its a good idea to buy and heavyweight and middleweight turnout rugs with the UK weather! You can layer rugs which may be more cost effective. Also then as the day heats up you can take off one layer so as the horse is the right temperature. An exercise sheet would be a luxury! You'll know when you need it :) you can get wrap around ones for th rider too which look quite snuggly.
Q:Putting wire Hole in a Stretched Carpet?
ricks answer is good. you can also cut a slit with a razor, put a cut down straw into the slit and drill thru that to avoid the drill snagging the carpet

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