Coral fleece polyester door mat

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RoHS,REACH certifications
luxurious comfort and high water absorbent
Different color,different size

1)Model Number



Coral fleece+meory foam+coral fleece


40*60cm,50*80cm,60*90cm and any other sizes as your required

4)memory foam thickness


5)OEM size


6)Backing Material



as photos


Anti-slip, water absorbability,strong cleaning ability,washable, no shrink

no fade etc.


Bathroom, bedroom, parlor, toilet, decoration, movie house, outdoor etc.


500sqm/design, no matter the size


100pcs /box

12)Payment Terms

T/T, L/C



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Q:If you spilled paint on your rugs will your insurance cover it?
You might be able to but chances are very, very good that you'll get dropped immediately after your policy is set to expire and you'll pay the devil to get new insurance. Just get it cleaned.
Q:How do I clean cat fur stuck to clothes and carpets?
Wide adhesive tape - a simple clean substituteIf the family had no hair removal can be replaced by special comb wide tape.The method is as follows: cut about 10 cm wide tape, the plastic surface wrapped around the hands, hand clothing on the wool press, the hair was glued to the tape.One side is covered with the other side, repeat the above steps until the tape surface completely lose adhesion so far.
Q:Rear cargo carpet replacement?
You can ck by going to JC Whitney online. Free catalog and they will even answer a ? by e-mail. The carpet will come molded to the shape of your cargo area so by taking off the plastic molding, marking them or laying them out on the driveway in the order taken out is not a very hard task. I have taken out and replaced headliners the same way but I would much rather do a cargo area. You'll do fine!
Q:Ha shampooing the carpet? :)?
Rent a carpet cleaner. It takes some work, so make sure you know what your doing.
Q:candle wax & carpet!!!?
I removed melted candle wax from my carpet with a hot iron and an old bath towel. Just lay the towel over the wax and move the iron back and forth until the wax starts to melt. Just keep moving the towel when it starts to absorb the melted wax so you can absorb all of the wax up off the carpet.
Q:How do you remove the black from the carpet?
1, first use non-woven fabric shoes surface dust wipe.2, with 4B rubber looks bad cleaning of stains, like wiping pencil words, bit by bit wipe, 4B rubber decontamination ability is very strong, like leather shoes on the road, what can wipe off.3, take a piece of cloth soaked in water, wring, almost half dry, squeeze a drop of baby bath, the cloth rub foaming, then you can take a bubble bath to shoes, shoes outside and inside can. Don't remember non-woven too much water can bubble, this will not be the leather shoes flooding worse, you know the leather is afraid of water, if not the leather shoes with too much water will be out of shape, it does not look good. If you are afraid of water, and so after foaming, use a hand grip non-woven fabrics, so as not to water out.
Q:How to get Ashes out of carpet?
You should have not gotten it wet. You should have vacuumed it up right away. There is no real way to get that out of the carpet now. I have tried. I did the same thing. Spilled an ash tray, brushed off as much as i could, then used resolve. I still have the stain. nothing helped. Sorry :(
Q:How do I clean a white fake fur rug?
of path, you have 2 neutrals so the room is crying out for some shade. to maintain a neat seem, assessment with one shade and probably abit of those close to to it. purple.. + another, orange/purple/brown green + yellow/orange, etc etc.. including extra colors than this gets confusing because it could start to look messy, yet its as much as you.
Q:What is the difference between an area rug and an accent rug?
An Area rug is generally to cover a wood floor and is for walking on; typically in the middle of the room. It is not wall-to-wall like carpet, but normally large. An accent rug is generally smaller, and used only furniture for decoration, or as a mat by a door. An accent rug is a sub-set of area rugs. All Accent rugs are area rugs, but not all area rugs are accent rugs.
Q:Where can I find a simple Solid White Oval Rug?
My recomendation is no white rug.. Your dorm is the only place you will be, where you change, hang with your friends, come in after a rainstorm, eat... Trust me

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