Cotton Canvas Work Gloves from China with High Quality

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22232332 pair/month

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Product Description:

Description of Glove:

1) Embroidery, jacquard weave,applique

2)Print:Silk Screen Print,Pigment Print, Heat Transfer print.Pantone  CMYK

3) Fire Retardant Technology

4) Heat Resistant treated

5)Silver Coated

Festures of Glove:


Cotton canvas work glove en388


Cotton canvas with Flame-retardant coating or customized
ColorColor can be customized for work glove
Fillingvery thick regeneration cotton
LiningNonwoven fabric or customized
QuiltingQuilted in diamond 3.50cm each side or customized for work glove
Size10.5inches.13inches.15inches.17inches.24inches or custominzed 
Exported to  American.Canada.Germany.Etc...
CertificationCE.SGS.ISO for work glove
Heat resistant400° F-450°F.acdcording to the filling quantity
Flame retardantWhen burned it can last for more than 15 seconds each time.With it moved away from the fire it doesn't burned anymore or customized
Other FeatrueNon-slip.Non-stick.Right or left hand use.With hook.Wear comfortable.Solid and durable.Do not machine wash

Specifications of Glove:

1)Fine workmanship,cute,fashionable,convenient,washable,recyclable,soft and comfortable style

2)Marketing:reasonable price,vivid pattern.Suit for Bistro,Restaurant,microwave oven, BBQ use,can be used for home,kitchen,outdoor,Picnic,advertisement and promotional gifts

3)Function:barbecuing,baking,cooking,can be durable and reused.Heat Insulation.keeping hands away from dirty and heat.Prevent the hands scald. 

Images of Glove:

Cotton Canvas Work Gloves from China with High Quality


1.What about the delivery.

We can arrange the shipment about 15-25 days after the deposit.

2.What about payment term?

30% T/T deposit, balance against B/L copy.

Full T/T payment if quantity less than MOQ.

3.How much about MOQ?

Normally 100pcs,but small order is acceptable as well.

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Q:Is it harmful to use medical gloves? Dry hands
Medical gloves were not harmful, but hand drying does not recommend the use of medical gloves, because medical gloves are generally Ding Jing or rubber material, airtight, if long time wear medical gloves, gloves, tightly wrapped fingers, airtight, easy to sweat.
Q:Personal labor safety protection supplies have several kinds
Respiratory protective equipment for the defense of harmful gas, vapour, dust, fog, smoke inhalation, or directly to the user to ensure clean air or oxygen, protective equipment workers dust, pollution or hypoxia in normal breathing.Respirators are mainly divided into dust masks and gas masks (masks), and can be divided into two categories: filtering and isolating.
Q:How to choose insulated gloves, high temperature gloves?
High temperature resistant gloves in many industrial sectors will be used, which is the most common under the high temperature environment, the protection of the operator's hand, the temperature is divided into 3 kinds: 1, high temperature environment; 2, 3, exposed to high temperature and radiation temperature.
Q:What are the details of canvas gloves?
Pay attention to the use of canvas gloves. If a pair of canvas gloves are used in different places, the service life of canvas gloves may be greatly reduced. 4., picking canvas gloves, we must pay attention to the correct method, to prevent gloves contaminated with harmful substances exposed to the skin and clothing, causing two pollution. 5., it is better not to share canvas gloves with others, because canvas gloves are a hotbed of bacteria and microorganisms, and shared canvas gloves are easy to cause cross infection.
Q:What does the building safety protection equipment contain?
Construction safety protection products (out) refers to the safety net, wire rope, tool fence, fire fighting equipment, temporary power distribution box, air circuit breaker, isolating switch, AC contactor, leakage protection, standard cable and other labor protection supplies.
Q:What gloves should be used to keep in touch with dust? Dustproof, wearable and breathable!
Gloves: labor protection gloves gloves is known as one of the oldest gloves in the first layer of leather, goat, pig and sheep skin leather gloves are made of these leather, and not easy to be damaged, long service life and fine processing makes leather gloves to wear comfortable, seize the goods accurate, also leather gloves also has the advantages of good insulation properties and thermal protection.
Q:How to choose personal protective equipment?
A lot of personal protective equipment, your EHS daring vanguard personal protective equipment use what we can choose the appropriate personal protective equipment, such as infectious disease poisoning personal protective equipment, personal protective equipment, nuclear and radiation personal protective equipment and so on, Shanghai shipp said each category there are many segments of the category, the choice of medical protective clothing the industrial; respirators; respiratory protective devices; protective gloves; protective footwear;
Q:Technical requirements for protective gloves
1, plastic (PVC) protective glovesThe gloves should be made of raw materials that do not cause skin irritation or irritation. The thickness of the gloves is not less than 0.6mm and the air is not allowed to leak.2 latex protective glovesSuch gloves are not allowed to leak, there is no obvious surface cracks, bubbles, impurities and other defects.3 rubber protective glovesThese gloves cannot contain recycled rubber and ointment, the surfaces must be free of cracks, crease, sticky, spray frost, brittle and other defects, in addition to sulfur and other ingredients with the agent, content of glue to the total mass of more than 70%.
Q:What safety labor protection products does the manufacturer need?
Eye protection: the material may splash into the eyes prior to operation, and should be protected with goggles or goggles. The common brands of goggles are 3M, Honeywell, UVEX and so on.Hand protection: wear suitable high temperature gloves, can effectively protect hands from high temperature damage. High temperature resistant gloves can choose Kevlar material high temperature resistant gloves, so some of the brand Honeywell DuPont high temperature resistant gloves, high temperature resistant gloves etc..Respiratory protection: when high temperature melts, the solution will emit some heavy metals, vapor and so on poisonous, harmful gas. In order to protect the respiratory tract of workers from any harmful substances, it is recommended that operators must wear gas masks or gas masks, as well as good ventilation.Head protection: if a condition is required, a helmet can be worn to protect the head from the risk of damage from hard objects.Body protection: if you are in contact with high temperature jobs, be sure to wear high temperature clothing or high temperature apron, to ensure that the possibility of scalding staff. High temperature insulation jacket on the market are compared with the conventional high temperature insulation jacket, Bacou Dyer tower high temperature heat insulation heat insulation clothing and clothing reclin.Foot protection: work should be worn to prevent falling, piercing, scald, safety shoes. Such as Honeywell safety shoes and so on.
Q:What should I pay attention to the use of protective gloves?
Many kinds of protective gloves should be based on the selection of protection. We should first make clear the protection object and then carefully selected. Such as acid and alkali resistant gloves. There is resistance to strong acid (alkali) "are only resistant to low concentration of acid (alkali) as resistant to organic solvents and chemical reagents are also different. Therefore can not be used indiscriminately in order to avoid accidents.

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