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CART NO.:S0015






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Packing in rolls, as per customer's requirement

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    In accordance with ISO9001:2008 or ISO14000:2008 standards, our company has established a complete quality control and quality assurance from product designing, raw materials procurement a result-oriented assessment mechanism. This not only ensures that unqualified raw materials are not used in our processing, products at various stages which are not in accordance to stipulations are not channeled to the next stage of processing and that the quality of products are improved through such control measures. Meanwhile through adopt ERP system to enhance our processing control and information collection. We also value any information feedback from our employees and customers and practice prompt adjustment to the relevant factors such as technology parameters and improving operation methods so as to improve our finished product quality.

Our core products, T/R fabrics, spandex fabrics cotton and linen fabrics are keeping the Oeko-Tex100 standard and have achieved GB/T18885-2002 environmental safety requirement.

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The Company has a professional sales and marketing team,operation center spread all over Beijing,Guangzhou,will build operation internuncial station at Shanghai,Hongkong and USA.which promotes products through different channels. These include business conferences, customer visits, as well as local and overseas trade shows. On the other hand, the Company also strives to develop and utilize full market potential by conducting market research and providing after-sales services.

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Q:100% viscose fabric (artificial leather base cloth) is what
Stretch from felt feel softer and more for leather bags.
Q:What's the difference between knitting cotton and pure cotton?
Although knitted cotton and cotton look very similar in appearance, but the fabric itself has a certain difference. First, from the view of the characteristics of two kinds of fabrics, knitted cotton is characteristic of good dyeability, color fastness and fastness are relatively high, wearing comfort and absorption degree are similar and cotton and pure cotton, but no good elasticity, and is not very acid. Pure cotton is characterized by better moisture absorption and high comfort.
Q:What is Model fabric?
Modal fiber fabric garment effect, shape stability, has the natural crease resistance and easy care, make people more convenient and natural.
Q:What's the meaning of pH value in fabric? How do you test it?
Since you ask, that should be the contract has such a request, you can ask the other party to accept the test results of which department, and then send the fabric to the corresponding testing department to do the test, and other reports on the line.
Q:What are the advantages of modal fabric?
Modal fabric washing: 1, wash with washing with immersion, soaking time should not exceed 15 minutes, 2 viscose fabric water will harden, the fiber structure is very solid, washing to wash, to avoid pilling or tear; 3, use neutral detergent or low alkali detergent, washing liquid temperature not more than 35 degrees; 4, after washing drainage should fold up the clothes, squeezing out the water a lot, do not wring out of shape, so as to avoid excessive; 5, in the solution after washing, to wash with clean water, use cold water to wash, otherwise there will be a part of solid detergent in the clothes, don't easy to wash down, make the light colored clothes yellow; 6, after washing to avoid exposure of modal fabric maintenance: 1, wear to minimize friction, pull, wash frequently, prevent long wear deformation; 2, washing, drying, ironing clothes, should Stacked smooth, deep and light to open for a long time, hanging in the closet, so as to avoid the elongation deformation; 3, hygroscopic modal is very strong, should avoid high temperature collection, high humidity and mildew phenomenon caused by unclean environment at low temperature; 4, ironing cloth ironing, ironing to use less push and pull the natural extension of clothing.
Q:Pretty broad. What does it mean?
Crisp meaning is simply to stand, then look smooth, make clothes protection effect is good, not limp!Fabric is the material used to make clothes. As one of the three elements of clothing, fabric can not only interpret the style and characteristics of clothing, but also directly influence the color and shape of clothing.
Q:What's the fabric of Pearl Chiffon?
Chiffon is divided into many kinds, pearl Chiffon is a kind of chiffon classification, also known as Chiffon beads, and composite silk chiffon, a little similar texture, can replace each other. After skin contact, there is a cold feeling, very comfortable, sag sense is better than the usual chiffon, twist is relatively high!
Q:How to clean oil stains on silk clothes?
Mix the talc into a paste and apply it to the grease spots. After a period of stay, remove the talc, then put the paper on the silk and press it with an electric iron that is not too hot.
Q:What is the difference between worsted fabric and extensive fabric?
Worsted woolen as mentioned above, all with hair, but generally with senior worsted wool, wool and woolen like Australia, you can use ordinary wool as raw materials, mainly because of the weaving machine and processing to produce the difference between different woolen worsted
Q:What are the features of nylon fabrics? What fabric is nylon on the label?
Nylon fiber fabric varieties, nylon fiber fabric can be divided into pure spinning, blending and interweaving of three major categories, each category contains many varieties, the following brief to introduce. 1. nylon pure fabric made from nylon filament as raw material, such as nylon, taffeta, nylon crepe, etc.. By using nylon filament fabric, so has the characteristics of smooth touch, strong and durable, affordable, also has the fabric wrinkle and not easy to recover from the error. Nylon taffeta to do light clothing, down jacket or raincoat cloth, nylon crepe and is suitable for summer dress, and reversible jacket etc.. 2. nylon blends and blends are made of nylon filament or short fiber and blended or interwoven with other fibers, which has the characteristics and advantages of each fiber. If the stick / reach Jinhua, 85% and 15% with nylon viscose blended yarn prepared by the density of weft density, has doubled in size, it was thick, tough durable characteristics, the disadvantage is poor elasticity, easy to wrinkle, wet strength decreased, wear easy to sag. In addition, there are all kinds of sticky / Vari Martin, sticky / brocade / wool flowers and so on, all of which are commonly used fabrics.

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