Cork-X-05,Cheap Cork Flooring with Best Quality

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Product Description:

Specifications of Cork Floor 
- Small order acceptable 
- Custom size and design are welcome 
- OEM accepted

Cork Floor (Cork Glue down Tile)


1) Material: 100% natural cork


2) Sizes: 

     a) 305x305x4.0mm, 4.8mm, 6.0mm

     b) 300x300x4.0mm, 4.8mm, 6.0mm

     c) 600x300x4.0mm, 4.8mm, 6.0mm


3) Advantage: no any harm to peoples health.  

4) Unique Features:


     Comfortable & Elastic

     Thermal and Acoustic Insulator

     Fire Resistant 


     Insect Repellent and Anti-microbial

     Bevelling possible


 The Cork is the bark of oak tree, we utilize the bark but keep the tree growing. So LEECORK floor tiles are ideal choice for green project.  


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Q:How to remove the water from the floor
Pour water on the wood floor of the alkali stains can be wet towels, dipped in a small amount of vinegar, and then gently wipe the floor can be. If the alkali is too much, you can consider using warm water against vinegar can be wiped. Wood floor care methods: regular maintenance: the same as the solid wood flooring, for the surface of the brush with cork flooring, the general half a year to play a floor wax can be. The cork flooring with a resin-resistant layer on the surface is as simple as the care of the composite floor. Small repair: cork flooring use after a period of time if the individual wear, you can use the local remedial method. In the wear and tear with sandpaper gently polished, remove the surface of the dirt, and then gently wipe with a dry soft cloth, re-coated coating, or in the local coating polyester film. Cleaning and maintenance: the use of mop to clean the floor, the mop dry and then use a better, too wet mop, when used in the water will penetrate the seams, damage to the floor, causing the floor of the tilt deformation, especially wood flooring, plastic Flooring, cork tiles. Daily protection: at the same time should try to avoid the sun for a long time direct exposure to the floor, so as not to long-term strong ultraviolet radiation after the film, premature dry and aging.
Q:What is the difference between solid wood flooring and cork flooring?
The first: environmental protection: static forest cork flooring manufacturing using natural oak bark, do not destroy natural trees, formaldehyde emission to EO level (only 0.1mg / L); second: mute: every cell is a Small pressure absorber, flexible; each cell is a small shock absorber, safe mute; third: non-slip: anti-slip coefficient of 0.4 to 6, for the excellent (up to 7); fourth: Wear-resistant: the surface of the German imports of water-based environmental PU paint, compared with other lacquer, in the same hardness, strong adhesion film, paint elongation, fracture probability lower than UV paint, wear resistance Is the general hardwood floor 2-3 times; fifth: warm: affected by the environmental temperature difference is small, good insulation effect, if barefoot walking on the cork floor, will feel much warmer than other floors; : Compared with other flooring materials, cork flooring moisture resistance better, paste cork flooring can even be used in the bathroom; seventh: heat: for geothermal heating (heat-resistant range of -60 degrees to 80 Degree), stability and strong; eighth resistance : High-heeled shoes or heavy furniture pressure on the formation of the indentation can be restored; the ninth: safety: because the cork flooring is soft and flexible, it can reduce the accidental fall of physical damage, especially for children and the elderly room; Item: simple: static forest cork floor with a lock-type installation, simple and quick, and maintenance only half dry mop can be wiped, very convenient.
Q:Is it good for wood flooring or bamboo flooring?
Should be wood flooring good hungry thirst thirst fried fox, wood flooring solid wood flooring, composite flooring, parquet, etc., bamboo flooring are generally combined with bamboo board, compared to bamboo flooring, wood The floor is not easy to deformation, especially solid wood flooring basically no glue
Q:How to remove the paint on the wall
In addition to the original decorative surface layer, such as the old paint. Method: the first water covered with walls, so that the pulp softened, and then shovel from the bottom up to eradicate, oil 籂 笭 burning locusts Hao Hao Feng Fook Kun paint can be hot water, spray or roasted paint remover , To be softened after the film was removed. If you have more questions, you can click on ID consultation.
Q:Home decoration shop what the floor is good, listen to people said that solid wood flooring and cork flooring are good!
Now the floor is divided into three kinds: composite flooring, solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring performance ratio: composite flooring general price of more than 100 are waterproof, texture is relatively hard, more wearable, but can not repair damaged wood composite flooring is not waterproof, Paving available keel can also be ground leveling, the price is cheaper than the whole solid wood floor, floor and surface material is different, damage can not be repaired, with a certain degree of elastic foot feeling solid wood flooring, foot feel good, flexible, but the price is high, soft texture, Can not use hard objects contact, but with a repairable, more delicate need to regular maintenance, repair prices are relatively high
Q:What is the type of floor? What is the difference between?
Can have any difference, have been stepped on to step on
Q:Home decoration to shop the floor, is a good wooden floor or strengthen the floor is good, do not know what kind of election.
Depends on what you look at the advantages of them, solid wood flooring it is more environmentally friendly, but the price is high. Strengthen the floor is resistant to water corrosion, for the daily maintenance of this may be a lot of worry for you. I have a colleague to buy the wood is built on the floor of the wood flooring solid wood flooring floor, the price is moderate, maintenance and comfort are quite good rafts often destroy the defamation rub the whole Shan households, so recommend you choose this.
Q:This softwood flooring feels better than solid wood flooring, green cork flooring should be the industry leader, right?
This is not clear, we are doing electric film, the benefits of geothermal production of electric film for all the floor, and energy saving, switch independent.
Q:What is the floor? Ferragamo wood cork floor how ah?
Fraga wood cork flooring is Portugal's high-end floor thing is a good thing is a little expensive I study in Portugal when I heard a lot of churches are their floor for hundreds of years Oh
Q:Jing Lin and how high the cork flooring is good
Buy the floor to buy a little bit, there is no sign, there may be radioactive and pollution is not environmentally friendly elephant it
We are specialized in manufacturing of natural cork stopper, synthetic cork stopper, cork stopper with cap(wooden,plastic),cork sheet, cork coaster,cork roll,cork underlayment, cork board, cork blocks,cork flooring ,cork wall tiles ,cork insole , etc. We have more than 20 years experience in this field ,with high quality and competitive price.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Changzhou, China
Year Established 2000
Annual Output Value Above US$ 2.5 Million
Main Markets Europe; North America; Southeast Aisa;
Company Certifications ISO 9001:20008

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3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai;
Export Percentage 21% - 30%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 200 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average