Corundum Brick for Linings of High-temp Industrial Kilns and Furnaces

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General Information of Corundum Brick

CMAX corundum bricks use compact electrosmelted corundum and alumina powder as main raw materials., shaped under high pressure after machine-blending and fired at high temperature.


Feature of Corundum Brick

Low porosity
High compressive strength
Good chemical stability


Application of Corundum Brick

Linings of high-temp industrial kilns and furnaces


Images of Corundum Brick

Corundum Brick for Linings of High-temp Industrial Kilns and Furnaces

Corundum Brick for Linings of High-temp Industrial Kilns and Furnaces

Corundum Brick for Linings of High-temp Industrial Kilns and Furnaces

Corundum Brick for Linings of High-temp Industrial Kilns and Furnaces


Technical Data of Corundum Brick

ITEM GY-90 GY-94 GY-98
Al2O3, % ≥90 ≥94 ≥98
Fe2O3, % ≤1 ≤1 ≤0.3
Refractoriness, ℃ ≥1790 ≥1790 ≥1790
Bulk Density, g/cm3 ≥2.95 ≥3.1 ≥3.1
Apparent Porosity, % ≤16 ≤16 ≤20
Cold Crushing Strength, Mpa ≥80 ≥80 ≥60
Refractoriness Under Load (T0.6), ℃ ≥1620 ≥1650 ≥1700
Permanent Lineat Change, %


FAQ of Corundum Brick

1.    Who We Are?

CNBM is a Fortune 500 and a governmental owned National Building Material company in Beijing, China.


2.    What We Can Do?

We can supply ALL KINDS OF REFRACTORIES and CERAMIC FIBER PRODUCTS in high quality and competitive price.


3.    Who Our Customers Are





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Q:How can acid proof cement be used?
Before construction, metal equipment should be rust removal, decontamination, etc., brick structure should be washed clean, acid resistant cement surface should be first neutralized by acid, washed with water, and then heating drying, generally require less than 4% moisture.
Q:Which acid proof tile factory is reliable in quality?
We all know that the main component of acid resistant ceramic which is silica, liangdun acid resistant ceramic material is used by Shanxi local quartz stone, containing a large number of silicon content, acid resistant tiles can thus produced corrosion.
Q:What is acid proof tile, acidproof ceramic tile brand introduction?
Acid resistant tile, each tile in production, have to do product testing
Q:How to clean the acid brick surface dirt?
Wash the bricks with a mixture of soap and a little ammonia and turpentine, and make the bricks more lustrous.
Q:Is acid proof brick alkali resistant?
See, he made up, if it is relatively stable, but also a certain degree of alkaline resistance, of course, may be prone to caustic corrosion
Q:What is acidproof brick?
Hao Ran acid tile brick structure compact, low water absorption rate, the pH of the medium can be any concentration, with excellent corrosion resistance. And the set pressure, wear resistance, anti permeability, easy cleaning, acid and alkali in one, with excellent performance is widely used in petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, chemical, papermaking, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dairy, juice, electroplating and the tower, tank, tank, tank anti-corrosion engineering, and work in the underground sewers the open ground and other places play an important role.
Q:Construction method of acid proof brick
QAGrassroots requirements: after the acceptance of the rubber lining, clean, keep clean and dry.Construction conditions: temperature at 15-30 Deg. C anti-corrosion construction is appropriate, the relative humidity is less than 80%, according to the temperature change adjust the dosage of curing agent, low temperature, humidity is too large, should be used to wet machine to adjust the temperature and humidity on the construction site.The construction of anticorrosive engineering is afraid of water and is afraid of drying.The preparation of mortar and glue is strictly carried out according to the proportion, and it is used up in the prescribed use time.
Q:How much is one square meter of acidproof tile?
Acid resistant brick: resistance to pressure, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, acid and alkali; acid resistant tile prices generally around 40 yuan a square meter!
Q:98% acid tank cofferdam can use acid resistant brick?
The hydrogenation unit has a large amount of light hydrocarbons in its memory, and if it leaks, it will cause serious accidents. Therefore, we should pay enough attention to the operation of the light hydrocarbon pump.
Q:Acid resistant brick lining, engineering scaffolding, how to take?
Construction preparation, familiar with drawings, specifications, technical disclosure, do a good job of the handover process.

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